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Well spring is supposed to have sprung by now, but things are a bit behind schedule from normal. We are just starting to see the bulbs pushing their shoots out of the ground and some of our early flowering trees and shrubs are about to fully open.

The buds on the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood are just starting to push out. If we get some warmer weather soon the tree will be covered in a variety of insects and yellow blossoms. One of the features we love about this tree is that those flower buds turn into fruit that the birds can enjoy.

Our witch hazel has been in bloom for over a month now. I love having a winter flowering shrub in the yard. It is a little ray of sunshine and color among all the snow and clouds. They are fully extended now and when it is warm you can usually find plenty of bees on them.

This is one of the first bulbs that blooms for us. Most of them haven’t opened yet, but this white one was the first one to fully open. They are tiny little flowers and all of our bulbs have divided and spread to make a nice patch. Of course they are in jeopardy of being trampled by a certain “Some Doggy” before they all get the chance to bloom.

Glory of the Snow - in bud

Glory of the Snow – in bud

Let’s hope this little guy survives Millie’s zoomies to fully bloom.

As the growing season progresses I hope to update you on what is popping up around our yard so stay tuned.

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