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With the Super Bowl fast approaching all eyes are on the commercials that will be airing. Some companies have already been airing them or leaking them online.

Innocent Looking Yarn Snowman Ornament

Innocent Looking Yarn Snowman Ornament

There is one commercial that I saw for the first time a couple of days ago and I fear that Frankie Furter might be right about the approaching Snow Freak Apocalypse. Be afraid…be very afraid…or drive a Nissan Rogue.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

I don’t own any Nissan cars or in any way endorse the use of Nissan cars, but couldn’t help sharing this funny commercial.


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Hi everyone, it’s Millie here. Frankie and Ernie thought it would be good to spread cheer today in Blogville so here is my contribution. Now I have to tell you that I don’t think this is very funny, but my mommy sure does.

Millie - looking for toys - sitting - with arrow

You see what the arrow is pointing to in the picture above? That’s right, my mom stuffed some of my favorite toys in her fabric closet. She and dad don’t like it when I have one of my rope toys or my new donut and all I do is lay down and start eating the strings and fabric. I am only allowed to have these toys under supervision or when my parents are willing to play with me.

Millie - looking for toys - sitting

As you can see in this next picture I was able to make mom give me my new donut (thanks for the present Remy), but I really wanted to play with one of my rope toys. I will sit in front of the closet and whine and whimper until mom opens it. If she doesn’t retrieve a toy right away I am forced to take matters into my own paws.

Millie - looking for toys - the takeoff

Here I am preparing for my attack.

Millie - looking for toys - making the grab

I attempted to make a grab, but fell short of my target. Usually after I make enough noise I get my reward and then the joke is on mom and dad.

Millie - smiling

Here I am laughing at how easy it is to get mom and dad to do what I want. I may be a young pup, but I am learning fast!

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