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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to tell you about my most recent Feel Better Friends (FBF) that I’ve made.

Noah is a 6 month old boy with clubfoot. Clubfoot is a birth defect where one or both feet are rotated inwards and downwards.

Noah sitting with his boots and bar

The treatment for this involves surgeries and requires Noah to wear a pair of boots that are held apart by a bar. This treatment is supposed to last for about 4 years. His mom was hoping that having a little friend that also had to wear a set of boots and bar would help him on this journey.

Noah with his best friend Beans

Here is my version of the boots and bar. The boots are crocheted and the bar is made from plastic canvas that I covered in grey yarn by needlepoint. I sewed the boots to the bar and the straps of the boots have Velcro on them to close the straps so they can be taken on and off.

Noah lives in the Buffalo area and is a Bills and Sabres fan so I made a shirt for the doll with each of the teams logos. I didn’t want Beans to feel left out so I made a couple of matching bandanas for him and included a squeaky fire hydrant too.

I’m glad I have a sewing machine that can do embroidery. With the software I have I was able to digitize the logos I needed and make them as small as I could to fit on the doll clothes.

The most rewarding part about making these dolls is to see the pictures I get from the family after the doll has arrived.

Noah gives his Mini Me a hug

In this next picture Noah is checking out the dolls boots and bar that are just like his.

Your boots look just like mine!

These Bills fans are ready for next season

Even though the Sabres aren’t having the best season a boy and his dog can still root them on.

Noah’s mom was very appreciative and sent a lovely email thanking me for making this doll for her special boy.

Making Feel Better Friends dolls has been a great way to use my crochet skills for charity work. If you know of a child with medical problems that you think would benefit from having a Mini Me to help them you can visit the Feel Better Friends website to request a doll. I am assigned to the northeast USA but I think you can request a specific crafter if you would like.



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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to tell you about the first two Feel Better Friends (FBF) that I’ve made. If you remember I did a previous post about the process of becoming a volunteer with FBF.

My first doll was for a “Little Boy M” that I can’t tell you much about or show any pictures of by request of his family. He is just under two years old and according to his bio loves dogs and cats.

I decided to make him a stuffed dog to go along with the doll.

The stuffed dog pattern is called “Patchwork Puppy” and is from the Crochet World April 2012 issue.

One of the things I found out since I did my test doll was that instead of making crochet eyes there was a machine embroidery that I could use. I love the way the eyes turned out and it’s so easy to make any color I need.

The hair for this doll was made using Knit Picks CotLin DK weight yarn that was first hooked into the scalp. To get the finer look to the hair I separated the strands of the yarn using a tapestry needle.

One of the challenges I had with this doll was that I wanted to sew his clothes so I could make an outfit similar to the one Little Boy M was wearing in the pictures I was sent. I downloaded the patterns from FBF but they were a bit too big for my doll. After a few attempts I finally had a pattern that would fit. The embroidery on his t-shirt is copied from the picture I had of Little Boy M.

I can tell you that Little Boy M and his family were very happy with their Feel Better Friend doll and his Patchwork Puppy.

My next FBF doll was for Viviauna a young girl with a variety of medical problems. I have permission from her mother to post her pictures.


Vivi’s doll

One of the challenges I had with this doll was that it is my first with a wig.

The elastic band holds the wig on.

My first attempt at the wig didn’t work out so well. The crocheted cap that I hooked the hair in became misshapen and I had to pull it all out and make a new cap. This time I made the cap a bit smaller and also put the hair in a little looser. As you can see it turned out great on my second attempt.

The reason this doll has a wig is because Viviauna is having surgery on her scull that will require all her hair to be shaved off. Along with the cute jumper I crocheted I also made a head band for the doll to wear when she has her wig off. I also added a scar like the one Viviauna will have after her procedure.

An ear to ear scar

To complete the items for Viviauna I added a head band for her to wear after her surgery.

Vivi’s doll with accessories

A few days after shipping off the doll with her accessories I received some pictures of her with her new friend.

I think her smile says it all.

