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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. Today we are thankful for all our friends from near and far who send us cards each year.

Thanks for all our cards!

That picture was taken a few days ago so here is a picture of our cards as of today.

Christmas Card collection as of Christmas Eve

We printed out all our e-cards too so they could hang with our paper cards. This year as usual we beat our pawrents in the card count.

The current card count is:

Millie & Walter

13 Snail Mail cards

14 e-cards

Total Card Count – 27

Mom & Dad

12 cards

Two of our pawrents cards came from pet stores and one even had coupons inside. The coupons are probably okay since they will no doubt be used to buy us treats and toys. There might even be more cards coming since our postal service has been pretty slow this year and if so we will do an update.

If you weren’t part of the card exchange and didn’t receive a card from us here is our holiday card to all our readers.



We’re joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop and the Howliday Card blog hop and wish all our readers a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) and a Happy New Year. We sure hope 2021 will finish better than this year has.

We are joining Brian for the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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Hi everyone! It’s Cindy here. I wanted to show you a new Christmas decoration I made.

Christmas Dachshund Quilt

I started this in a class during the 2019 Genesee Valley QuiltFest. The class was taught by Cynthia England and it helps to demonstrate her “picture piecing” technique. This pattern is called “Santa Pooch” and you can buy the pattern and fabric pack from her.

Close up of Head

The finishing instructions call for you to embroider the eye on the dog and it has you outline the white parts of the Santa hat to help them stand out. Charlie and I thought the outlining fell a little flat so I purchased some fluffy fleece from JoAnn Fabrics and added it to the hat instead.

Detail of Head with Fleece

Adding the fleece was quite fiddly but I managed to get it attached and I love how it turned out. I also added the little bell to his scarf which was part of the kit. I did most of the quilting using my embroidery machine.

Close up of the quilting

I used two embroideries from Embroidery Online by OESD. The straight border is called “Snow Quilt Border” and the corner is “Snow Quilt Corner”. Since the corner embroidery was a triangle shape and I needed it to have square edges to match the straight border, I used my embroidery software to extract a bit from the straight border to square them up. I also extracted one of the snow flakes and used that randomly in the white background. You can click on the above image to see the details. I also stitched in the ditch around the dog and the gift boxes with invisible thread.

Christmas Dachshund hanging above the fireplace

The fabric pack that came with the pattern had a different border fabric that I wasn’t crazy for so I found this perfect purple fabric to use instead. I love how it turned out and it makes a lovely addition to our holiday decorations.


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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Remember when I told you “It’s all good.” Well it got even better just after I told you that. We got a message from the dental vet that the pathology report came back saying the margins were clean and all the tumor was removed!

Thanks for all your POTP that helped me get well.

We’ve also got good news about all the holiday cards we’ve gotten.

Here is a close up of the cards we’ve received up to this past Monday.

Don’t worry if you’ve sent us a card and you don’t see it. This picture was taken a couple of days ago and we’ve received more cards since then.

Of course the good news is we are still kicking butt on our pawrents in the card count contest.

The current card count is:

Millie & Walter

20 Snail Mail cards

9 e-cards

Total Card Count – 29

Mom & Dad

8 Snail Mail cards

1 e-card

Total Card Count – 9

We’re so happy for my good test results and for all our friends around the world.

I’m joining Comedy Plus for their Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here again. Sorry we haven’t been posting much but since my surgery we’ve been keeping things pretty quiet to make sure I healed properly. Today I saw our vet for a post op check up and she thought everything is looking good.

My new portrait has a permanent snaggletooth.

The vet said she could still see some sutures that haven’t dissolved completely so Millie & I are still restricted from any wrestling and bitey face but I can go back to eating my normal kibble. As you can see from the picture above my lower canine tooth now likes to hang outside my upper lip but hopefully that won’t be a problem later too. I’m thankful that all that vet stuff should be behind me for a while. All of the support from my Blogville friends has helped too.

Mom finally got our decorations up and we are starting to get some cards in. So far we are kicking butt on the card count with our pawrents.

