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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We are calling mischief on our secretary, otherwise known as our mom. She didn’t do any posts about our Christmas cards we received all during the holiday season so today we are posting some pictures of the final collection of cards we received.

Wow! This sure is a lot of cards we got.

Wow! This sure is a lot of cards we got.

Glad you could join me Millie. I wanted to make sure our friends knew how thankful we were for all their cards.

Glad you could join me Millie.
I wanted to make sure our friends knew how thankful we were for all their cards.

We want to thank everyone for all the cards we received this year. We just love seeing all your pictures and pretty cards you send. We especially liked the card that Phenny’s (Angel Easy’s) pawrents sent. You had to fully open it to see the whole scene on it so we put it on one of the shelves so you can see both sides. It’s near the top right of the cards.

This picture was taken a few days before we received even more cards. So here is our final picture of just the cards and the white board where our mom keeps count.

Final card count and display - Christmas 2016

We think the reason our mom didn’t do any posts was because of how pathetic their card count was. Here let’s take a closer look at the white board.

Final card count white board - Christmas 2016

As you can see we really kicked butt on our pawrents. Our dad tried to sneak a few more cards from businesses in but we wouldn’t let him.

Did you notice that cute little elf sitting next to our cards?


Our mom got that from her best customer along with some very delicious cookies. His little “Nice” sign can flip around to show “Naughty” too. We were glad he thought we were nice. One of the cookies even looked just like the elf.

Almost too cute to eat.

Almost too cute to eat.

Thanks again to everyone that sent us a card both by email and snail mail. We cherish each just the same.

We also want to thank our friends that have started sending us their stamps. That was another thing our mom didn’t do any posts about but we sent a reminder with the cards we sent out. This time we will make sure we tell you all about it. If you didn’t save your stamps from your Christmas cards it is never too late to start. Just save any stamps you get and send them to us whenever you would like. We accept them all year round.

Save Those Stamps Icon


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Today Blogville lights a candle to honor our dear friend Angel Easy who has made his final journey home. We also take this time to remember all our friends who have left us this year.

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Hi everyone! Today we are joining Madi and Angel Easy to show their friend Sammy our favorite place in our home town.

Little Black Dog in Big Snow

Little Black Dog in Big Snow

Whether it’s right after a winter snow storm where we love to plow through the fluffy white stuff and wrestle until we look like abominable snow dogs or…

walter - little dog in big yard

Little tan dog under big tree

…it’s early spring when the trees and shrubs are just starting to bud out and the grass has started to green up or…

Walter - with toy under Katsura tree

Happy tan dog in shade of big tree

… it’s the heat of the summer where you can cool off in the shade of the Katsura tree during a game of fetch or…


Two dogs playing on a cool fall day

…it’s a wonderfully cool fall day to play fetch and search the yard for hidden treasures (maybe a mouse, mole or vole to dig up) there is no better place than home.

We love our back yard and are sure Sammy would enjoy visiting us here any time of the year.


Even with this celebration for Sammy we are sad to report that today he crossed the rainbow bridge. He was in poor health and that is why Madi and Easy wanted to let him travel the world with this blog hop today. As many of you already know our dear friend Easy didn’t win his battle with bloat and crossed the rainbow bridge a few days ago. We know Easy and Sammy are having a great time meeting up with all their friends that have gone to the bridge before them.

rainbow - starling flock in back yard

Here is a beautiful fall rainbow from our back yard to share with all our rainbow friends and the Angel sisters that lived here before us.


In addition to the pain from loosing Easy his pawrents have been left with a hefty vet bill that their insurance won’t cover. To help them donations are being accepted through PayPal. You can learn more about how you can help by visiting Murphy & Stanley’s blog. We made sure to get out our mom’s plastic card to send some money to Easy’s family.

It’s been a tough week in Blogville but we hope this tour of our back yard brought a smile to your face.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We sure have a lot of great friends that sent us some wonderful cards for the holidays.

Thanks for sending Walter & I so many beautiful cards.

Thanks for sending Walter & I so many beautiful cards.

We love all our cards whether they came by snail mail or email.

We love all our cards whether they came by snail mail or email.

As usual our pawrents came a distant second on the card count compared to us but we have to say that most of their cards came from doctors and companies they do business with.

E-card from our pawrents dentist

E-card from our pawrents dentist

Seriously dad...a car care company?!

Seriously dad…a car care company?!

It’s just a little pathetic what lengths our pawrents will go to up their card count. Well here is the final result.

Final Christmas Card Count Board for 2015

Final Christmas Card Count Board for 2015

As you can see we totally kicked butt on our pawrents. Here is a look at all our cards (including our pawrents).

Can you pick out your card?

Can you pick out your card?

Thanks again to everyone that sent us a card!

Thanks again to everyone that sent us a card!

We love participating in the Christmas card exchange and seeing all the beautiful cards.

Don’t forget to start sending us your stamps when you think you’ve received all your Christmas cards. Just leave a comment if you need our mailing address. Thanks to those of you that have already sent your stamps to us.

