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Hi everyone. It’s Millie and Walter here. We are finally getting a break in our hot, dry weather and have enjoyed some time playing outside.

Today we want to show you what is blooming in our yard. Let’s start with our hydrangea. There are lots of varieties and we have quite a few different ones.

Smooth Hydrangea

Here is a close up view of a couple of the flower heads.

Next up is a mophead serrata hydrangea. This one turns a beautiful pale purple color.

We have a few Hydrangea Paniculata varieties too. These are favorites of all sorts of flying insects.

Our deciduous azalea just finished up blooming. It’s always nice to see these yellow azalea blooming in the summer.

We have one more shrub to show you. This callicarpa (also know as beautyberry) has these tiny flowers that are opening up along most of the stalks. We are waiting for fall when these little flowers hopefully will turn into bright purple fruit.

Let’s move on to the perennials in the yard now.

A view of our perennial garden from our patio

Another bright yellow flower we enjoy is coreopsis.

The hosta are almost finished blooming but here’s one to show you.

We have a couple varieties of agastache. They are a lovely purple color and are favorites of the hummingbirds and butterflies.

Blue Fortune Agastache

Last but not least is our pink loosestrife.

We hope you enjoyed checking out our what is blooming in our yard right now.

We are joining Arty, Jakey and Rosy for this weeks Flower Friday. Stop by their blog to see what other blogs are doing. They probably have flowers of their own to show.

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