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Hi everyone! It’s Cindy here. Well, I’ve finally finished the Kaleidoscope Blanket and I love it.

Completed Kaleidoscope Blanket

The last time I showed you this blanket I only had the border left to do.

I love the stripes on the border.

The border was very easy to make with mostly “V” stitches.

The edge is finished with a picot stitch.

I like how the border has a zig zag look.

The back of the afghan, while not as beautiful as the front, still has a nice look.

Back of blanket

All of the joining was done with single crochet from the back using the main grey color.

Closer look at the back

The joins leave small ridges along the back.

The blanket looks great on our sectional.

Without planning it we chose a colorway that perfectly compliments my Big Leaf quilt.

The perfect pairing of the Big Leaf Quilt and Kaleidoscope Blanket.

I’ve never worked so quickly on such a big project but it was fun working along with thousands of other hookers around the world. I’m so happy with how the blanket turned out and I can’t thank the designer Catherine Bligh enough for such a great pattern.


I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop. You should stop by to see some of the other projects people have posted.

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Hi everyone! It’s Cindy here. Sorry we’ve been MIA for so long. I will try to do better in the future. Millie & Walter say hello to all their friends too and have been busy helping with all the work in the yard lately.

One of the things that has been keeping me busy is finishing the crocheted Kaleidoscope Blanket I told you about a while ago. I volunteered to create charts of all the patterns and for the last few pieces that was quite a project in itself. The blanket has finally been all pieced together and I’ve just started working on the border so let’s take a look.

Kaleidoscope Blanket on queen sized bed

One of the last pieces we worked on before putting it all together were the 9 octagons.

Kaleidoscope Blanket Octagon

Here is what the chart for that part looks like.

Kaleidoscope Blanket Octagon Chart

I’ve really enjoyed working on this beautiful blanket and will be a little sad when it’s all done. There has been a wonderful Facebook group of people all around the world working on the same project together and it’s been great to be a part of it.

Here is a look at the entire blanket without the border. The pattern was based on a quilt and you can really see how that is when you look down on the whole thing.

Kaleidoscope Blanket – without border

For fun I also converted this to black and white.

Kaleidoscope Blanket – without border – in black & white

I find that I see lines that make up squares when I look at these pictures even though there aren’t any large squares in the design.

This blanket is full of color and texture.

Close up of one corner

Kaleidoscope Blanket view of the surface

Each element in this blanket was made up of multiple colors, multiple popcorn stitches (that’s 5 of the same stitch in one place) and many post stitches.

Kaleidoscope Blanket another view of the surface

Now that all the pieces are together I did a little math to come up with these statistics. The Kaleidoscope Blanket consists of:

9 Octagons

36 squares

188 Triangles

1796 popcorn stitches!

That sure is a lot of stitches.

I can’t wait to get the border done and show you the completed blanket. Even though it’s a couple days past hump day I’m joining the Hookin’ on Hump day blog hop.


You should stop by the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to see some of the other projects people have posted.

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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to show you the progress so far on my Kaleidoscope blanket.

I’ve spent many weeks crocheting a variety of triangle shapes since my first post about this blanket and finally this week we’ve been able to put some of those pieces together.

A large section on left and a small section on the right.

Each large section uses different combinations of colors and is unique.

Two more sections

There are also 4 different combinations of the small sections that we make two of.

Third pair of large and small sections

I still have one large section and one pair of small sections to join. Here is how the pieces will fit together when it’s completed.

Blanket layout with joined pieces so far

You can see that the large section in the lower right of the picture still has to be joined as well as the small section to its right and the same colored small section in the top left.

The grey of the blanket I laid these parts on is a perfect match for the grey that is in the Kaleidoscope blanket (although none of these triangles have any grey in them except for the joining yarn that you can’t see on the back).

I’m enjoying the work on this project as well as the extra work I’m doing to create the stitch charts for the various parts. As you can see there is still a lot of work to be done but I didn’t lay out the 36 squares I’ve already made as they weren’t part of this joining process.


You should stop by the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to see some of the other projects people have posted.

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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to tell you about my latest crochet project. A week or so before Christmas I was perusing the internet and discovered a beautiful crochet blanket by a designer I have admired.

Kaleidoscope Blanket – Tequila Sunrise Colorway
picture courtesy of Catherine’s Crochet Corner

Catherine is a designer in the UK and this is the first time she is releasing a pattern through a crochet-a-long (we will get parts of the pattern every 2 weeks). This is a very challenging pattern with color work (using more than one color at a time) and dimensional stitches. She designed it in three different colorways and I’m doing the Tequila Sunrise you see above.

That’s a lot of yarn mom.

The yarn the pattern was designed for is Stylecraft Special DK which is very popular in the UK but not readily available in the US. A couple of sources from the UK were offering the yarn in kits with enough yarn for the entire project. I ordered mine one week before Christmas and was pleasantly surprised to have it arrive the day after Christmas.

Part 1 squares – 24 out of 36 needed for the blanket.

The first part of the pattern was released on January 3rd for the square you see above. It is a well written pattern but lately I’ve found it easier to use a crochet chart when working a pattern. A Facebook group was set up to bring anyone who is working on this blanket together and to offer support if you were having difficulty with something. There were a few posts asking if anyone had created a chart so I thought I would give it a try.

Chart for Part 1

After I posted the chart to the Facebook group there was a lot of positive reaction. The next day I was contacted by the group administrators and asked if I wouldn’t mind making charts for all the parts of the pattern. Of course I said yes. I was sent advance copies of the upcoming patterns so I could have the chart ready when it was released to everyone.

These don’t smell like they would taste good.

The second part of the pattern was released and this time it’s for a triangle shape.

One triangle out of 28

Chart for Part 2

I did one of the triangles before I made the chart so I would know how it went together. There is no real rush to complete all the parts before the next pattern is released but I’m trying to keep up.

No wonder you haven’t done any blog posts lately.

Walter is right that I’ve been a bit preoccupied with making charts and squares lately. I’m much faster making each square than I was at first. I only have a dozen squares left to do and then I can work on the triangles. It will be fun to see how this all comes together. I’m amazed how anyone can come up with a pattern with so many pieces that work so well together. Stay tuned for more updates.


You should stop by the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to see some of the other projects people have posted.

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