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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here.

Walter - fall colors backyard

We are finally seeing some great color changes in our yard. The above picture was taken a couple of days ago and the big tree in the middle, a katsura tree, is now all yellow. Today I’m going to show you just the colors on our Japanese maple trees. We have a wide variety of them throughout the yard and boy are they putting on quite a show.

Japanese maple - south side of yard

Check out the beautiful yellow and orange on the Japanese maple on the right above.

Japanese maple - south side of yard 2

Now lets look at a different view of that same tree. You can see much more orange to red color on this side.

Japanese maple yellow barberry

Here is one of the lacy varieties of Japanese maple next to our yellow barberry.

Japanese maple - feather like leaves

This is a close up of that maple tree. Don’t the leaves kind of remind you of feathers? My mom said it reminds her of a feather boa, whatever that is.

Japanese maple - leaves

Here is a close up of some pretty leaves against the grey bark of the tree.

Japanese maple - leaves - back gate

One more close up of the leaves on another tree. These leaves are like a big fan and have such pretty colors ranging from yellow to dark orange.

Red Maple - Japanese maples - south east corner of house

Last but not least just look at the trees in this picture. The red tree on the far right and the one in the center are both Japanese maples. The lighter yellow/orange one in the background on the left is a Red Maple (not a Japanese type).

In case you were wondering what that darkish brown is on the corner of our house it is caulk that our dad put in some holes that a crazy wood pecker has been hammering into our house. It is one of the downfalls of having a cedar sided house. As you know we love the birdies around here but we didn’t want one making a home inside our house!

I hope you enjoyed this walk around our yard. Next week I’ll show you some of the other trees and shrubs that are giving us a nice show of color. Happy Fall everyone!

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Even without color fall leaves are beautiful.

Japonicum vitifolium leaves in autumn

Japonicum vitifolium leaves in autumn

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.


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