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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Remember a couple of posts ago when my mom told you about using a valve from an inflatable ball in the doll she made? Well I wanted to show you how I helped her get that valve out of the ball.

I had a little help from my dad because he blew the ball up for me.

Then I took the ball to our living room and gave it a good sniff.

I had fun shaking it and tossing it around a bit.

Don’t mind the mess┬ábehind me in front of that chair. That is the remnants from the packing pillows that came in the box with these toy balls. I had to destroy them first.

I had a great time showing that ball who was boss. If you want to see all the action you can check out my video.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

My mom made sure I didn’t tear up the ball too much and ruin the valve she needed. It’s always lots of fun helping my pawrents out with any shredding they need. Do you help your pawrents out like that too?

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