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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here. I know we haven’t been posting much but I couldn’t let this special day go by without posting.

940 - Millie standing under Katsura tree - lr

I always say, “Black is Beautiful!”

Today is National Black Dog Day and according Dogtime.com 

It’s a day to get the word out and encourage people to adopt black dogs, who often get left behind in shelters just because of the color of their fur.

There might be a bit more white on my face than when I was a young pup but I’m glad my parents didn’t let my color discourage them from adopting me. Instead, they saw what a special pup I was and knew I would be right for them.

920 - Millie looking away from camera - lr

I can’t even look at people that turn away from black pups.

There are many good reasons to pick a black dog for your next pup. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. We always look clean. Dirt doesn’t show up as well on black fur, so we don’t need baths as often. BOL!
  2. We look great in snowy photos. There are many examples of that on this blog. Click here to see one of them.
  3. We are natural heaters. Our black fur absorbs heat, which means we are perfect for snuggling with on cold days.
10 - Millie laying on patio - lr

I like hanging out on the patio in the shade, but I can also be found soaking up the sun when it’s out.

I’m joining my friends Hailey and Benji in celebrating black dogs everywhere.

10.1.2022 Natl Black Dog Day

I hope you will stop by their blogs to give a couple other black dogs some love today.


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