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Hi everyone! We’re here today to tell you about our DNA test results. It took about 4 weeks from the time we mailed the swabs before we could download our report. Like we said in the previous post it took two weeks just to get to their facility. After that it took the advertised 2 weeks to process our samples. It seemed like a long time but we were glad that we did it.

Okay without further ado here are our results. First up is Millie. Here is the summary report of my family tree.

Millie's DNA Certificate

Millie’s DNA Certificate

As always you can click on an image to make it bigger but I will also show you a close up of each half of my heritage. Here is the left side.

Left Side of Millie's DNA Certificate

Left Side of Millie’s DNA Certificate

They don’t specify which side is for your mother and which is for your father. This side comes as no surprise to anyone in this house. As you can see the only specific breed the DNA test found on this half of my family tree is American Staffordshire Terrier (more commonly know as a Pit Bull). Mom and Dad have always suspected that I had a lot of Pit Bull in me. My reaction to having a stick up my nose (only sneezing and never pawing at my face) and some of my physical characteristics (especially of my head) were key indicators.

Okay now on to the next side of my family.

Right Side of Millie's DNA Certificate

Right Side of Millie’s DNA Certificate

I have to say that the German Shepherd Dog was no surprise here but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I’m also related to some pretty cool Blogville pups on this side of my family. Who would have guessed that I could be related to Goose, Easy and Starr?

One last part of the test is the make up of what the mixed breeds might be in my history too. Here is what the Wisdom people say about the mixed breed analysis:

A portion of Millie’s ancestry was predicted to be mixed beyond 3 generations. While it is difficult to identify strong breed signals in this mixed portion, the 5 breeds with the strongest statistical likelihood identified in the analysis of your dog’s DNA are listed below.

The breeds are listed by the relative strength of each result in the analysis with the most likely at the top of the list. One or more of these breeds could have contributed to the genetic makeup of the ancestors indicated by the mixed breed icon. Note that it is highly unlikely that all these breeds are present in Millie’s ancestry.

There could also be a breed or breeds present in the mixed breed component that cannot be detected with the current database of over 200 breeds.

Mixed Breed Ancestry of Millie's DNA Certificate

Mixed Breed Ancestry of Millie’s DNA Certificate

We’re not too sure about that Chinook since there aren’t too many of them around but it sure is interesting. If you are interested you can download a PDF file of the full 12 page report to read more about what they say about me.

Okay enough about Millie now it’s my turn. Here is my summary report.

Walter's DNA Certificate

Walter’s DNA Certificate

Here is the left side of my report.

Left Side of Walter’s DNA Certificate

Left Side of Walter’s DNA Certificate

It was really no surprise that I have a lot of Boxer in my DNA since I have the shape and head of a boxer. As you will see it shows up on both sides. We also weren’t really surprised to see German Shepherd Dog either. My coat is definitely not very boxer like and has a lot of GSD like qualities. What also wasn’t a big surprise was to see another herding breed in the mix. Which brings me to the other side of my family.

Left Side of Walter’s DNA Certificate

Left Side of Walter’s DNA Certificate

This side looks a lot like the other side with a strong link to the Boxer breed and another herding breed in the mix. I don’t know if you remember but I like to stalk and herd Millie sometimes when we are playing outside.

As with Millie’s report here is my mixed breed analysis.

Mixed Breed Ancestry of Millie's DNA Certificate

Mixed Breed Ancestry of Walter’s DNA Certificate

Another interesting mix of breeds that I could be related to. Here is a link to the PDF file of my full DNA report that you can download.

Well there you have it. We think we will call Millie’s breed a Staff-Herd-Aner and Walter can be a Box-Herder. We hope you enjoyed learning more about just what a Millie & a Walter really is.

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