Making Feel Better Friends dolls has been a great way to use my crochet skills for charity work. I already am well on my way to completing my next doll for a little boy. If you know of a child with medical problems that you think would benefit from having a Mini Me to help them you can visit the Feel Better Friends website to request a doll. I am assigned to the northeast USA but I think you can request a specific crafter if you would like.


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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to tell you about a new volunteer organization I’m working for. In the October 2017 issue of Crochet World Magazine they had an article about a non-profit organization called Feel Better Friends (FBF).

According to their website, “Feel Better Friends are handmade dolls stuffed with love and well wishes, crafted by volunteers and donated to children battling cancer and other illnesses.” I’ve enjoyed making amigurumi crochet figures so I thought this would be a great way for me use my crochet hobby to help others.

In order to become a volunteer for this group you have to create a test doll. The first thing I had to do was find a child to make a doll for.  My grand nephew is a bit young yet and I don’t have any other young children in my family. I finally remembered one of my friends that I get together with to crochet and knit had a 2 + year old grandson. Jan was more than happy to let me make a doll for Chase.

Meet Chase

I went over to her house one morning to meet Chase and take some reference pictures. He is a typical 2 + year old boy that is full of energy and exploring everything. I needed to pick up some yarn to match his skin color but everything else I needed I had in my stash.

After a few weeks of work I had the Chase doll done.

One of the things that took the longest was putting in the hair. Chase has a nice full head of hair so I wanted to give his doll the same. Each strand of hair was looped through the crochet stitches. Then I had to trim it like a hair dresser to get it to the right shape.

When I first handed the real Chase his doll his eyes got very big and he could tell it was just for him. I think you can tell by the look on his face that he liked it.

Chase, Grandma Jan & the Chase Doll

After giving Chase his doll I submitted pictures to the FBF volunteers in training Facebook group and was quickly admitted to the approved makers group (you don’t have to be on Facebook to volunteer though). I’m already working on my first official FBF doll for a beautiful little boy. Do to privacy concerns I probably won’t be able to tell you much about my future subjects but I hope to continue to show you the dolls.

If you enjoy making amigurumi and want to volunteer your talents you might want to give the Feel Better Friends a look.  They make dolls for children all over the world and currently have a fairly lengthy waiting list. I look forward to bringing a smile to the face of lots of children that just need a hug and need someone to hug when they might not be feeling very well.HOHD-Badge


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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to show you a clutch purse I made. One of the other reasons I haven’t blogged much this summer was because I had a family wedding to attend and along with being away for that I also did a bit of sewing for wedding gifts and made this clutch to go with the dress I wore.

I found this pattern in the April 2015 issue of Crochet World magazine called Rendezvous Clutch. It worked up to the perfect size to hold my phone and a few essentials. I wasn’t sure at first if I would add the flower details but decided that it was too plain without them. It also helps to weigh down the flap so it stays closed.

The original pattern called for a zipper across the top but it didn’t call for a lining. With the way the crochet fabric had fairly large holes in it I decided to add a lining so nothing would fall through and you couldn’t see what was in the clutch. Speaking of the crochet fabric, it is made with a special stitch called “Crossed Double Crochet” that is well described in the instructions. At first it was a bit awkward to do but it got easier once you got used to it.

To make the bag perfect I added a couple of pockets, one with a zipper, to the lining. The pattern was very easy to follow and the bag worked up to the same size as the pattern description.

I used about 1 1/2 skeins of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn. Usually I don’t enjoy working with cotton yarn because it seems kind of sticky but this time I used a Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook and the yarn slid easily around my hook.

Picture from Crochet World Magizine
April 2015

I’m real happy with the way my bag turned out and hope I have some other occasion to use it sometime.HOHD-Badge

I receive no benefit from any of the links in this post but have provided them for informational purposes to my readers.


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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to show you a sunhat I made for my mom for Mother’s Day. We all know that as our parents age it becomes more difficult to find things to gift them at holidays and birthdays. When the Summer 2017 issue of Crochet! magazine arrived I glanced through it as usual and when I saw the pattern for the Sheer Southern Style Sun Hat by Kathy Lashley I just knew I had to make it for my mom.

