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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here! It’s time for this month’s Chewy.com review. The weather was so nice last week that we did our review outside.

What’s in the box?
I don’t know but it sure smells good.

This time we are reviewing a  Nutro Crunchy with Real Peanut Butter Dog Treats. There are other flavors available too.

Now I see the treat bag!

Here’s a look at what was in the box.

According to Chewy.com these treats are:

“Made with high-quality protein from chicken as the foundation of the recipe, it’s packed with wholesome goodness and flavor—with non-GMO ingredients like oatmeal, peanut butter and real, ground roasted peanuts. Each resealable bag is packed with crunchy bites perfect for when your pal has the munchies, or for training, too. Plus, from the chicken to the peanuts, everything is sourced from trusted farmers and suppliers and made in Joplin, MO.”

Some of the key benefits of these supplements are:

  • Crunchy treats are made with whole brown rice, oatmeal, high-quality chicken and peanut butter for a dose of flavor and protein.
  • Packed with tasty, real peanut butter and roasted peanuts for the taste dogs love—give them out of the bag or toss them for some treat-chasing action!
  • Zero GMO ingredients, by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy protein or artificial ingredients so it’s also good for pups prone to food sensitivities.
  • At only 5 calories per treat, it’s great for anytime snacking or as a training treat, and can be part of a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Proudly made in Joplin, MO in the USA with the finest, high-quality ingredients from around the world; comes in an easy-to-open resealable pack.

Those treats are pretty small.

At least they are kind of hard to break into smaller pieces.

We are ready for the taste test.

Did I just see the chipmunk over there?
Over where?

Millie the treats are right in front of us!
I swear I saw that chipmunk.

It’s kind of hard to tell the treats from the dirt but they are the light brown things at the bottom of the above picture. Check out our video of the first taste test to see what we thought of them.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

As you can see we scarfed them up real quick. Luckily since they are so low in calories our mom let us have some more.

These are nice and crunchy.

You can let go now mom!

We give Nutro Crunchy with Real Peanut Butter Dog Treats 8 paws up (because that is all the paws we have) and we recommend them to all our friends.


This month we are joining Koru Bear for the Chewy.com blog hop.

Disclaimer: As #ChewyInfluencers we received one bag of Nutro Crunchy with Real Peanut Butter Dog Treats from Chewy.com to review. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and will receive no additional benefits for barking about the product or the company. The opinions in this review are the honest opinions of ours.


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Hi everyone! It’s Millie and Walter here. This time of year there isn’t much new to watch on television so our pawrents like to binge watch series they haven’t seen before. We all snuggle together on the big bed and sometimes end up in weird positions.

The light is in my eyes.
Thanks for keeping my butt warm Millie.

Let’s get a closer look at what is going on there.

You better not fart Walter.

A little later this is how we were positioned.

Your butt makes a good pillow.
Glad to be of service.

Thanks for holding me up dad.

As you can see we are both quite comfortable hanging out in bed with mom and dad. We hope you have a snuggly Sunday too.

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Hi everyone. It’s Millie here. Our mom finally got around to taking some pictures of what is flowering in our yard right now and then she actually said we could do a post. We have lots of perennials and some shrubs in bloom right now so let’s take a look.

Goats Beard – Aruncus dioicus

Goats Beard – close up


The hummingbirds just love drinking from the hosta.

Stella D’Oro Daylily

Spirea flowers

Therese Bugnet rose

Rugosa Rose

Amsonia and Ladies Mantle

Amsonia – close up

Campanula Blue Waterfall

Campanula Blue Waterfall – close up


I hope you enjoyed checking out some of the flowers blooming in our yard right now. This is what I was doing while mom was taking all those pictures.

This is my happy place.

We are joining Rosy for this weeks Flower Friday. Stop by her blog to see what other blogs are doing. They probably have flowers of their own to show.

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