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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. While moving all my files from one computer to another I discovered a picture that took me back over a decade ago.  A young Angel Nina was hanging out in the yard while helping Charlie do some gardening.

Many of the plants towards the front of the planting were just put in the ground during that spring of 2005. The small tree in the middle with the red leaves is a Japanese Maple. In front of the maple tree to the right and left are a couple of evergreen shrubs.

Here is the same Japanese Maple and evergreen shrubs about 11 years later. Some of the shrubs that are in the top picture were moved as the tree and other shrubs grew and crowded them out. You never know how a planting will turn out when it first goes in the ground. It’s always fun to stumble on a picture of what our yard looked like when a planting was first done to remind us of how it once looked. Gardening definitely takes patience to wait for the final outcome.


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Today Blogville lights a candle to honor our dear friend Angel Easy who has made his final journey home. We also take this time to remember all our friends who have left us this year.

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Hi everyone! Today we are joining Madi and Angel Easy to show their friend Sammy our favorite place in our home town.

Little Black Dog in Big Snow

Little Black Dog in Big Snow

Whether it’s right after a winter snow storm where we love to plow through the fluffy white stuff and wrestle until we look like abominable snow dogs or…

walter - little dog in big yard

Little tan dog under big tree

…it’s early spring when the trees and shrubs are just starting to bud out and the grass has started to green up or…

Walter - with toy under Katsura tree

Happy tan dog in shade of big tree

… it’s the heat of the summer where you can cool off in the shade of the Katsura tree during a game of fetch or…


Two dogs playing on a cool fall day

…it’s a wonderfully cool fall day to play fetch and search the yard for hidden treasures (maybe a mouse, mole or vole to dig up) there is no better place than home.

We love our back yard and are sure Sammy would enjoy visiting us here any time of the year.


Even with this celebration for Sammy we are sad to report that today he crossed the rainbow bridge. He was in poor health and that is why Madi and Easy wanted to let him travel the world with this blog hop today. As many of you already know our dear friend Easy didn’t win his battle with bloat and crossed the rainbow bridge a few days ago. We know Easy and Sammy are having a great time meeting up with all their friends that have gone to the bridge before them.

rainbow - starling flock in back yard

Here is a beautiful fall rainbow from our back yard to share with all our rainbow friends and the Angel sisters that lived here before us.


In addition to the pain from loosing Easy his pawrents have been left with a hefty vet bill that their insurance won’t cover. To help them donations are being accepted through PayPal. You can learn more about how you can help by visiting Murphy & Stanley’s blog. We made sure to get out our mom’s plastic card to send some money to Easy’s family.

It’s been a tough week in Blogville but we hope this tour of our back yard brought a smile to your face.

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Nap For Bailey Badge

Hi everyone. It’s Millie & Walter here. Last week our friend Bailey from Sheltie Times had to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Bailey and his sister were supposed to host a napping event in the Pawlympics. Today we are honoring him by taking naps. We think we have proven ourselves excellent nappers in the past but here are a couple new ones for you.

Why yes, I do find this comfortable.

Why yes, I do find this comfortable.

It's good to be wedged against the sectional and ottoman so you don't fall over.

It’s good to be wedged between the sectional and ottoman
so you don’t fall over.

We hope our friend and his family will proud of our napping skills. Run free sweet Bailey!

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Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share two events that are happening right now to help out our Blogville friend Holly. So the first question you might have if you don’t already know her is who is Holly? She writes at many blogs but her pet blog is called CreekHiker. Now you might wonder why she needs our help. I will let her tell you in her own words.

On May 8th, my beloved dog Mabel Lou, started showing symptoms of bloat. I raced her to the vet for emergency surgery. It was unsuccessful and I lost my companion and sweet baby. It’s one thing to spend over a grand and get your baby back…it’s another to still have to pay for her cremation. That same weekend, the local bakery where i sell my jewelry burned to the ground! As a struggling artist, these unforeseen events has thrown my precarious finances into turmoil.

As usual Blogville has come together to try to help Holly with those bills.

mollie and alfies auction

Mollie & Alfie are hosting an auction. There are lots of great items available. It runs from today through next Tuesday (June 17th) at 1pm UK time. I’ve donated a couple of items to the auction that I will share with you now.

Best Dressed Dogs

Best Dressed Dogs

The first item is a custom dog bandana in any size. You can see a few examples of them above but there are a couple I haven’t told you about. The first one I did for our auction host Mollie.

Pretty in Pink Mollie in her bandana

Pretty in Pink Mollie in her bandana

It is a custom design to fit Mollie’s personality.

Mollie the Ball Junkie - custom bandana design

Mollie the Ball Junkie – custom bandana design

The second special bandana design I want to show you is one I did for the now Angel Mable Lou.

Mable Lou in her custom bandana

Mable Lou in her custom bandana

Holly’s friends from the Rottrover blog had this bandana custom designed for their special friend as a Christsmas present. You need to read their blog to understand the story behind the design.

"Queen Bitch of Everything" really is a term of endearment ;-)

“Queen Bitch of Everything” really is a term of endearment 😉

You can also read what Holly had to say about how Mabel Lou got her nickname.

These are just a couple of examples of the custom designs I can make for your dog too. You can check out all of the embroideries that are available by hopping on over to my Cindy’s Thread Craft blog where you will find a wide variety of pet related designs that would go great on these bandannas. If you don’t see what you are thinking of for your pup just ask and I will probably be able to make it happen. The bandana is item #12 in the auction.

The next item I’m offering for the auction is a pair of custom designed medium sized plush squeaky dog bones.

Medium Dog Bone Samples

Medium Dog Bone Samples

This fun dog toy is about 9″ x 4″. It is made of fleece fabric with machine embroidery embellishment and includes a squeaker inside. These dog bones can be personalized with your pets name or a short message. I have fleece available in a wide variety of colors.

