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Hi everyone, it’s Millie here. Do you remember a while back when my mom showed pieces of fabric and asked if you could tell what it would be?

Flannel quilt parts

She has been working very hard on this project lately and I have been helping her along the way. She took all those parts and made them into two different blocks.

Star Block

Star Block

Hour Glass Block

Hour Glass Block

Then she had to lay them all out so she could sew them together to make the main part of the quilt. This is where she needed my help the most.

flannel quilt - millie helps with layout

I had to make sure she was placing the Hour Glass blocks in the proper orientation. They all have to be in the same direction. I was also helping her by making sure none of the same fabrics were touching especially the light-colored ones.

flannel quilt - millie holding down the quilt blocks

Once she had the layout all set I knew she would need help to keep the blocks from flying off the bed. So I laid on them to hold them down.

flannel quilt - center blocks

Here are the blocks all sewn together. I think mom did a good job, but you know it wouldn’t have turned out this well without my help. Next up she has to add the borders. There are three different pieces to the border with one of them being made of flying geese¬†which according to my mom is a lot of work. Well we better get back to work or this quilt won’t make itself.

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