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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here to tell you about an award I received a couple of days ago.

The Opposites Attract Award

The Opposites Attract Award


The very studly Vidock from the Poupounette gang over in France gave me the Opposites Attract Award. Now if you don’t know Vidock and his family you should hop over for a visit. Just to prove how opposite we are I borrowed a couple of pictures of Vidock from their blog (I hope his mom doesn’t mind).



See what I mean? Not only is Vidock an opposite by being a boy but as you can see he is also a horse. He is a very handsome Percheron stallion to be specific.

I would love to kiss his snip!

I would love to kiss his snip!

For a stallion he sure is a gentleman and loves to give kisses to anyone willing to pucker up.

I like this award since there aren’t very many rules. So now all I have to do is pass this award on to some other bloggers. I have decided to use a wide range of descriptions for my “opposites”. First up is our esteemed Mayor Miss Madi. We may be similar because we are both girls but she is a CAT and I am a dog but I think she is a really cool cat!

Next up on my opposite list is Coccolino the Mini Pet Pig. This cute little guy actually lives near me, but we have never met. How cool would it be to meet a little pig?

Last on my list is Nim from the Quilting Doberman. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his mom and two cats. I think he is pretty cute too {{blushes}}.

Now for my big announcement!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day around here. Not only is it my First Gotcha Day but it is also Walter’s First Birthday!!!! So be sure to come back tomorrow for a big HUGE party! You are all invited to come by and help us celebrate.


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