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Hi everyone! It’s Cindy here. The last time I showed you some of Charlie’s macro pictures with insects on them so this time it will be macro pictures of just dahlias. So sit back, grab a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy the show.

Crimson and yellow dahlia 9-19-21 - lr

Dahlia Webster Arb 10-7-21-2 - lr

Dahlia Webster Arb 10-7-21-4 - lr

Dahlia Webster Arb 10-7-21-5 - lr

Dahlia Webster Arb 10-7-21-6 - lr

Dahlia Webster Arb 10-7-21-7 - lr

Red dahlia 9-25-21 - lr

Yellow and pink dahlia 9-25-21 - lr

Finally here is one last one with a honey bee on a daisy.

Daisy with honeybee 10-14-21-2 - lr

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful dahlias Charlie photographed with his macro lens. I’m sure the garden at the arboretum will be put to bed soon so we will have to look forward to seeing these beautiful flowers again next year.

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