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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. Well you might be wondering how Walter’s surgery went yesterday. The truth is it didn’t happen.

This butterfly has quite a lot of snow on her back

On Monday the weather peeps were telling us that we were getting a big storm on Tuesday that would make travel difficult to the vet (remember it is a 1 ½ hour drive from our house). Our mom made the decision to cancel the appointment for safety sake. It has been rescheduled for Wednesday, November 27th.

Instead of having surgery I got to do lots of playing in the snow

Dad made lots of snowballs for us to retrieve

We had about 15+ inches of snow in the past couple of days (this broke records for snow fall amount and low temperatures). It was light and fluffy but packed well for snowballs.

I still have all my teeth.
Don’t you dare chomp them on me.

I love sticking my head in the snow

We sure had a great time playing in the snow

The snow won’t last for long as the temps are supposed to get above freezing during the next week.

We’re sorry we haven’t been around much this past week. Our mom had family visiting and got a little behind in commenting on our friends blogs but she promised to get caught up soon.

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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Last week we had a great stretch of nice weather and we made sure to get out and enjoy it. Mom was there to catch some of the fun we were having.

I don’t know why this fly wanted to go for a ride on my head.

There is more mischief going on around here too. As you all know I had a lump removed from my mouth a couple of weeks ago. I’m all healed and feeling great now. We got the report from the pathologist this weekend and it isn’t all bad news but it isn’t great news either.

Mom says my portrait might change a little in about a month.

The good news is that the lump isn’t any type of aggressive or metastasizing cancer. What I do have is an Ameloblastic fibroma. These typically are locally invasive and often regrow in the same area. Because of that I’m being referred to an Animal Dental Specialist. The closest one to us is about an hour and a half drive away near Syracuse, NY.

According to my mom I already have an appointment for November 12th where it is expected that I will see the doctor in the morning and then have surgery that same day. The good news is that I only have to make one trip to that doctor. They will probably remove the two teeth that were closest to the lump and a small part of palate next to those teeth. I will be able to go home later that day. It’s going to be a long day for my mom who will have to hang out somewhere to wait until I’m ready to go home.

The bottom line is that I still need your crossed paws and pawrayers so keep the POTP coming.

I’m blowing raspberries at the pathology report.

Millie wanted to get in on the mischief today and has an opinion on my upcoming surgery as you can see above. I’m sure she is just glad it isn’t her.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here.

There is nothing I like better than laying in the grass in my back yard. Most of the time when my mom or dad lets me out to “do my business” I just go lay down in the grass. It doesn’t matter if it is 50° F or 90° F or if I’m in the sun or the shade.

Here is a little action video of what I like to do when laying in the grass.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to see it.

It seems that my rolling in the grass may have caused some mischief with one of my ears. Last week I started shaking my head and my mom took me to the vet. The vet was very nice and cleaned my ear out real good but she said I do have a yeast infection in my right ear. Unfortunately that means I have to get drops in that ear twice a day for 10 days! I’m not too happy about getting those drops but I haven’t been as itchy as I was before going to the vet.

I guess sometimes you have to take the good with the bad because I will never stop rolling in the grass.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here.

Millie - head shot

Do you know what day it is? Let me give you a hint.

puppy birthday cake 2

That’s right…it’s my birthday! Today I turn 3 years old. My pawrents can’t believe I can be 3 already. I hope mom bakes me a cake like the one above. I might even be nice and share some with Walter too.

2015 Birthday card from VET

Check out the cute e-card I got from my VET!

Millie - hanging out under tree

The weather is a little nicer today (we had record temps of 90º F during the past few days) so I expect to be hanging out in the yard and snoopervising my dad’s yard work.

Since this is supposed to be Mischief Monday mom found this video of me from the first day I came to my forever home. It is cell phone video and until recently she couldn’t get it to play right side up. The quality isn’t as good as our regular videos and there are some glitches but I think you will enjoy it.

If you can’t see the video or want to see a larger version you can go here to see it.

As you could see I was very fierce and ready to take on anyone who was in my yard even if they didn’t move. You can’t see what I’m barking at very well so here is a picture of it from last year in the garden.

German Shepherd Dog Sculpture

German Shepherd Dog Sculpture

It’s in a new location now and I don’t even notice it any more. Doesn’t that sculpture look scary to you?

Well I hope you all have as nice a day as I’m having.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Or What Not to do By Millie!

Hi everyone it’s Millie & Walter here. First we want to thank Sarge and Bites for organizing this wonderful safety week. To view all the blogs participating, go to the hop at Oz’s site.

Logo ZoomieSafety

Today it’s our turn to do a post for Safety Week! If you are a follower of our blog you may remember a few videos we showed of our high speed antics around our yard (if you need a refresher you can go here, here and here). We don’t discriminate based on the weather either. We have learned a few things about our high speed antics and thought we would let our Mini Me’s demonstrate what we have learned.

When chasing your brother don't try to run through the shrubs.

When chasing your brother don’t try to run through the shrubs.

Running into shrubs can be hazardous to your health.

Running into shrubs can be hazardous to your health.

It is best to go around the shrubbery wherever you are running. Otherwise you might end up with a stick up your nose.

