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Hi everyone it’s Millie & Walter here to tell you about all the luck we’ve been having for the past month or so. We’ve been so lucky that we will do a separate post every day this week for each contest we won. We apologize for not posting about these prizes sooner, but you know with the holidays and mom’s crafting we just didn’t have time. Also we had to wait for some of the pressies to arrive or for our mom to use a coupon to get our pressie.

Mmmmm...what's in the can?

Mmmmm…what’s in the can?

First up are some Iams Shakeables that we won from Mister Applegate from A Tale of a Tail. We won a coupon for a can of these tasty treats just after Thanksgiving. We had to send our mom to the store to get them and she picked out the lamb flavor.

Nom, nom, nom...these are delish! Hey where is mine?

Nom, nom, nom…these are delish!
Hey where is mine?

Nom, nom, nom...you were right Walter. These are great! Why did you put the top back on mom?

Nom, nom, nom…you were right Walter. These are great!
Why did you put the top back on mom?

Thank you Mister Applegate for having this great give away. We love these treats and mom said something about using them for training. They are nice and soft and can be broken up into lots of little pieces.

You can take the top off and give us another now mom.

You can take the top off and give us another one now mom.

Well this is just the first post for the week. We love being part of Blogville and all the fun things that go on, but winning prizes is the best, especially when it involves food! Thanks again Mister Applegate!

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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here to wish all our friends in the United States a Happy Labor Day! We hope your pawrents are taking it easy today and grilling up something good to share with you.

We are sticking with more Millie and Walter posts this week. Mom was a bit of a slacker last week (she claims she was working on stuff for her quilt club) and didn’t post all the stories she should have for us.  Today I’m going to tell you about a nice prize our mom won for us.

Like most of your pawrents our mom is on the Facebook thing and recently she won a couple of toys for us! There is a farm and garden store called CountryMax that also sells pet supplies and occasionally they put pictures of things on their Facebook page for people to “like”. Then they do a drawing from the names of the likers and someone wins! They give away all sorts of stuff from pet toys to chicken feed so if you live in the western New York area you should like their page so you can get in on the action.

Walter - posing with bag


We had to go the the store to pick up our prize and it was in this nifty bag that mom can use again to carry stuff.

Walter - posing with toys and bag


Inside the bag were these two cool toys! Millie didn’t want to cooperate for the photo shoot so I helped mom out. We got a cute monkey and a steak! I don’t know if you can read the tags, but it says “Floats, Squeaks, Durable!”

Back of toy label (click to bigefy)

Back of toy label
(click to bigefy)

Well we don’t have a pool and mom wasn’t going to let me fill up the bath tub to see if they really float, but we were able to check out the squeakers and durability claims.

Millie Walter - checking out new toys


Millie and I had a good time finding the squeakers in these.

Yum...nomming on monkey toes!

Yum…nomming on monkey toes!

This doesn't taste like steak!

This doesn’t taste like steak!

This doesn't smell like steak either!

This doesn’t smell like steak either!

They might not have tasted like monkey or steak, but they sure were fun to play with. We won’t show you the “after” pictures, but suffice it to say that like most toys nothing is durable enough for the puppy jaws of doom. Thanks for winning these toys for us mom!



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Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by on Wednesday to enter my contest and leave a comment to empty my wallet for Sandra and the Pittie Pack. By the closing of the contest I had 28 unique comments so I just forked over $14 to the ChipIn fund-raiser on Mona and Weenies blog. It’s not too late to get your raffle tickets for the drawings, but you only have until tomorrow (or maybe midnight tonight, I’m not really sure but it says it ends on September 16th).


As promised I had a drawing among all the commenters to see who would win one of the toys shown above.

I wrote everyone’s name on a separate piece of paper.

Folded each piece neatly and put them in one of my drawstring bags.

I shook the bag to make sure everything was well mixed up.

Reached in and…

Pulled out the winning name…Puddles!

Congratulations to the lucky winner. Puddles, I will be contacting you via email shortly to get your snail mail address and your toy selection (although based on the comment you left I think I know which one it is).

Now don’t feel left out because if you were hoping to win a fire hydrant squeaky toy or the clown fish catnip toy you can order one for yourself from my Etsy shop. I will be adding more pet toys soon.

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Hi everyone, Nina here to tell you about the great prize I won recently.  Wyatt over at Gardening with Wyatt had a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate from Mr. Chewy a few weeks ago and I won!  It took mom and I a few days to decide what to pick out.  Mom wanted to get some of my regular food, but I am now on a special prescription diet and so far Mr. Chewy doesn’t carry our brand.  That’s fine with me because that way I could just pick out some great treats.

We placed the order and in a very short time, in a box that was 5 times bigger than it needed to be, my stash arrived.  Mom was happy the box was so big because she used it to mail the Fearless Five quilt in it.  Thanks for that Mr. Chewy.

Look at all this loot!

Check out all this loot! I only spent the $50 for all of these treats.  It’s going to take quite a while before I can finish all of this.  The joys of being an only dog!  I did have to watch my dad as he thought those Classic Cremes from Three Dog Bakery looked good enough for him to eat (they look like Oreo cookies).  According to the ingredient list I think he could eat it, but I don’t know if the flavor would appeal to a human.

Nom, nom, ooh Classic Cremes

I gave them a taste and told dad they were great, but that he should keep his paws off them unless he is handing one to me.  I have only opened a couple of the treats so far so I have a lot more fun tasting to come.

Thanks again Wyatt for having the giveaway.  You sure made my day…and many more days to come too.

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I recently discovered a new quilting blog and they are having a huge give away that I could not resist.  Even though I just looked and there are over 400 entries I figured why not up my chances just a bit by doing a post about it.  Thanks to Very Berry Handmade all I have to do is do a post about what I hope to accomplish this year in sewing and I get a second entry in the drawing.

Well many of my followers already know that I will soon have a wonderful quilt to work on, the memory quilt for the Fearless Five and I am not starting anything big until that is completed.

Dragonfly Summer Quilt before basting

In addition to that I have a king sized quilt top that is basted and just waiting to be quilted.  At first I thought I might take this to a local quilt shop that has longarm quilting machines you can rent, but since I plan on doing quite a bit of custom quilting and not just do an overall quilt motif it would be too big a project for that.  After reading some of Leah Day’s posts about how she uses her domestic machine to quilt everything I decided I would give it a go. My friends at the Genesee Valley Quilt Club helped me baste it in November so I hope to start quilting this soon.

Quilt basting on a frame

Some of my other sewing goals for this coming year are to make more bags.  I would like to try my hand at selling on Etsy or in local shops.  There will be a variety of items from clutches, totes and purses as well as accessories for knitters like the project bags and needle roll I made for my sister.

The only other thing I have on my agenda for this year is to work on an applique quilt I have a years (12 months) worth of kits for.  It is a beautiful quilt with baskets of flowers and I can’t wait to start now that I have gotten my feet wet with applique.

Those of us that are blogging about this give away get to choose our preferred prize and I think the fabrics in the Fat quarter bundle (10 FQ) from Erin McMorris’s Summersault are delish although I would be more than happy to win any of the prizes.

Wish me luck as I tackle these projects in the coming year.

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