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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We’re joining a special Nature Friday and helping Marg celebrate her birthday. Marg is a special Blogville friend who helps lots of kitties. We are going to show you some of our early spring flowers.

6260 - Millie - portrait on stump - lr

Let’s see what’s blooming in our yard.

We have two different color of witch hazel bushes in our yard. Since this is the first thing that blooms in our yard the insects flock to it for nutrition.

6157 - Honeybee on witch hazel - lr

A honey bee works on the yellow witch hazel.


6249 - Fly on Witch Hazel - lr

Even the flies were working the witch hazel.

Here is a little video of the bees and flies enjoying the witch hazel.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

There is also an orange version of witch hazel.

6208 - Orange witch hazel - lr

Orange witch hazel

The only other flower we have blooming right now are our Chionodoxa bulbs.

Blue Chionodoxa 4-6-21a - lr

Blue Chionodoxa


White Chionodoxa 4-6-21 - lr

White Chionodoxa

These little flowers are all around a little mound at the back of the yard where we had to cut down an ash tree.

Walter 3-21-21 - lr

The ash tree stump is where we did our modeling for these pictures.


Blue Chionodoxa 4-6-21b - lr

Blue Chionodoxa

We hope Marg and all of our visitors enjoyed seeing some of the flowers we are lucky to have blooming so far. If you want to add your birthday wishes to Marg you can pop over to the Zoolatry blog and leave your comments there. As usual we’re way behind many of our friends in the flowers that are blooming in our yard but there are some daffodils that are springing up out of the ground and may be blooming soon.

BlogHop FlowersForMarg

We are joining the LLB Gang for their Nature Friday Blog Hop. You should pop over to their blog to see all the other posts.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. The weather sure has been crazy around here lately. This morning it was snowing and the snow actually stuck around for a few hours but then the sun came out and melted it all. It was cold and windy though.

There are some pretty flowers around this stump.
I wonder what the neighbors are doing back there?

The area around this stump has some lovely little bulbs that are blooming right now. Don’t forget you can always click on an image to see the full size.

Purple Chionodoxa

White Chionodoxa

Pink Chionodoxa

We also have one of our viburnum blooming now.

These are one of the sweetest smelling flowers you could ever sniff.

Dwarf fragrant viburnum
(too bad you can’t scratch and sniff)

As you can see there isn’t much in bloom right now but our daffodils have buds on them and some of the other spring flowering shrubs are getting ready too.

I always love getting out in the yard to play and sniff around.

The weather is going to be like a roller coaster ride for the next week. There will be some warm days and then a few cold ones (about 20° F or more swings). The cold doesn’t bother us but we hope it stays mostly dry so we can get out and play. We hope all our friends and their families are staying safe and healthy.

Join the Nature Friday Blog Hop

We are joining the LLB Gang for their Nature Friday Blog Hop. You should pop over to their blog to see all the other posts.

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