My mom loves to wear hats, especially in the summer, so since Mother’s Day was a few weeks away I set out to find the yarn. When I do a pattern for the first time, that you must do to the same size as it’s intended (unlike an afghan for instance), I like to use the same yarn that is called for in the pattern. The yarn used for this pattern is Omega Sinfonia DK-weight yarn. Fortunately I found a local source and went to acquire the yarn. The pattern calls for the colors Navy, White and Blue Orchid. The store didn’t have any of the Blue Orchid but the Light Teal was a great substitute since it was the same value color as the Blue Orchid.

No hat is complete without a proper hat box. Since this hat pattern uses millinery wire to keep the brim from flopping I wanted to give it to my mom in a box that could be used for storing it properly. I looked all around (Michael’s, JoAnn’s, etc.) and couldn’t find anything wide enough for the wired brim. A quick perusal in our basement found a box that stored a vacuum hose for Charlie’s wood shop that was the perfect size for the hat. He was very gracious in giving up the box for the hat but I couldn’t have my mom’s hat sitting in a “tool” box.

This is one of those boxes that comes apart and opens to a flat piece of cardboard. I rummaged in my wrapping paper supply and found this great floral and two solid colors that all went together (even if they weren’t bought as a set). With a bit of spray adhesive, scissors, and tape I had a proper hat box. The only thing left to finish off the gift was a flower.

I couldn’t find one pattern that fit the bill so I took three patterns and combined them to make the above flower. The main pattern is called Blossom Posy and I did the whole pattern using the white for the center and the light teal for the petals. I wanted to make the flower a little bigger and so I used a modified version (by not doing the “extended single crochet”) of the final round of the Cheerful Crochet Flower pattern to add the white around the outside. The last thing I added was a covered button to fill in the middle of the flower with the navy colored yarn. The reason I wanted to fill in the middle was because I added a pin to the back and I didn’t want that to show through the hole in the center of the flower. With the pin back the flower can be worn as a lapel pin if desired.

I love the way the hat and flower came out. My mom was very surprised and happy with the hat and has worn it many times already. We have an outdoor wedding to go to this summer and she said the hat matches her dress.

The hat pattern was very easy to follow. I had never worked with this yarn before and found it a bit sticky to use. It is a nice 100% cotton but as you pull it out of the skein it kind of sticks to itself and can sometimes get tangled. This wasn’t too much of a problem that I would use this yarn again if I found the right pattern for it. When I went looking for the millinery wire I did a search on Etsy and found Kathy Lashley’s shop by accident. I didn’t even realize at first that the Etsy shop where I purchased the wire and joiner was owned by the woman who wrote the pattern.


I receive no benefit from any of the links in this post but have provided them for informational purposes to my readers. The pictures of the hat were taken with a form under the crown. It doesn’t stay up on its own.


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Warning to Frankie & Ernie…you might want to avert your eyes and also not let your mom see this post.

Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to show you what I’ve been working on since making all that baby stuff. While perusing one of my favorite catalogs, Mary Maxim, I saw the cutest kit that would be a great addition to our winter decor. I waited for a “free shipping” sale and ordered the kits. Without further ado I’m pleased to introduce you to the Snowman Family!

I had the dad done just after Christmas and finished the rest of the family a few weeks ago.

Snow Dad

The kits (you can buy mom and dad separately and the kids as one kit) come with patterns that were all very easy to follow and have everything you need except the stuffing.

There are a couple of things I did differently from the pattern. The first was the way the nose was made. It is made of felt and the instructions tell you to hot glue it into the cone shape and then glue it to the face. That seemed like a messy way to do it so I sewed the cone shape by hand and then sewed the cone to the face. I had just the right color orange thread and you can hardly see any stitching.

Snow Dad’s Snowflake Garland

The pattern also called for the sequins to be glued onto the snowflake garland but again I didn’t want any messy gobs of glue so I sewed them on. With grey thread it is barely visible.

Snow Mom

The Snow Mom’s sweater was fun to work on as it required some different shaping than I had ever done before.

