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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Do you have jobs around your house that you do to help out your pawrents? Well I do and it is so much fun.

Every day when the mail comes I wait for my pawrents to sort through it.

Then they hand me the junk mail and I take care  of it for them.

This junk mail is a bit gamy.

Here is a little video of how I help.

If you can’t see the video you can go to view it.

Sometimes I help by making big envelopes into a jigsaw puzzle. I’m really good at just ripping things apart and not eating any of it. The fun part is in the end my pawrents have to clean up all the mess. I would love to hear about the jobs you do to help your pawrents around the house.


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Hi everyone! It’s Millie and Walter here. Oh boy are we excited! You will never guess who emailed our mom a few weeks ago. Well if you guessed Miss Sydney from Chewy.com you are right! She wanted to know if we wanted to join the Chewy.com review team. It took us all of about 2 seconds to scream YES! We’ve seen so many of our friends review all sorts of tasty treats and were beginning to feel a bit left out, but we won’t feel left out any longer. Here is our first review for Chewy!

Look what landed on our door step!

Look what landed on our door step!

Our mom selected some snacks for us and in a couple of days this package was dropped off at our door. We of course sounded the alarm as we always do when things get dropped off at the door. Our mom told Miss Sydney to address the package to us since we are doing the taste testing.

It's even addressed to us!

It’s even addressed to us!

Inside that package was a bag of Wellness Core Superfood Protein Bars Beef & Bison with Blueberries.

Wellness Core Superfood Protien Bars - bag - chewy

We couldn’t wait to give them a taste but of course mom made us pose with them first.

Even with the bag closed they smell greatI think I can taste them through the bag.

Even with the bag closed they smell great!
I think I can taste them through the bag.

Mom please open the bag I can't wait another second!

Mom please open the bag I can’t wait another second!
He is such a drama king.

After what seemed like forever (about 2 minutes) mom let us have a taste.

I ate mine so fast mom almost missed the picture.

I ate mine so fast mom almost missed the picture.

I'm drooling these are so good.

I’m drooling these are so good.

It took mom a few tries to get some pictures of us eating those treats. We sucked them down so fast she missed the shot most of the time.

Wellness Protien bars - close up

Each piece is about and inch or so square


According to the Chewy.com website, “These nutrient-dense protein nuggets are packed with quality animal protein, without fillers or grains, along with wholesome superfoods. Each tender bite delivers an incredibly healthy and exceptionally tasty way to treat your dog.” All we know is they taste great!

We give these treats 8 paws up for our highest rating. We were not paid for our review but were supplied one package of these treats for our honest review. Thanks Miss Sydney for letting us join the Chewy.com review team. We can’t wait for next month.

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Hi everyone it’s Walter here.

I've Been Framed!

I’ve Been Framed!

I swear I didn’t do it! My pawrents have no evidence that I made this mess.

Go ahead and hide over there Millie. That doesn't mean you are innocent.

Go ahead and hide over there Millie. That doesn’t mean you are innocent.

Now mom was up in her sewing room and dad was in the basement playing with power tools. When dad took a break he found this mess in the living room. Upon closer inspection it was determined that somedoggy stole a used toilet paper roll from a trash can and tore it to shreds.

I think it was a squirrel...yeah that's the ticket...a squirrel!

I think it was a squirrel…yeah that’s the ticket…a squirrel!

Please send bail money quick!


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Freedom –

Yesterday I tried to soak up my last day of freedom. We started the day by hanging out in the yard with Nina for about 2 hours. I took the opportunity to top off all the bird feeders, Charlie cleaned out the bluebird houses to get ready for the new season, and Nina sniffed out all the action that Charlie and I couldn’t comprehend. Our witch hazel are in full bloom and with the warm weather they were full of honey bees! I tried to get some pictures with my new phone, but they didn’t turn out well. Spring is really on the way. We ended the morning with the three of us hanging out on the patio soaking up the sun.

Purse –

In the afternoon I started working on a new purse using some of the new fabric I got when I added to my stash recently. One of the fabrics was a beautiful purple batik with yellow/orange sunflowers on it. Purple is my favorite color and when I saw this fabric in person I new I had to use it in a purse. I was lucky to find another purple batik with the same colors and coordinating pattern for the bottom of the bag and already had a nice yellow batik to use for the top and lining.

Purple Sunflower Purse

Purple Sunflower Purse

I custom built this purse from a pattern I have previously used. The bags in the pattern book are much bigger than I wanted so I had to calculate the dimensions for this one myself. It took me longer than I expected to make sure I got the dimensions correct so I got a later start with cutting the fabric than I had hoped. I also added a bunch of pockets inside. Two zippered pockets and two regular pockets with slots for a pen on each side.

Purple Sunflower Purse Interior

Purple Sunflower Purse Interior

I made a purse with these same features previously, so at least I knew how everything went together.  The most difficult feature is the zippered top, but for a purse I always want to have it close that way.

Purple Sunflower Purse Top

Purple Sunflower Purse Top

By the end of the day I had completed the purse. I think I needed to do this marathon purse construction so I didn’t keep thinking about what the next day would be like. I am so happy with how it turned out. It’s just beautiful!

The New Job –

Today was my first day at the new job. It was pretty uneventful. Just a lot of filling out paperwork, shaking hands, and reading the employee manual (snore!). The highlight of the day was that I happened to start on the day they celebrate all the March birthdays! They had about 5 types of cakes to choose from and anyone that knows me knows that I can’t pass up a good piece of cake (or two). I had a scrumptious piece of carrot cake with lots of frosting. I love frosting! Tomorrow I am scheduled to meet with a few people to learn more about the business. Sometime in the near future I will get to go to some of the close-by locations where there are actually trains to see. I might get to climb into an engine and maybe they will let me blow the whistle. There is a lot to learn about the railroad business and it looks like I will be spending much of my time doing just that for the next few weeks.  Overall not a bad day to start my first day of work in more than 6 months!

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Genesee & Wyoming Railroad

My life of leisure is soon coming to an end.  I recently accepted a job as a Systems Analyst (it’s an IT job) at Genesee and Wyoming Railroad.  I’ll be starting in just over a week so I still have some time to play before it is back to a daily grind.  From what I have learned so far it should be a good place to work.  The salary is good and the benefits are exceptional.  I’ll keep you posted after I start.  It is definitely a unique business to be working for in Rochester.  Until I saw the job posting on Careerbuilder I had no idea they existed, and from the reactions I have gotten from everyone I have told, neither did they!

This company has been around for a long time (check out their web site for the details) and my plan is to be able to retire from here.  I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning about a different business.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time of unemployment and knew it wouldn’t last forever.  One of the best parts of my time off has been rekindling my love for sewing.  I fully expect to be able to continue my sewing projects, but I might not be able to complete them as fast as I have lately.

The other thing I will miss about not working is spending my days with Charlie and Nina.  Some people worry about how they and their spouses will get along when they retire and have to spend more time together.  I have learned that Charlie and I will have no problem with being together most of the time (except for his annoying habit of singing or whistling the same tune about a hundred times during the day {grin}).

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