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Mischief Maker Millie!

Hi everyone, it’s Cindy here to tell you about a little mischief Millie has caused. First I have to give you a little background. Everyday after Millie eats breakfast she trots into the living room, flops down, head first and wriggles around. We’re not really sure why she does this other than to wipe her face after eating however she doesn’t always do it after dinner.

Charlie and I enjoy watching her do this as she seems to be so happy when she does it. The catch is if she sees you watching her she will stop. We’ve been saying to each other that I have to get it on video so I can show all of you. I tried having the camera ready and sneaking behind her but she always caught on. Then one day I had the brilliant idea to set up the camera in the room and have it running while she was eating. That way I wouldn’t have to be there to capture all the action.

Well this is what happened when we tried that!

If you can’t see the video or want a larger view you can go here to watch the video.

I swear it is really cute and some day I will get it on video.

Ha ha Mom! Here's what I think of you trying to video tape me.

Ha ha Mom! Here’s what I think of you trying to video tape me.


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Avast Ye Mateys!

PirateDay 2014

We heard it was talk like a pirate day so we thought we would join in. Now we aren’t really sure how pirates talk so we will just show you how we look like pirates in our cool bandanas that What’s Her Name aka Aunt Agnes made for us.

millie walter pirate dogs

We want to thank you all for the purrs, prayers and crossed paws for our Grandpa. He went home on Wednesday and is doing well. We’re sure your support made a lot of difference. We just hope he doesn’t scare us all like that ever again.

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Hi everyone! Millie & Walter here to let you know what has been going on with us.

A kiss for Grandpa

A kiss for Grandpa

Well nothing out of the ordinary has been going on with either of us but our Grandpa has been in the hospital since last Wednesday. We love our Grandpa very much and love to give him kisses because he gives us lots of scritches in return.

Grandpa your moustache tickles!

Grandpa your mustache tickles!

Our mom has been spending a lot of time with him and our Grandma in the hospital making sure he gets the best care possible so he can go home soon. So we are saying all the mischief is on our Grandpa who is keeping mom away from her computer. We are still reading all your blogs so we know what is going on, but our commenting is few and far between.

We would like to ask that you all put your paws together and send some of that wonderful POTP goodness to our Grandpa. Thanks for understanding our abscence.

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There aren’t many flowers blooming in our perennial garden but there still is some activity.

Garden Spider Web - BW - 1


Close up view

Close up view

I got very lucky last week when we awoke to a dew covered morning. Over night the garden spider had woven this perfect web that was covered in micro sized beads of water.

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.


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Hi everyone! It’s Millie and Walter here. Today we are joining Lily and Edward with their Hugs & Kisses Pawrty. We like each other a lot but this is as close as we ever get to hugging.

Millie and Walter - wrestling 1

Wrestling is a form of hugging isn’t it?

We love our pawrents and we sure love to give them kisses and hugs. Here is an oldie but goodie of both of us laying it on our daddy, Charlie.

Attack of the Kissing Bandits

Attack of the Kissing Bandits

We’re kissing daddy and he is giving both of us a hug.

Last but not least is something that happens almost every morning when mom tries to put on her shoes to take us out.

Nothing better than a big kiss and hug to start your day!

Nothing better than a big kiss and hug to start your day!

You can see that the action is so fast Millie’s head is a blur!

We hope you enjoyed all our Hugs & Kisses pictures. Be sure to visit Lily and Edward to see how it all began. Now go hug your pet!

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