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Hi everyone! It’s Mini Millie here to tell you about something that arrived a little while ago.

Mini Millie here to tell you a story

Mini Millie here to tell you a story

A couple of weeks ago we received a package from across the pond! First I gave it a good sniff.

Mini Millie - inspects mail

Then that silly boy Walter came in and decided he needed to check it out too.

What is this?

What is this?

Since neither of us has thumbs we asked mom to help open the package. Inside were two little parcels wrapped in tissue paper.

Look at the cute presents!

Look at the cute presents!

If you look closely you can see that they have labels on them. One says “Walter” and the other says “Chipmunk”! Mom assured me that what was inside wasn’t for Walter to open so she let me do the honors. Look what I found!

It's Mini Walter and Mini Chippie!

It’s Mini Walter and Mini Chippie!

OMD they are so cute! Miss Lynne from across the pond made these two mini’s for us. Mom figured that I, Mini Millie, was getting lonely and it was about time we had a Mini Walter but I didn’t expect to see that adorable Mini Chipmunk too.

Big Millie was super excited to meet Mini Chippie.

OMD he is so cute!

OMD he is so cute!

He smells good too!

He smells good too!

Next it was time for Walter to meet his mini.

The resemblance is remarkable!

The resemblance is remarkable!

Normally Lynne makes squirrels but since we have more chipmunks around here than squirrels we asked her to make ours a chipmunk and she was more than happy to do it.

Mini Chippie - front view

Mini Chippie – front view

Mini Chippie - back view

Mini Chippie – back view

She did a great job embroidering the chipmunk stripes down his back and gave him a dark colored tail. He is just too cute!

Now check out the details on Mini Walter.

Mini Walter - left side

Mini Walter – left side

Look how she made his spotty white chest and left leg.

Mini Walter - right side

Mini Walter – right side

She also did a great job capturing the black overlay he has on much of his fur with some embroidery but she did her best work on his face.

Look at Mini Walter's under bite!

Look at Mini Walter’s under bite!

We couldn’t be happier with our two new mini’s. Dad has been thinking up some new adventures just for the mini’s to go on so stay tuned.

One Happy Mini Family

One Happy Mini Family

Thank you Lynne for doing such a great job with our new mini-me’s. If you want a mini-me of yourself just visit Lynne’s website for information on how to get your own. You won’t be disappointed.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here to tell you about a little friend we have living in our back yard.

Chippy next to down spout escape route

That’s right it’s a chipmunk! Sometimes he likes to run up this down spout that sticks out into the planting bed to hide from me.

Millie watches Chippy in back yard

I like to look out the window and watch him. Here is an action video of me watching him.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Chippy ran off to the linden tree when he was done grooming.

Chippy on linden tree


Later on that day as I was looking out the front door who do you think I saw?

Millie watches Chippy on front step


Hi Chippy! How about I come out and we can play together? 

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