Hafiz loves his squeaky bone!

Hafiz loves his squeaky bone!

The dog bones are item #18 in the auction.

The other auction happening right now is one Holly is having on Facebook. Now don’t be intimidated that you “don’t do Facebook” because you can still see what she has for auction (I had my husband, who isn’t on Facebook, see if he can access the links). Just click the link above.

Hollys Folly Bracelets

Holly’s Folly Bracelets

Holly is a gifted artist and makes beads that she then crafts into a wide variety of jewelry. Here is what Holly has to say about these items up for auction

 I’m having an inventory reduction sale of my jewelry stash (since I no longer have a venue to sell it!) to raise some funds to pay off the vet bill and cremation cost.

When you get to the main page of the Jewelry Sale just click on the “…See More” link in the first story. That will open the story up to show you links to the different categories of available items and instructions on how to bid on an item. Click on one of the links and then click on the photo to see pictures of all the available items in that category (just hover over the picture to see an arrow to scroll through the pictures).

If you are a Facebook user you can also “Join” the event which will let you receive notices of new items added to the auction. You have to hurry because the jewelry auction is only running through June 13th at 5pm PDT. Now I haven’t asked Holly but I bet if you aren’t a Facebook user and see something in her auction that you really like you could leave a comment on her blog or email her from there (there is a link on her side bar) to place a bid. Just let her know which item you are interested in.

Let’s do what Blogville does best and help a friend in need! Thanks for bidding.

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see beautiful logo

Today I am participating in the {This Moment} See Beautiful blog hop hosted by Sugar. The purpose of the blog hop is to remind us to stop and see beautiful all around you each and every day.

There is a bonus to today’s blog hop too. To quote Sugar, “Today is very special as we are supporting, St Annes’s Center The Lantern House: Pet Area, See Beautiful’s non-profit of the month. The Lantern House: Pet Area is very dear to Goose and his mom’s heart. We are delighted to donate $1 (max $100) to everyone joining our hop today.”

The beauty I am sharing today is that of our dear angel Nina. She gave Charlie and I many years of happiness and love and has left a hole in our hearts. She was a special girl that we wanted to remember for years to come.

March 1998 - September 2012

Nina: March 1998 – September 2012

It’s difficult to surprise Charlie for Christmas, but this year I think I finally did it. The above picture of Nina is our favorite of all time and after Nina was gone Charlie kept saying that we have to get it printed so we can display it. Well I went one step further and commissioned Kathleen Coy to paint Nina’s portrait from that picture.

I have been a big fan of her work for a long time.  The first time I remember seeing her work was the gift to Maxmom from her friends in Blogville of a portrait of her beloved Maxdog. She also painted a portrait of the beautiful K as a surprise to KB of Romping and Rolling in the Rockies. I just knew that Kathleen would do a fantastic job for Nina too and I wasn’t disappointed.

Nina Portrait by Kathleen Coy

Nina Portrait by Kathleen Coy

It arrived earlier this week and was immediately placed in the living/listening room where Charlies’ stereo is. It is centered on the book-case to the right and when he is listening to music she is right there looking over him.

Nina portrait in living room

To say Charlie was surprised would be an understatement. There is something very special in how the painting reflects Nina’s character especially through her eyes. We will probably have it framed at some point, but for now Charlie has it propped so it stands on its own.

Nina portrait on bookcase

We both love how it looks against the cherry wood furniture.

During the process of painting Nina’s portrait Kathleen sent me pictures of her progress. It was difficult to keep this a secret from Charlie and I had to be careful when opening one of Kathleen’s emails so Charlie didn’t see any of the pictures she sent. I put the pictures together in a short video for you to enjoy.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

I can’t thank Kathleen enough for the Beautiful portrait of our beloved Angel Nina.

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Thank You!

I wanted to thank everyone that stopped by to say goodbye to our Nina. I know that everyone that visited didn’t leave a comment, but I know you read her story and were probably as touched by her as we were. Whether you left words of comfort or not just knowing you cared enough to visit has helped us through this difficult time.

For those of you that did leave your wonderful condolences thank you very much. I’m so happy that I stepped out of the shadows of Blogville and joined this loving community. Your words of encouragement as we traveled this difficult path with Nina helped to support us until the end. I probably won’t be able to thank each of you individually, but just know how grateful we are for your caring words.

I also have to acknowledge the person that had the most difficult job during all of this and that is our vet Dr. Daniel Fischer from Clark Animal Care Center (please click on the link to his name and scroll down the page to meet him). We first met Dr. Fischer just a few weeks ago when Nina spent time at the vet to receive her IV fluids. He took over her care as the other vet we had been seeing wasn’t on duty for the final two days of her treatment. I don’t know how to explain it, but the first time we met with him when picking up Nina from her day of treatment I was touched by his genuine care, concern and affection toward Nina. We were lucky that he was on duty on Friday when we took her in for her final vet visit and that he was the one to help us complete her journey.

I hope he stays with this practice for a very long time as I want our future canine family members to be in his care. Within 24 hours from our visit the above card was in our mailbox from Dr. Fischer. It wasn’t just a standard card sent from the practice, but from Dr. Fischer himself. Having only seen Nina for a few times I was touched by the personal note he left on the inside as it shows that he really got to know her in just a short time.

I’m not sure we take enough time to acknowledge the difficult job the vets in our pets lives have when we bring them in for their final visit. Most of the vets have cared for these members of our families for their entire lives, have done all in their power to keep them healthy, and then must help us relieve them from the burden of their failing bodies. How many times a day must their hearts be broken. I hope not that often, but I thank them for being there for us and our pets. Thank You very much Dr. Fischer for your loving care for our Nina during her final journey.


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