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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. There aren’t many new flowers blooming in our yard so we thought we would show you some of the creatures that are hanging around the garden.

Hey Millie! What is that bug in the grass?
Where?! He better not crawl on me.

Okay. Maybe there isn’t a bug in the grass that is about to crawl on Millie but we found this katydid on a daylily.

Maybe if I hide under here those pups won’t find me.

I’m feeling brave sitting on this daylily bud.

The next thing we want to show you is the cabbage white butterfly. We always have plenty of these butterflies in our yard every year but they are difficult to capture since they are often moving so fast.

Cabbage White Butterfly on Loosestrife

This next creature is a first sighting at our house.

Long Tailed Skipper

According to Wikipedia the caterpillar of these butterflies are pests of some crops, especially beans. We think the reason we saw this one is that the crop field just a few hundred yards from our house has beans in it this year. Usually they grow corn but have changed it up this time.

I think we found some interesting creatures to show everyone today.
I’m keeping my eyes out for more of those katydids. Did you see how big those pincers were on that thing?

We hope you enjoyed a look at some of the nature in our yard this week.

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