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Or How I Gave My Parents a Heart Attack

walter - stick looking like stogie

Hi everyone it’s Walter here. There are no pictures of this particular mischief so I will start you off with this cute picture of me. Mom says it looks like I have a cigar in my mouth, but it is really just a stick.

On Saturday a local garden center had a fun event they called the “Dog Days of Summer” and mom and dad thought it would be good to take Millie and I there. I love going for rides in the car and really enjoy meeting new people and pups. There were lots of different vendors there and some rescue groups that had adoptable dogs too.

When we pulled into the parking lot I could see some of the pups up for adoption and was very excited. Mom parked the car and then, as usual she clipped on her treat bag and grabbed the leash. Mom usually handles me and dad handles Millie. We usually wait patiently in the back seat while the leashes are clipped on and we are ready to go.

This time I was a little too excited and I don’t think either mom or dad noticed just how excited I was to be there. When mom opened her door to get out of the car I shot through the gap in the front seats and was out the door before anyone knew what happened. I ran straight over to some of the pups that were hanging out with one of the adoption groups with mom running and screaming my name close behind. This very cute human pup who also had a puppy on a leash grabbed my harness and held on tight until mom caught up with me.

Just another picture of me looking cute

Just another picture of me looking cute

Boy was that ever fun to go run and play with those other pups. I don’t understand why mom called me a knucklehead but I suppose I should be glad that was all she said. After mom’s heart rate returned to normal we enjoyed walking around the garden center. There were lots of nice people at the booths and Millie and I scored a bunch of treats.

Mom had the last laugh though. One of the booths was a groomer who was doing nail trims for just $5 each so Millie and I each had a quick pedicure. The ladies that were doing it were very nice with one doing the clipping and one giving me lots of loving while I was on the table. I think I over heard mom and dad talking about maybe making a regular appointment with them for our nails. That would be no problem with me because I thought those ladies were very nice. ¬†All in all it was a fun time and we were there for about an hour. I can’t wait to go to our next event and see what excitement I can cook up for that one.

Note from mom: Walter sure gave us a scare, but luckily he just ran up to the first human and dog he saw and was quickly captured. We never expected him to bolt out the front, but will be modifying our car routine to make sure we never have a repeat performance.

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