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Before I get to today’s post I wanted to answer the question I posed on Wordless Wednesday.  A few of you were correct in guessing that the mess on the floor was a couple of piles of Nina’s fur.  She is a double coated dog and is shedding like a fiend right now so I used an undercoat rake and that was what came out.

Undercoat Rake With Fur

Surprisingly enough as a dog that looks solid black on the outside, her undercoat is mainly a light grey.

Pulling back the guard hairs to reveal the undercoat

She still has a lot of shedding and brushing to endure.  When the weather is nicer we like to do the brushing outside and leave the fluff for the birds.  Note to Remington: If Beth would like some extra fur to weave with yours I would be happy to bag it up for you.  Nina’s fur is extra soft so it could only complement your own fur.

Now on to the real reason for this post

This week I shipped my first order to a paying customer for one of my drawstring project bags and I am happy to report that she is very satisfied with her bag.

Crocheting Cat Project Bag

I made this bag for Miss Madi’s mom Cecilia who likes to crochet mini afghans that she donates to her local humane society for the kitties to snuggle with until they find their forever homes.  I love the way this turned out.

Lining fabric for Crochet Cat bag

My favorite feature would have to be the lining fabric.  I was at one of my local quilt shops during a sale and saw this fabric and knew I had to get it for this bag.  The snap loop in the above picture is used to feed the yarn through to keep it neat as you pull it out of the bag.

Cats & Yarn lining fabric

Of course I got more fabric than I would need for this bag so it will likely show up again in another bag sometime. As an added surprise I included a handmade mouse filled with catnip for sweet Madi.

Nip filled mouse for Madi

You must visit her blog to see just how much fun she had with it!  I can’t help but smile looking at all those pictures of Madi playing with the mouse and the commentary is very funny too.

If any of you are interested in owning one of your own customized drawstring bags feel free to contact me regarding pricing, sizes and available designs.  They don’t have to be used as knitting or crocheting bags exclusively.  I am currently working on a few new orders so stay tuned for more fun creations.  I am also working on setting up an Etsy shop to make the process easier and I will let you all know when that is ready.

Thank you Madi and Mom for being my first customers.  It has been a pleasure to work with you.


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