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Okay so I am a child of the 60’s, but this post isn’t about anything philosophical or psychedelic. It’s just about the flowers in our garden. This post is picture heavy so I won’t say too much.

First up are some updates of the containers we planted a few weeks ago. After a couple of fertilizations they are taking off like crazy. Here are some side by side comparisons of the current and previous pictures of them. I am using small images for display so click on them to make them bigger.

Morning glory pots

The newer picture is the one on the left and even since I took that picture a couple of days ago the container on the left has covered the entire trellis.

Blue pot – today

Blue Pot – original

The variegated geranium in this container has finally started to bloom. You can also see the huge hosta we have on our patio in the background.

Canna Lily pot – today

Canna Lily pot – original

This container featuring the Canna Lilies has really filled out and the Canna’s have started blooming.

Blue Sage pot – today

Blue Sage pot – original

This container was pretty full to begin with, but if you look closely you can see how much everything has grown.

Brown pot on patio

Brown pot on patio – today

Brown pot on patio – original

This container also looked full to begin with, but look at it now!

Elsewhere around the yard the perennial garden is blooming blue and purple.

Perennial garden with blue flowers

That tall grass in the garden is one of my favorite features.

Veronica on the left and Campanula Poscharskyana “Blue Waterfall”

Most of what is blooming right now are Campanula. Hidden among some of the plants these Campanula didn’t even bloom last year, but are putting on a nice show this year.

Campanula glomerata

Near by the Campanula haylodgensis first open up with a blush of blue tint and then fade to white.

Campanula haylodgensis

Campanula haylodgensis

Next up is the clematis on the trellis in the perennial garden. It looks great this year as opposed to past years when it has barely managed to cover the top of the trellis.

Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

Here is a unique combination of plants.

Clematis ‘Comtesse de Bouchaud’ on blueberry bush

Charlie planted this clematis at the base of one of our blueberry bushes and it makes a fine trellis.  The blueberries are almost ripe which will make all our bird friends very happy.  We don’t try to pick any berries and keep them for ourselves. The main reason we planted the blueberry bushes was for fruit for our feathered and furry friends (check out the link for videos of action from a previous year).

Hemerocallis ‘Stella de Oro’ – Daylily with Geranium ‘Rozanne’

Our Stella de Oro daylilies have started to bloom as well as our Rozanne geranium.  Our other daylilies are not far behind and will probably be featured in a future garden post.

Canna Lily pot with Stewartia Tree

Last by not least our Stewartia tree is in bloom along with the Ladies Mantle and Potentilla next to our patio.

I hope you enjoyed this visit in our garden.

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Every year Charlie and I like to plant some containers on our patio with annuals to add more color to the garden. I like to plant them fairly full right from the start so they don’t take all summer to look good. I also like to use plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance such as dead heading.

Center – Tropical Yellow Canna Lily
Outer ring – Lanai Blush White Verbena & Solanum Jasminoides Aurea

This is one of three large pots we planted.  The Canna Lilies in the center will eventually grow to about 30″ and have beautiful yellow gold flowers. The Solanum is primarily a foliage plant with that beautiful yellow and green leaf, but will eventually have small white flowers also.

Center – Mealycup Sage Sallyfun Blue
Outside ring – Blue Velvet Verbena & Lanai Twister Verbena (pink)

I love using verbena to trail down the sides of the pots.  They are very draught tolerant and never need dead heading.  If they get too big you can cut them back and they just keep on going.

Stained Glassworks Trailing Plum Coleus
Snowstorm Giant Snowflake Bacopa

This small pot sits on the wall of our patio so there is plenty of room for it to trail down all summer long.  We have never used this coleus before, but just loved the color and form.

Happy Hour Rose Morning Glory

These two morning glories were planted less than a week ago. Yes they came that big from the store! They are planted on either side of a chair against our garage wall. As the vines keep climbing Charlie is planning on putting a few nails in the wall and tying string from the nails to the top of the trellises so the vines can just keep climbing all over the wall.

The next two pictures show two sides of the same pot.

Center – Religious Radish Coleus
Front – Stained Glassworks Trailing Plum Coleus
Left – Snowstorm Giant Snowflake Bacopa
Right – Wilhelm Langguth Geranium

Center – Religious Radish Coleus
Left – Aztec Burgundy Verbena
Right – Gryphon Begonia

Currently the geranium in this pot doesn’t have any flowers, but they will be dark red flowers to go along with all the other reds in the pot. I like the way the variegated leaf of the geranium helps to lighten the foliage in this pot as well.

Center back – Florida Sun Coleus
Left – Happy Thoughts Pink Geranium
Center front – Aztec Burgundy Verbena
Right – Lava Rose Coleus

I think this is my favorite pot this year. Most of the foliage in this pot are variegated and eventually the verbena and coleus on the right will trail to the ground.

This is the patio where the pots are. Eventually they will fill out more and have more impact. The morning glories are next to the reddish door so you can see how they will eventually have plenty of room to keep climbing.

One of the things we think about when planning our pots is how the butterflies and hummingbirds could use them.  The verbena is a favorite of both of these as well as the Salvia. The key to keeping the pots looking great all summer is regular watering and feedings.  Every couple of weeks we will water them with Miracle Grow fertilizer and almost every day they are watered.

I hope you enjoyed this look at our container plantings for this summer.  Stop by later in the summer and I will show you some updated pictures of how everything fills in.


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