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Hi Everyone! Today is my First Birthday! I’ve only been in my forever home for 7 months, and so much has happened since then, but it all started about one year ago. Before I came here I was in another home and then they took me to a place called Rochester Animal Services when I was only 4 months old. The nice people there thought I would be happier with my foster parents so I was moved again. My foster parents are from a group called Big Dogs Big Hearts. I had a lot of fun with them and really love my foster mom and dad.

The first time my parents saw me I was just a little girl and they fell in love right away. Really who wouldn’t.


Next thing I know I got to move again to my forever home. A lot has happened since I came to my new home and if you read back over the past few months on this blog you can learn all about it. Things might have been a little rough for me  before I came here, but I couldn’t be happier with how my first year has finished up.

puppy birthday cake 2

Please join me and eat some of my birthday cake. The weather is supposed to be nice today so I hope you can join Walter and I playing in our fantastic yard.

walter - little dog in big yard

There is lots of room for zoomies, chasing balls and plenty of grass for a good roach. Grab a party hat and let’s play!

Millie in party hat

As I mentioned in an earlier post my mom and I are walking in a fundraiser for Rochester Animal Services on June 8th. In honor of my birthday my mom will donate $1 for each comment (up to $50) wishing me a happy birthday today. Please only one comment per household. I still want my mom to have money for treats and toys.


You can help out too, by sponsoring me for the walk. I want to thank all my friends that have already donated. My mom recently realized that the online donation system requires a minimum of a $10 donation. We know that this may be more than some of you would like to contribute so if you would like to make a smaller donation just let me know in the comments and I will email you with details of how you can do it.

Thanks for your support and thanks to all my Blogville friends for helping to make my first year great!

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