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Hi everyone! It’s Cindy here to show you some of the recent visitors we have had to our yard. These visitors are of the amphibian and reptilian type. I will warn you now that I am leaving, what many of you feel is, the creepiest for last. Now don’t let that stop you from scrolling to the bottom to leave a nice comment though.

You may remember a while ago when I posted about my surprise visitor on a Saturday evening. I was able to show you the under side of a Gray Tree Frog that had jumped on the window to munch on the bugs attracted to the light. We usually don’t see them much during the day so we were surprised recently when we found one trying to hide on the house.

Tree Frog on House

Can you see him there in the upper right of the picture? Usually one or more spend the night sitting on the light of our patio door. I think this guy was making his way to someplace to hang out during the day and got sleepy.

Tree Frog on House - close up

Here is a nice close up of him. He fits nicely between the slats in the siding and is well camouflaged.

Next up is something we have never see around our property before and we have lived here 23 years.

Snapping Turtle - full body

Charlie happened to be walking up the driveway from collecting the mail when he spotted this Common Snapping Turtle in the lawn. Of course I ran out with the camera to snap some snapping turtle pictures.

Snapping Turtle - close up of head and claw

Here is a close up of the head area. The turtle appears to be sleeping and even when I tapped on the shell it barely moved. Look at the claws on that thing too. It was headed in the direction of our creek and slowly made its way there.

Last up is one that some of you might want to scroll quickly past. We don’t often see the garter snakes that hang around our yard, but have occasionally found skins they shed. The other day I was photographing the flowers around the yard when I noticed some movement. Upon closer inspection I found this little guy hiding under the flowers.

Garter snake - head

We are lucky around here that we don’t have any deadly snakes and when I can see them like this I don’t mind them much. I have been known to scream a couple of times when I was walking along and one slithered right in front of me. As a matter of fact I swear I levitated a bit while he moved away.

Garter Snake - full body

He is a little more camouflaged here among the fallen stewartia tree flowers as he tries to hide from me. I left him alone after this since I didn’t want the pups to come investigate what I was looking at.

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the non-furry visitors to our yard.


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