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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to show you some baby hats and booties I made recently. The last time I showed you the baby rattles I made for my soon to be born grand nephew and since that time he arrived! Henry Charles (I’m leaving his last name out) joined his family on January 25 at 12:50 am. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 4 oz. and was 19″. I don’t have any pictures of him yet but hope to share some soon. In case you were wondering the Charles in his name is in memory of the baby’s grandfather (my father) who happened to have the same name as my husband.

Baby hat - booties - sage white

This first set (above) is the same color as the afghan I made (to be seen in the next HHOD). The hat pattern is from the August 2008 Crochet World and is part of the “Last-Minute Quick Baby Set”.


The next set the hat is from the December 2010 Crochet World “Baby in Blue” set.

Bernat Satin Yarn Colors: Silk, Flamingo, Dandelion, Sage, Lavender

Bernat Satin Yarn
Colors: Silk, Flamingo, Dandelion, Sage, Lavender

All the yarn is Bernat Satin. The booties are the same pattern I have used before and is from the June 2010 Crochet World “Easy Baby Booties”. They really are easy to make and are worked much the same way you do an amigurumi.

Baby hats to donate

Baby hats to donate

Since I have so much yarn left over I’m making more hats and will be donating them to the hospital were my mom had her surgery a few month’s ago. She was on the surgical ob/gyn ward (where mom’s that have C-sections go). The nurses there said the ward with the natural birth mom’s get first dibs on any donated items so I told them I would make some especially for their ward.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the baby hat and booties I made for Henry Charles. Stay tuned for the final installment in a couple of week to see the afghan I made for him.


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Hi everyone, it’s Cindy here to tell you a little about one of my recent crochet finishes. Do you remember the crochet baby blanket I made for a baby shower in August? Here let me refresh your memory.

Crochet Baby Blanket

Crochet Baby Blanket

Well, baby Corinne was born in mid October. All along I had hoped to include some accessories with the blanket, but if you read my post about making the blanket you know I ran out of time. So after she was born I got back to work on those accessories.

Baby Hat and Booties

Baby Hat and Booties

It’s okay to squee a little. Don’t you just love those little booties?

Yellow Baby Booties - front view

Yellow Baby Booties – front view

The booties were fairly simple to make and the pattern is from the June 2010 Crochet World magazine. I used the ribbed cuff variation for both sets of booties.

Purple Baby Booties - side view

Purple Baby Booties – side view

Since I had three different yarns for the blanket I wanted to find a hat pattern the would use all three.

Baby Hat

Baby Hat

Of course it did mean lots of ends to sew in, but I love the way it looks. This pattern is from Red Heart and is called Ruffled Posies Hat.

Baby Hat - Flower detail

Baby Hat – Flower detail

The pattern called for the flower to be sewn on with a french knot but I didn’t like how it looked so I sewed it in my way.

Millie approves of the baby things

Millie approves of the baby things

Millie thought these little baby things were so cute and wanted to pose with them.

Don't worry mom...just a little sniff here

Don’t worry mom…just a little sniff here

She decided to give them the sniff test before I packed them up for shipping. So far I don’t have any pictures of sweet little Corinne in any of these crochet goodies, but hopefully someday I will so I can share them with you. By the way if you are wondering how I kept the hat standing up a partially used roll of toilet paper worked perfectly.

I’m linking up this post with Hookin on Hump Day.


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