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Hi everyone, it’s Cindy here to tell you about our last give away win (for now). This one was a big one and didn’t involve any dog toys or treats so I figured I would tell you about it instead of Millie & Walter. I was visiting one of the new (to us) blogs we learned about from this years Christmas Card exchange,¬†Dolly the Doxie, and their blog¬†along with a few other blogs got together and were giving away a $175 gift card to Amazon.com.


They asked you to comment on what you would get if you won so I entered my comment saying I would buy some books for my Kindle. I probably did a few other of the Rafflecopter things and then forgot all about it. That is until I received an email that said I had won!

Amazon Gift Card Winner - Rafflecopter

Yep, that Cynthia W. is me! Do you see how many total entries they had? Over 11,000 and by luck I was the one who won! Okay it isn’t the Mega Millions or anything like that, but I never win something this good. Well at least not until then.

My head start to swirl thinking about all the cool things you could buy on Amazon.com, but what to get? I made the fatal mistake of telling Charlie about my windfall and he had an idea about how to spend the gift card.

Festool Orbital Sander

Festool Orbital Sander

That’s right Blogville I spent my gift card on an orbital sander for Charlie.

Festool SanderNow for those of you not familiar with power tools I have to tell you that Festool is a high end brand that NEVER has sales. The idea of getting one with “free” money sounded good and it solved the problem of trying to figure out what to get Charlie for Christmas. I asked Charlie what he needed this for and this was his answer:

Windowsill scratches You may have to click on the image above to make it bigger to see, but we have lived in our house for over 23 years and have been owned by a total of 7 dogs during that time. Many of our windows, especially on the first floor, have low windowsills and like this picture shows many have seen their share of wear and tear over the years. Of course it doesn’t help to have pesty chipmunks teasing the dogs just outside the window either.

I guess it really was a good thing to spend our gift card on a power tool that will help make our house look better. Now we just have to figure out how to keep the pups from getting excited when they see the critters outside the windows. With such low sills it’s difficult for them not to want to put a paw on it. Well at least now we can just sand away any new damage.

Thank you Dolly the Doxie and all your friends for having this great give away. I can’t believe how lucky December has been for us. Oh yeah, I hinted at the beginning that this might not be the end of it, well about a week ago we learned that we won some more treats from another blogger. We will do a post after the goods have been received and we can do a taste test.

You know what they say, “You gotta be in it to win it!” I think I need to go buy a lotto ticket now. Hey you never know!

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