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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here. Today is my 6 month birthday! I am half way to being a grown up girl. We took a fun trip to Petsmart today but don’t have any pictures to show you. Mommy and daddy wanted to concentrate on walking me around and having me meet other people and dogs at the store. We were very lucky that there was a puppy obedience class going on so I got to meet quite a few of them.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I will be starting my Adolescent Kindergarten class. I do expect to get some pictures of that action and will report back on everything we do.

The main reason I am writing today is to tell you about an amazing delivery I got earlier this week. First I had to give the box a thorough snoofing. I was a little worried since the box got squished, but mommy assured me that the contents would be just fine.

Mommy helped me get the box open.  Can you see what the piece of paper says on top of the box? It says Yellowstone Antlers! I love elk antlers! My daddy told me that he did a search on the internet and found a great source for my favorite treat.

Watch this video to see all the action of me getting the antlers out of the box.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Mommy ordered me 3 pounds of elk antlers which turned out to be 10 antlers. The above picture shows one that we bought around here (on the left) and some of the new ones on the right. According to mommy, with the cost of shipping each antler cost only $6.30! The one on the left above cost over twice that!

As you saw in the video, daddy helped me pick one out and I ran to the bedroom to enjoy it.

It was delicious! I love the split ones so you can get right into the marrow part.

Really mom, could you stop pointing that thing in my face so I can enjoy this elk antler?

Note from Cindy: We purchased these antlers and just wanted to tell everyone about them. It is really a great bargain if your dogs like to chew on antlers. We will definitely be ordering more when Millie finishes these.

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