As you can see, when Walter zigged Millie didn’t zag and instead ran right into one of the shrubs. This ended in an emergency trip to the vet but she recovered quickly.

The next scenario involves a tree and the same concept.

Pay attention to the obstacles in your way.

Pay attention to the obstacles in your way.

Don't run into a tree at high speed.

Don’t run into a tree at high speed.

On the 4th of July we were zooming around the yard when Millie ran full speed into a tree and hit her knee. There was a small open wound but it wasn’t bleeding. We cleaned out the wound and kept our eye on how Millie was feeling.  Since it happened on a holiday we figured she could wait until the next day to see a vet. She was a little stiff and sore the next day. The vet shaved the area around the wound and flushed it out with saline and determined that it didn’t need any stitches.

Another embarrassing injury

Another embarrassing injury

Here is a close up of the wound so if you are a bit squeamish scroll past real fast.

Nasty ouchie on the knee

Nasty ouchie on the knee

Don’t worry, in just a couple of weeks the wound was completely closed. In just a couple more weeks the hair has already completely grown back and you would never know anything had happened.

So the moral of the story is if you are going to run high speed anywhere Watch Where You Are Going!!!

Mini Millie in bubble wrap with Mini Walter - With thought bubbles

Now all I need is a helmet to be safe

We hope you enjoyed this lesson in how not to get hurt while zooming around your yard or dog park. Don’t forget to visit the other safety lessons today so go to Oz’s site to find them.

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Hi everyone it’s Millie here. Well do I have a tale to tell. Yesterday Walter and I were having our usual fun time snoopervising dad while he worked in the garden. We were getting ready to come in after a couple of hours outside but decided to get in one last round of zoomies.



Next thing dad knows I come running out from the shrubbery sneezing my nose off with blood spewing out too. He calmed me down and called mom out to help him figure out what was going on. Well they couldn’t tell if I just hit my nose on something or if maybe something was stuck up my nose so they decided to call the vet. Of course it was lunch time and all of the vets were on their break but after a couple of phone calls Dr. Cooperman said she would come back early from her lunch to see me. It was less than an hour wait.

By this time I had calmed down and was resting. After all, I had just been playing outside for a couple of hours and was ready for a nap. When I woke up and got ready to go to the vets I started sneezing all over again and was spewing more blood. It wasn’t lots of blood but it was still a bit of a mess. Mom and I hopped in the car for the 2 minute drive to the vet.



The first thing the vet tried to do was stick this ↑ thingy up my nose. I didn’t mind much when she was poking around my left nostril, but there was no way she was sticking that thing up the right side. Little did I know that that would land me a trip to the back room. I said goodbye to my mom and when I got in the back they stuck me with a needle and I got very sleepy.  This time I really couldn’t resist when the vet stuck a bigger scope thing up my nose but I’m kind of glad she did because look what she found! OUCH!

Stick found in Millie's nose

Stick found in Millie’s nose

Mom came back and picked me up after about an hour. I was sent home with some pain pills and some antibiotics to make sure that nasty stick didn’t give me any bad bugs. I was still very sleepy from the drugs they gave me so we all decided to take a nap.

Millie with an ice bag pillow

Millie with an ice bag pillow

The vet recommended to ice my nose to keep any swelling down so while we were napping I got to have an ice bag for a pillow. I’m feeling much better after my nap and dinner and haven’t been sneezing any more. Mom and dad have already told us that we won’t be doing much playing for a couple of days to make sure my nose heals okay. Don’t worry Tommy I’ll be fine for our date on Monday.

If you wouldn’t mind I could use some power of the paw just to make sure everything heals okay. Thanks friends.

Killer hydrangea

Killer hydrangea

Notes from mom: It appears that Millie impaled her nose on a piece of hydrangea. Since it is early in the growing season this hydrangea hasn’t leafed out much. It is still kind of woody and we think that when she ran by it she happened to jam a piece up her nose.

Happy Hydrangea

Happy Hydrangea

This is what the hydrangea looks like when it is all leafed out and in bloom. It also isn’t as easy to run through when it is so full.

I’m very glad we decided to take Millie to the vet. Millie is a very stoic dog and never pawed at her nose as most dogs would have done with a foreign object stuck up there. You could tell when you listened to her breathing that it sounded a bit wheezy too so I suspected there might be something stuck in there. The vet said she was lucky to have such a long nose because a dog with a shorter snout might have had the stick go through and poke into her eye (yuck!)

A big thanks to Dr. Cooperman and the staff at Clark Animal Care for getting us in right away and taking great care of our special girl. Hopefully we won’t have this happen again but the way these two like to chase each other through the shrubbery there is no guarantee. Charlie will be going out and trimming back any pieces of the hydrangea that might be hazardous so we can do our best to minimize any future disasters. I know everyone out there will be putting their paws together to help Millie heal and I just want to thank you all now for that too.

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sheep field shack


winter vineyard 1

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop. Photos by Charlie.


Millie and lily kissing

I would also like to ask you all for some Power of the Paw for our friend Lily Belle and her family. Lily is very sick and spending the night in the ICU at her vets. Her mom, dad and sister Muffin need some comfort too so please stop by to give them some support. Thank you.


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