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Hi everyone. It’s Millie and Walter here. It’s been pretty gloomy here today but we’re looking back to one of the beautiful days we had here recently.

I love feeling the sun on my black fur.

There were still some colorful leaves on the shrubs too.

The barberry leaves behind me were so pretty.

Now we want to let you know about the Blogville Holiday Card exchange. Our friends at the LLB Gang are organizing this for us again so if you want to get in on the action you can read how by visiting their information page. Don’t delay in sending in your info because the deadline is this Wednesday, November 25th.

Look at all the cards we received last year!

We love giving and receiving cards from all our friends around the world and hope you will join us this year too. In case you are worried about how safe this might be this year because of the Covid-19 virus we checked the research and found that

“the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can live on paper for only a few minutes. The novel coronavirus spreads primarily through respiratory droplets after someone coughs or sneezes. It’s possible to spread from contaminated surfaces as well. After opening your mail and throwing away the envelopes, thoroughly wash your hands to be on the safe side.” (here is our source for that).

We hope you will join us in spreading a little holiday cheer this year. We certainly could all use it.

We’re joining The Cat on My Head for their Selfie Sunday blog hop. You should check out the hop to see some of the other selfies. Thanks for stopping by.

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