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hydrangea and wasp BW

Another beautiful shot from Charlie. Click on the image to see a bigger version. The details are amazing!

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.


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Hi everyone! Millie & Walter here to join in the Sunglasses Day celebration sponsored by Ranger and Frankie & Ernie. Ranger likes to look up what crazy things are celebrated on different days of the year. Did you know there is some kind of special day everyday of the year?  There is a web site where you can check out what day it is. Oh crap! Yesterday was chocolate pudding day and we missed it! BOL! Watch out everybody, Saturday is Camera Day! Get ready to practice your flashy beast avoidance techniques.

So without further ado here are our sun glass pictures.

Don't you just adore how cute I look in these?

Don’t you think I look adorable in these?

Check out my cool blinged out shades.

Check out my cool blinged out shades.

You might have to click on Walter’s picture to biggefy it and see all the rhinestones on them.

It’s been so cloudy around here lately we didn’t think we were going to make it so we sent mom out to do some photoshopping for us instead.

Have a great day everyone.


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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here to tell you about a little friend we have living in our back yard.

Chippy next to down spout escape route

That’s right it’s a chipmunk! Sometimes he likes to run up this down spout that sticks out into the planting bed to hide from me.

Millie watches Chippy in back yard

I like to look out the window and watch him. Here is an action video of me watching him.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Chippy ran off to the linden tree when he was done grooming.

Chippy on linden tree


Later on that day as I was looking out the front door who do you think I saw?

Millie watches Chippy on front step


Hi Chippy! How about I come out and we can play together? 

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Today all of Blogville is putting on the boxing gloves to show Benny and his family just how much we love them and are here for them. If you don’t know Benny you should take a hop over to his blog and say hello. Earlier this week Benny and his family received some devastating news that Benny has liver cancer.

Andrea (Benny's mom), Benny and Lily

Andrea (Benny’s mom), Benny and Lily

Benny had never been sick one day in all his 6 years so when he missed a meal and then had some tummy troubles his mom rushed him to the vet. After spending a few days in the hospital Benny had stabilized enough to be able to come home. Now they are awaiting test results to see what course of action is possible to help Benny. All of this has and will cost them a lot so to help cover the costs they have set up a GoFundMe page where donations can be made. Any money donated above and beyond their needs will be donated to a canine cancer cause.

Benny working for donations

For those of you that don’t already know Benny let me tell you a little about him. He has always worked hard to help other French Bulldogs find forever homes. In the above picture Benny is working the crowd at a pet festival soliciting donations for his favorite cause the French Bulldog Rescue Network.

Benny and Lily


Benny & Lily have a great time exploring around their home in Southern California and have always brought a smile to my face whenever I see pictures of them or read their blog posts.

Lily with tongue out


Lily is blowing raspberries at that evil cancer in her brother and we are joining her today. The “Fight Like a Frenchie” slogan was created (I think) by another family with a French Bulldog who is also fighting cancer named Murry Muffin. You can find more about him here on Facebook. They have some super cute bandannas that are available for a very small fee. I wish I could have gotten a couple for Millie & Walter before today, but there wasn’t enough time.

Please stop by Benny & Lily’s blog and leave them some words of support if you haven’t already done so.

We love you Benny, Lily and Andrea!


Fight Like a Frenchie!


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Gazebo reflections

Another beautiful shot from Charlie.

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.

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Hi Everyone! It’s Walter here to tell you about some fun I had the other day. Daddy was working in the garden (so please excuse his grubby clothes) and he took a break for a little while to play tug with me.

Charlie Walter - rope play 1

We were having a great time with me on one end of the rope and dad on the other.

Charlie Walter - rope play 2

It is a great exercise for both of us. Here is a little video action of the tugging too.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Did you see what happened at the end! Millie had to jump in and spoil the fun!Charlie Walter Millie - rope play 1

Charlie Walter Millie - Rope play 2


Would you look at those chompers she has! I think she was aiming for daddy’s hand.

Charlie Walter Millie - rope play 3


Eventually daddy lets go and Millie and I play tug for a while.

Millie Walter - rope play 2


In the end though I usually win and Millie lets go.

Millie Walter - rope play 1


I think Millie should change her name to Mischief Millie although we sure do have fun playing together.

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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Today we are off to the Fast and the Furriest to have some fun. Yesterday it rained hard all day long and it was quite a boring day so I thought I would show you some fun I had last week during a short heat wave. Daddy set up the sprinkler to water the perennial garden and I wasn’t sure it was a good thing.

Walter - sprinkler dance 2


I mean would you look at the way that thing attacked me! Here is a little compilation of some of the action.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Walter - sprinkler dance 1


I can’t wait for the weather to get hot so I can play in the sprinkler again.

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Hi everyone. There aren’t any new things in bloom in the yard so I thought I would show you some wider views (mostly) of our back yard. Our property is 5 acres total and the back yard is about 1 acre and is fully fenced. Over the 23 years we have lived here we (mostly Charlie) have worked hard to create beautiful borders to camouflage the fence. Except where the gates are, when the plants are all leafed out you can’t see the fence. Without further ado sit back and enjoy our yard.

Perennial Garden

Perennial Garden

Note to Ruby the Airedale: notice the fence surrounding the garden.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the perennial garden.

Rodgersia and Hosta

Rodgersia and Hosta

Hosta and Butterfly Sculpture

Hosta and Butterfly Sculpture

Clemetis and other perennials

Clemetis and other perennials

North Side of Yard

North Side of Yard

North East Corner

North East Corner

Back of Yard - Looking East

Back of Yard – Looking East

Taken from North East Corner -  Katsura Tree in Center

Taken from North East Corner –
Katsura Tree in Center

Looking North West - From Back Corner

Taken from South East Corner – Looking North West

South West Corner

South West Corner

That is a trip around our back yard. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Last minute reminder:


Tomorrow is  The Fast & The Furriest Dog Walk. We have already received generous donations from many of our followers, but would love to have more. If you could spare just a few dollars to sponsor us it would help to improve the lives of many pets. Thank you!

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