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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We have a bone to pick with our mom. Do you know what day today is? Well if you keep up with the Blogville birthdays you will know that today is Walter’s birthday.

I’m 4 years old today!

That’s not all that is special about today. Do you know what else happened 4 years ago today besides Walter being born? Maybe this will jog your memories (for those that knew us then).

This was taken my first days in my forever home.

This was taken my first days in my forever home.

Look at me now!

Look at me now!

If you guessed that it’s Millie’s Gotcha Day you would be right. Once on this day mom baked us a cake to celebrate.

Mmmm...that smells great! Are we done with the pictures now?

This was a tasty blast from the past.

This time our mom says she can’t bake anything for us and she is claiming that it’s because her oven is broken! We’ll let her explain.

Hi everyone. It’s Cindy here. Back in the beginning of August our oven went dark.

Notice no clock showing on the oven.

Notice no clock showing on the oven.

We tried to get it repaired but there are no parts available for a 21 year old oven. When we went to buy one the sales person suggested we have an installer come first to make sure we were ordering the right size oven. Well since we have our cook top installed just above our oven it would have been next to impossible to find an oven that would fit under a 21 year old cook top. The only solution was to replace both of them. I won’t go into the boring details but there were delays in securing the cook top and as of now we have the new oven in our garage…

New oven...still in the box.

New oven…still in the box.

…and it will finally get installed this coming Thursday (along with the new cook top)! Mom Cindy out!

Millie Walter - Birthday Party Hats

Let’s celebrate!

Well we guess we will just have to find some other way to celebrate today but we hope our mom makes us a cake for her first time baking with the new oven.

We think since there isn’t going to be a cake today we should at least get extra treats.

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Hi everyone it’s Millie & Walter here. We are both so happy to be heading off to Dory’s place for her big Birthday Bash. We both have dates for the big event.

Walter & Tuiren  - ready for the party

Walter & Tuiren – ready for the party

I’m taking my girl Tuiren. Don’t we look great in our matching scarves? Millie let Tui borrow it so we could wear coordinated outfits. Speaking of borrowing things…

Easy & Millie

Easy & Millie

Walter let Easy, Millie’s date, borrow his hat and sweater to help him stay warm. Don’t we make a cute couple? You should see the great ride Easy stopped by with to pick me up.

Millie & Easy - riding in style

Millie & Easy – riding in style

I think he borrowed it from some guy in a red suit yesterday. We are all having such a great time. Make sure you stop over to Dory’s place to see all the action. There are multiple posts for the party so be sure to click the “Newer post” link at the bottom of the comments. Let’s Party!

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birthday cakeHi everyone! If you didn’t know it yet today is my birthday. I’m all of 7.4 in dog years (don’t do the math). At this point in my life I don’t really have anything that I would put on a wish list. Charlie and I are the type of people that if we need/want something and we can afford it we just get it. We never wait for a special occasion as I’ve never been a very patient person.

So what do I wish for this year? Well I could say world peace and stuff like that and of course that would be great. Many of you would also say a home for every dog, cat or other companion animal and that is of course something I wish for every day and it is something that you can help with.



This Saturday Millie, Walter, Charlie and I will be participating in The Fast & The Furriest Dog Walk. We have already received generous donations from many of our followers, but would love to have more. If you could spare just a few dollars to sponsor us it would help to improve the lives of many pets.

Cindy, Millie, Debra & Remy

Cindy, Millie, Debra & Remy

Millie and her friend Remy both came from Rochester Animal Services, the organization that benefits from the walk. They would both be very happy to see more donations for the walk so more pets could have great forever homes like them.

I recently realized that the online donation system requires a minimum of a $10 donation. I know that this may be more than some of you would like to contribute so if you would like to make a smaller donation just let me know in the comments and I will email you with details of how you can do it.

Thanks for your support and for making my birthday happier. Oh yeah, the only thing I wish for these days is a cake with lots of frosting. I’m a sucker for sweets!

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Hi everyone, it’s Millie here. I don’t know if any of you know but I have a big day coming up. This Saturday I will be one year old! Okay we don’t really know my exact birthday, but mom and dad have designated May 11th as my birthday.

millie - in the grass

Can you believe I am going to be 1 year old! My first year sure has been exciting. Of course the highlight was finding my forever home with Cindy and Charlie and most recently having Walter joining us.

millie walter - 2 crashed puppies

To celebrate my birthday I hope you all can help me give back a little. You see before I found this home I ended up at Rochester Animal Services (RAS) the animal care and control organization for the city. The nice people at RAS saw how special I was and called the Big Dogs Big Hearts rescue to take me into their group.

RAS is a small shelter run by the City of Rochester and has a very limited budget to care for all the animals that come through their doors. Since they are a municipal organization they are not allowed to do any fundraising, but the Verona Street Animal Society (VSAS) was formed just 7 years ago to raise funds to help RAS better serve the animals in their care.


On June 8th I will be joining in the fun at The Fast and the Furriest! It is a walk and run to benefit RAS / VSAS. There are two ways you can help me.

The first is to visit my fundraising page and make a donation to our team. My mom and I are going to walk with some of her friends that she crochets with a couple times a month (some of the ladies knit too). The group is called Purl Jam (in case you didn’t know purl is a knitting term) and we hope to raise lots of money for the animals at RAS. Of course if you want to join me you can also register and walk with us too.

millie - happy tails 3

The second way you can help is to come back here on Saturday, my big day, and leave me a comment. I will make my mom donate $1 for each comment. Please only one comment per household. I want to make sure there is still some money to buy my treats. So I hope you will come back in a few days to help me celebrate and raise some money for a worthy cause. Oh yeah you could also help by telling your friends to donate or at least come over on Saturday for the comment-a-thon. Thanks!

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