Most of these cards are for Millie & I

The current card count is:

Millie & Walter

6 Snail Mail cards

5 e-cards

Total Card Count – 11

Mom & Dad

2 cards

We do have a bit of a mystery that my mom thinks she has figured out. We received a card with no return address and the signature didn’t have any names on it.

The inside of our mystery card. Who could those portraits be of?

The only other clue we had was the post office cancellation. After some Googling our mom figured out that the card was mailed in northern Virginia. The only problem with that is we don’t have anybody on our list from that area. After reading some of our friends blogs recently our mom says a light bulb went on in her head when she remembered that the Downunder Daisy crew’s mom had recently been on vacation visiting family in Virginia. She probably wanted to save some time (for delivery) and some money by posting them while she was here. We definitely think one of the portraits drawn on the card looked like a Scottie and now we think the other dog pictured is Roxy. So we are asking what you think or if Bella, Roxy and Dui can confirm our suspicions.

We sure are thankful for all our friends that send us cards by mail and email. It’s especially nice to get some from our pals that haven’t been blogging recently too.

We are joining Brian for the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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Hi everyone. It’s Millie & Walter here. We participated in the Blogville Christmas Gift Exchange again this year and were paired with a couple of the collies at All Things Collie. This is a new blog to us and these collies are all very beautiful and talented. Many are show champions and therapy dogs.

Look at all these pressies!
Mom said not to touch them yet Millie.

Is this better?
If we pose nice then we get to open them.

After some posing mom let us start opening them…er…we really mean that Walter started opening them.

This one looks like a toy.

I love ripping the paper off these pressies.

Walter had lots of fun ripping the paper off all our pressies. Millie has never been very interested in that sort of thing. We got lots of great pressies from the Collies.

Look at all this great stuff!

Let’s take a closer look at those toys.

These toys are made for tough chewers like Walter

Mom said we couldn’t try the treats yet since there were so many of them. Here is a video of some of the action of us opening our pressies.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

This Squeaky Skull is lots of fun.

Let me see if I can get the squeaker out of this skull.

Oh well, mom wouldn’t let me just chew on the skull toy. She said something about it lasting longer that way.

We want to thank the Collies for all these great pressies. We’ve tried a few of the treats already and they are great. Mom just didn’t get any photographic evidence of it. It’s always fun to participate in the Blogville Gift Exchange and we want to thank Oreo and his mom for organizing it.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We want to wish all our friends that celebrate it a Merry Christmas and to all those that don’t we wish you a very Happy Holiday season. Here is our card for this year.

2018 Christmas Card – Front

2018 Christmas Card – Back

We got to open our exchange pressies today and will show you all about them later this week.

It’s always so much fun participating in the Blogville Card Exchange and Gift Exchange. We hope everyone is enjoying a fun time with family and all those they love.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We sure have a lot of great friends that sent us some wonderful cards for the holidays.

Thanks for sending Walter & I so many beautiful cards.

Thanks for sending Walter & I so many beautiful cards.

We love all our cards whether they came by snail mail or email.

We love all our cards whether they came by snail mail or email.

As usual our pawrents came a distant second on the card count compared to us but we have to say that most of their cards came from doctors and companies they do business with.

E-card from our pawrents dentist

E-card from our pawrents dentist

Seriously dad...a car care company?!

Seriously dad…a car care company?!

It’s just a little pathetic what lengths our pawrents will go to up their card count. Well here is the final result.

Final Christmas Card Count Board for 2015

Final Christmas Card Count Board for 2015

As you can see we totally kicked butt on our pawrents. Here is a look at all our cards (including our pawrents).

Can you pick out your card?

Can you pick out your card?

Thanks again to everyone that sent us a card!

Thanks again to everyone that sent us a card!

We love participating in the Christmas card exchange and seeing all the beautiful cards.

Don’t forget to start sending us your stamps when you think you’ve received all your Christmas cards. Just leave a comment if you need our mailing address. Thanks to those of you that have already sent your stamps to us.

Save Those Stamps Icon

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Merry Christmas everyone! In case you didn’t get our Christmas card we thought we would share it here.

Front of card

Front of card

Back of card

Back of card

We hope all our friends are having a very Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate)!

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