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When your parents reach a certain age it can become difficult to come up with gifts for them at holidays and birthdays.  Over age 70 there is little that my parents have needed that they didn’t just buy for themselves when they needed it. This requires some thoughtful creativity to come up with something they will like and be able to use.

A couple of years ago I made myself a credit card clutch that I designed myself. After numerous hints from my mother I knew that would be her Mother’s Day gift that year. She loves it and always has it with her.

Credit Card Clutch for Mom
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Flash forward a couple of years and I was stumped as to what to get for this year’s Mother’s Day gift. I found my inspiration at the Anita Goodesign seminar I attended a few weeks back in Cleveland.  One of the ladies that was sitting at my table wore a shirt the second day that I knew would be the basis for mom’s gift.

PMS – Purchase More Shoes

You see, my mother has a slight addiction. Not quite as bad as Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection, but my father is never surprised to see a certain shaped box come in the house after a shopping expedition. I decided I wanted to re-create this shirt for my mother, but I had some reservations.  My mother hasn’t experienced PMS in the traditional sense for quite a few years. After perusing my favorite machine embroidery site, Embroidery Library, I found the perfect design. I showed the embroidery design and the inspiration above to my husband and he convinced me to go with just the design and no words. It always pays to listen to my Chief Creative Consultant as the final result was great. I purchased a plain black t-shirt from the most upscale place around, Target (that’s pronounced Tar jay’ of course).

Clothesline Shoes T-shirt for Mom
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I changed some of the shoe colors from the original design so they would show up better on the black and I think it looks great! Needless to say she loved it.

Now the next conundrum for gift giving was for my father’s birthday in the middle of May.  I decided to continue with the theme of embellished t-shirts so I picked up nice Polo style shirt at the same upscale store, Target.  The next problem was trying to decide what to put on it.  There aren’t a lot of activities that my father participates in at his age, but there is one thing he does frequently all summer long – grilling meat. Again Embroidery Library came to my rescue.

Grill Master T-shirt for Dad
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I think he liked his gift too.

Grill Master Chuck at Work

When other people who sew find out I have a sewing machine that also does embroidery they often say that they don’t think they would ever use that function if they had it. I say you don’t know what you are missing.  These may seem like simple things to do, but they make a difference to the recipient.  I don’t think either of my parents would have been excited by receiving a plain t-shirt, but with a few added embellishments you now have a thoughtful custom gift. I love my embroidery machine!

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