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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We were so sad to hear that a Blogville family lost one of their precious kitties to a tragic accident recently. Today would have been Crockett’s 5th gotcha day and his family wants to honor his memory with a special blog hop for their sweet ginger boy.

I’m sure going to miss you Crockett.

Your little tongue sticking out in your pictures always made me smile Crockett.

We are proud to wear our orange hats for Crockett and are even going to share our favorite orange bird.

Mr. Oriole wears his orange every day.

We hope Crockett’s family can feel the love from all of us in Blogville. He was such a special boy and will be missed by everyone.

Visit the Lone Star Cats blog to visit other blogs participating in the hop.


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Hi everyone! It’s Cindy here. Today I’m thankful that I have a new camera too. It’s the same kind that Charlie recently purchased, a FujiFilm X-T3. I also picked up the XF 100-400mm lens. (Remember you can click on any of the images to see a bigger version.)

My handsome boy Walter

My sweet Millie

A few years ago I switched from a Nikon to an Olympus camera that allowed me to take videos of the dogs. What the Olympus didn’t have was a great ability to do bird photography and I realized that I missed taking pictures of our feathered friends.

A male Oriole hanging out in our yard.

I’ve been inspired by Maggie & Cammie’s mom’s beautiful bird pictures and just knew I wanted to do it again.

Mr. Bluebird is aglow in the evening sun

Another male oriole in the yard

To be honest the old Nikon was very heavy, especially with the long lens needed to do bird photography. The new FujiFilm camera and lens is much lighter and with all the advancements made over the past decade you get a better image too.

Don’t you love my underbite?

Do you have any treats for me mom?

There is also an advantage to using a long lens when photographing the dogs. Most of the time you are so far away they hardly know you are taking their picture.

I’m thankful for my new camera and hope to bring you many great pictures and videos.

We are joining Brian for the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie &Walter here. Our dad got a new camera recently and he’s been trying different things to see how well it works.

He decided to try some late day pictures of us with only the light from the windows. We’re pretty happy with the results.

How do you like my profile?

I’m trying to sleep here dad.

You’ve really captured my under bite well.

It’s a good thing you aren’t using a flash.

Are you done now dad? I would like to take a nap.

I’m very tired now so I’ll just go to sleep.

We think our dad’s new camera is doing a great job. You can click on the images and see a bigger version of them. He is trying to convince our mom that she wants a new camera too. That way they can share lenses.

We’re joining Comedy Plus for their Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We had another day of nice weather so our pawrents did more work in the yard.

I’ve got my eyes on mom.

Dad’s working hard over on this side of the yard.

I love hanging out and relaxing in the grass.

I hope mom and dad remember to feed us.
I’m so tired I’ll just take a nap.

Don’t worry. Our dinner was a bit late but we survived. It’s hard work keeping track of our pawrents while they do all the spring yard work.

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Hi everyone! It’s a sleepy Walter here.

After a long day working in the yard with Charlie, this is what happens.

P.S. That’s my mom’s pillow I’m laying on. It’s a bummer when she comes to bed and makes me move. BOL!

I’m joining Comedy Plus for their Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie and Walter here! It’s time for our second review for March for Chewy.com.

This is a big box.
What’s inside?

We have True Acre Foods Medium Original Baked Biscuits Dog Treats for our second review this month.

This is a huge 8 1/2 pound box of biscuits

There are other sizes and variety of treats available too.

That’s a lot of biscuits!

According to Chewy.com:

“True Acre Foods Medium Original Baked Biscuits are baked with care for the crunchy texture and savory flavor dogs love. Plus, they’re fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals for even more goodness in every bite. Keep a box in your cupboard for anytime your dog deserves a flavorful reward, or anytime you want to get his tail wagging for a delicious snack. They’re great for medium dog breeds, or you can break them up for smaller pups.”

Some of the key benefits of these treats are:

  • Crunchy dog treat biscuits are baked with care for the texture dogs love.
  • Fortified with 12 wholesome vitamins and minerals for added goodness.
  • Great as a tasty reward or anytime snack your dog will wag for.
  • Crunchy texture and tasty flavor keep dogs coming back for more.
  • Perfectly sized for medium dog breeds. You can also break them up for smaller dogs to enjoy.

Those biscuits look tasty

They are the perfect size to fit into our Kongs too.

The waiting is the hardest part.
I try not to look because it’s too tempting.

Check out the video to see how we enjoyed these treats.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

That was tasty. I would love to have another one mom.

These are nice and crunchy.

Overall we just loved these treats and give them treats 8 paws up. Our mom says this box is quite a bargain and will last us a very long time.


This month we are joining Koru Bear for the Chewy.com blog hop.

We are sorry to say that this will be our last review for Chewy.com as they have discontinued the Influencer Program. It’s been fun trying new treats and toys every month for the past few years and we are sorry to see it ending. Thanks Chewy for all the fun we’ve had doing the reviews.

Disclaimer: As #ChewyInfluencers we received one box of True Acre Foods Medium Original Baked Biscuits Dog Treats from Chewy.com to review. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and will receive no additional benefits for barking about the product or the company. The opinions in this review are the honest opinions of ours.

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Reining in mom’s crochet project bags.

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