The sweater had some lovely details with the trim around the edges, the little pockets, and the snowflake buttons.

Snow Girl

The Snow Girl has similar trim details around the neck of her poncho as the mom’s sweater and they both have ear muffs that are made from pompoms and a pipe cleaner.

Snow Boy

The Snow Boy’s colors really tie the family together. I love the little pompom snowball he is holding.

Caron Simply Soft (White), Mary Maxim Ultra Mellowspun DK (Dark Blue), Lion Brand Vanna’s Glamour (Diamond)

All of the bodies were made from the Caron Simply Soft yarn. The colored fabrics were made by holding one colored yarn together with the Vanna’s Glamour Diamond yarn.

Mary Maxim Baby’s Best (Pink)
Mary Maxim Ultra Mellowspun DK (Robins Egg)

The Vanna’s Glamour yarn is a combination of white with a metallic strand so it makes the colors twinkle.

Snow Dad before the rest of the family was finished.

During the winter the Snow Family will reside on the buffet in our foyer. Frankie and Ernie you can rest easy knowing that they have been put away for the season.

Hey mom! Are you sure I can’t play with the Snow Dad for just a little while?

I would highly recommend these kits to anyone and I hope you enjoyed meeting our Snow Family.



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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to finish showing you the things I crocheted for my grandnephew Henry Charles. I previously showed you the baby rattles, and more recently the hats and booties I made. This week I am showing you the circular baby afghan I made to complete the set.

Lille Matelassè Circular Baby Afghan

Lille Matelassè Circular Baby Afghan

The design is from a collection from Priscilla’s Crochet. She can be found on her website or on Ravelry. This afghan is from her Matelassè collection. I bet you are wondering what “Matelassè” is so here is the designers explanation.

If you’re not familiar with matelassé (pronunciation: må`lå`sã´) fabric, here is one definition:

Definition of MATELASSÉ: a double cloth of cotton or rayon or other fibers woven on a jacquard loom and used esp. for clothing, upholstery, and bedspreads and marked by raised floral or geometric designs with a
puckered or quilted appearance achieved by the interlacing of threads in the weaving or the contracting of threads in the finishing.

Courtesy Miriam Webster Dictionary

My intention while creating these designs was to imitate the feel of beautiful matelassé fabric and to translate that imitation into crochet. I hope you find the resulting patterns satisfying.

Center detail

Center detail

I picked this afghan because I liked the texture and thought that might be interesting for little hands to explore. I also like to challenge myself and had purchased the matelassé collection initially to make a different afghan. This afghan finished at about 36″ in diameter which was just to gauge. I again used the Bernat Satin yarn and this is the “Sage” color.

Edge detail

Edge detail

I had explored the designers Ravelry page before I started this project and was glad I did. It’s difficult to see from the pictures but the area where the diamond shape is (seen above in the outer ring – before the scallop edge) is actually a series of chains worked in front of double and half double crochet stitches (US terms). Sorry to get all crochet geeky on some of you. It was good to look at some of the other projects from this same pattern on Ravelry before starting my own.

Henry Charles approves

Henry Charles approves

As you can see I think Henry approves! He is such a cutie and a real joy to his parents and grandparents. My sister is lucky to live so close and has been a real help to her daughter and son-in-law.

I have an update on the hats I made for Henry. Either I needed to use a larger hook, larger yarn or he has a slightly larger head than most babies but the hats I made were too tight for him. Well what is a good auntie to do but make a couple more.

New larger hat fits well

New larger hat fits well

I whipped up a couple more hats using a larger hook and in a larger size and the new ones fit. The above hat is the same pattern as one of the previous ones but in the larger size.

New two color hat for Henry

New two color hat for Henry

This hat is from the “Cuddle Bug Bunting Set” in the December 2012 Crochet World magazine. The pattern doesn’t call for two color yarns but I thought a solid color would look too boring. I also modified the pattern on this one to be larger than the pattern in the magazine. This one is made a bit longer so you can roll the brim of the hat up.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the baby afghan and new hats I made for Henry Charles.



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