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Hi everyone. It’s Cindy here. First I want to apologize for not visiting your blogs lately. I was away over the weekend visiting family for a wedding shower and was very busy for a few days before that finishing my gift. I’ve been trying to keep up with the reading but probably won’t have time to comment on many.

Now let’s get on with the kitchen renovation update.

After the tile floor was finished the crew went to work installing the cabinets. I don’t have too many pictures of that work because it was quite a mess with cabinets all over the floor.

Here is a view of the kitchen with the cabinets installed.

The cabinets are Dynasty by Omega with the Ultima door style. The wood is cherry with the sage finish. We have a few cabinets that will have glass installed later so don’t think the doors are missing.

The next step was to have the templates for the granite created.

I was only able to sneak one picture of the man from Rocky Mountain Granite working. If you haven’t had this done let me explain. What he is doing is taking corrugated plastic and precisely cutting them to the size needed. He then screws the pieces together to make one continuous template. You can see the one for the other wall in the foreground of the above picture. Later we will go to their shop and layout the templates on the granite pieces we picked out.

The next step was to install the crown molding, base trim and the knobs we selected.

There was a slight problem with the upper cabinets because they had been installed too close to the ceiling. The crew measured the distance between the lower and upper cabinets to determine the height but forgot to check that there was enough room for the trim. This slowed them down a bit because they had to take all the upper cabinets off the wall and re-hang them almost an inch lower. Being vertically challenged this doesn’t bother me one bit.

Above is where our new refrigerator will go.

Hey mom! When will all this work be done?

The new microwave is installed but not plugged in yet. We are farther along than this post but I will show you more in another post.


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