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Hi everyone. It’s Millie & Walter here. We participated in the Blogville Christmas Gift Exchange again this year and were paired with a couple of the collies at All Things Collie. This is a new blog to us and these collies are all very beautiful and talented. Many are show champions and therapy dogs.

Look at all these pressies!
Mom said not to touch them yet Millie.

Is this better?
If we pose nice then we get to open them.

After some posing mom let us start opening them…er…we really mean that Walter started opening them.

This one looks like a toy.

I love ripping the paper off these pressies.

Walter had lots of fun ripping the paper off all our pressies. Millie has never been very interested in that sort of thing. We got lots of great pressies from the Collies.

Look at all this great stuff!

Let’s take a closer look at those toys.

These toys are made for tough chewers like Walter

Mom said we couldn’t try the treats yet since there were so many of them. Here is a video of some of the action of us opening our pressies.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

This Squeaky Skull is lots of fun.

Let me see if I can get the squeaker out of this skull.

Oh well, mom wouldn’t let me just chew on the skull toy. She said something about it lasting longer that way.

We want to thank the Collies for all these great pressies. We’ve tried a few of the treats already and they are great. Mom just didn’t get any photographic evidence of it. It’s always fun to participate in the Blogville Gift Exchange and we want to thank Oreo and his mom for organizing it.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here. Today I’m going to tell you about the great pressie package I got from my gift exchange partner Pippen from My Life with Scotties. Thanks to Oreo and his mom for putting all of this together for us.

Millie - unwapping stuffie bone

Something green and fluffy is in here

Mom helped me pull the pressies from the box and then I carefully took the tissue off.

This one smells fantastic!

This one smells fantastic!

What great pressies and such a cute card

What great pressies and such a cute card

Here is a close up of all the loot.

Millies gifts from Pippen

Millies gifts from Pippen

Wow Pippen you are a really great shopper. Now it’s time for some taste tests.

Millie - tries Christmas treats

Mom let me try both cookies and they were fantastic! After the taste tests I stepped away for a quick drink and when I got back this is what I found.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to see it.

What's wrong with playing with Millie's toy?

What’s wrong with playing with Millie’s toy?

I know Walter really loves playing with stuffies so I let him have it for a little while. Mom took it away before he totally destroyed it though. Thanks again to Pippen and to Oreo and both their mom’s for making the gift exchange possible. I love all my pressies.

Don’t forget to start sending us your stamps when you think you’ve received all your Christmas cards. Just leave a comment if you need our mailing address. We will also give an update on our card count soon.

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Hi everyone it’s Millie here! Today I want to tell you all about the fantastic pressies I received from Pippen at My Life With Scotties. If you don’t already know Pippen and his brother Jacque you should go check them out. Before I get too far along I have to thank Jazzi and her mom for organizing both the Christmas gift and card exchange. What a fun way to spend my first holiday season in Blogville.

Let me tell you, that Pippen really knows how to shop for an active girl like me. First I had to give the box a good sniff.

Millie - sniffing Christmas pressie box

Okay mom you can open it now!


Another card to add to my collection!


What a cute Scottie card! I gave it a good sniff too.  Let’s see what else is in the box!


I see lots of nice stuff!


I love rope toys. They are my favorite thing to play with and chew on. My daddy is real good at playing tug with me too.


This looks like a fun ball to play with. The tag says it’s Megalast! Mom and dad are hoping that is true. I think this will be fun.


OMD! There was also a Greenie and some peanut butter Mother Hubbard biscuits. {{Muffled sounds}} I can’t get my snooter far enough into the bag to get some. Mom can you help me please?


Nom, nom nom…these peanut butter bones are delish! Mom and dad even figured out that you can stuff these little bones into the ball so I have to work to get them out.


What a great pressie package Pippen sent me. You did a great job in picking out the perfect toys and treats for me. Thank you so much!

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