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Save Those Stamps IconHi everyone it’s Millie & Walter here! Do you remember last year when we asked everyone to save your stamps and send them to us? Well, we are doing it again this year. We have already received a few cards from our Blogville friends so we’re sure some of you have too.

Did you know that the stamps that come with all those cards can help the Retired Greyhound Trust across the pond? Yes they can! So we are asking you to Save Those Stamps! and send them to us.

This is the pile of stamps we ended up with last year from about 30 friends.

Millie Walter - with stamp pile

We will be collecting stamps to send to the Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) in the UK. Every kilogram (about 2.2 lbs.) of used stamps collected can be sold in aid of the RGT. Their target is £1,500 ($2345 USD) which is the cost of kenneling a dog for a year.

If you are on Oreo’s mailing list then you should already have our home address. If not then just leave us a comment asking for the mailing address and we will email it to you. Save up all your stamps and after the holidays just put them in an envelope and send them to us (make sure you have enough postage in case it weighs more than one ounce).

If it is easier for you to send your stamps directly to RGT their address is:

Retired Greyhound Trust
2nd Floor
Park House
1-4 Park Terrace
Worcester Park

Lets shower those retired greyhounds with a ton of stamps…well okay a ton would be a bit too expensive to send but wouldn’t it be great if we had 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) to send them? Please feel free to grab the Save Those Stamps! icon above and promote it on your blog by linking back to this post or our permanent Save Those Stamps page.

Thanks, in advance, to all of you for making this so successful.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie and Walter here. We haven’t been around much because our mom was away at a bridal shower for her niece in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. We had a great time at home with our dad but after looking at our mom’s phone we were shocked by what we saw. First we have to applaud our canine cousins for their masterful disobedience.

Blitz (left) and Rolo are not allowed on the furniture...unless nobody is looking.

Blitz (left) and Rolo are not allowed on the furniture…unless nobody is looking.

That wasn’t anything bad to see at all but the next picture was a bit disturbing.

Rolo (dog) and Downton Tabby smothering our mother.

Rolo (dog) and Downton Tabby smothering our mother.

Now we have heard that our mom is very fond of kitties but our dad isn’t so that is why we don’t have any kitty siblings. We can’t really blame our mom for wanting a little snuggle from Downton Tabby but Rolo is trying to take our place. The best we can hope is that our mom was feeling sad about being away from us and asked Rolo for a hug. Yeah…we will go with that.

Okay, now we have to get to the most disturbing evidence of our cheating mom. Apparently one night Downton Tabby decided she wanted to sleep with our mom. According to our mom Downton spent most of the night near the foot of the bed on a very soft blanket but come the morning when they were both waking up Downton really had her way with our mom.

Good morning Aunt Cindy

Good morning Aunt Cindy

Let me rub against your face. I know my humans always like it.

Let me rub against your face. I know my humans always like it.

I hope you don't mind if I get comfortable.

I hope you don’t mind if I get comfortable.

We couldn’t believe that our mom looked like she was enjoying being attacked by a cat but then we found this video.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/145819847]

If you can’t see the video you can go here to see it.

Did you see that our mom was actually smiling! We are glad our mom was welcomed into our cousins home with open paws but Downton Tabby may have gone just a bit too far.

Oh...sorry Aunt Cindy...are you having trouble breathing?

Oh…sorry Aunt Cindy…are you having trouble breathing?

It appears she was trying to smother our mom. Obviously our mom survived since she came home safe and sound last week.

Don't hold it against me cousins. I do this to everyone I meet.

Don’t hold it against me cousins. I do this to everyone I meet.

Well, we guess we can’t be too upset with Downton Tabby. After all we think our mom couldn’t help herself since she hasn’t gotten a kitty fix in quite a long time but we just wish our mom didn’t look so happy while being smothered by a cat.

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Hi everyone it’s Millie & Walter here. Today we are honoring our second Mayor Emeritus of Blogville, Miss Madi, by sharing our boxes with her. If you know any cat you know how they love boxes. We looked around our house and came up with the perfect box for Madi.

Millie Walter - with box for Madi

We think this box says it all about Miss Madi. Even though we have never met her in the furs we bet she is soft and we know from her blog she sure is a crafty cat.

Millie - sniffing boxMiss Madi will love this box. It is very roomy and she can easily hide in there for hours of enjoyment.

Walter checking inside boxIf you want Miss Madi we can even add some holes for you to look out.

Soft and Crafty Box detailsWe wanted to give you a close up of the box so you all can see what it says. We think many of those check boxes fit our Madi well. We know she has “superior resiliency”, we have seen that her furs have a “smooth consistency” and we know you are “unconditionally guaranteed” to have a good time when you visit her blog.

Sarge is hosting Madi’s Box Bash at his blog so be sure to hop on over there to see all the other boxes people have given to Madi. Thanks again Miss Madi for your great work as our Mayor for the past two years.

P.S. We apologize to all our readers that receive our post in an email for the empty post you received earlier. That’s what happens when your secretary starts to work on a post, schedules it to post, and then never comes back to work on it. Sorry Sarge but our mom deleted that first post and unfortunately your comment with it.

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