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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Ever since our kitchen was finished my pawrents have been adding a few more touches to make it even better.

I think I look great on this new runner

One thing they did was buy a couple of new carpet runners. The old carpet we had in the kitchen was too small and they wanted something in front of both the main work areas of the kitchen but not have it cover up the entire floor.

This rust colored one is about 8′ and fits perfectly in front of the sink area and the grey one is 10′ long. The carpets were purchased from Oriental Rug Mart in Victor, NY. They will let you take rugs home and try them out before you even buy them. These two are from a “collection” which means the same color threads are used throughout the entire collection so they coordinate very well.

Are we done talking about the carpets yet mom?

Millie & I really like having the runners so we don’t go slipping and sliding through the kitchen. Now on to the other improvements in the kitchen. These are ones you can’t see when you just look at the kitchen. You have to open some of the drawers to see what my dad has been doing to help keep the drawers organized.

Silverware drawer

First up is the silverware drawer. There are lots of things you can buy in the stores to help you organize your drawers but they are mostly made of plastic and cost way too much money. Having a handy dad helps a lot. All of the inserts were made using a 1/4″ maple plywood for the base and  1/4″ or 1/2″ solid maple for the dividers. There also were no nails used. Everything is carefully glued together and dado joints were used to make sure the pieces lined up well.

Overhead view of silverware drawer

Utensil drawer – side view

Utensil drawer – overhead view

By making the inserts himself, my dad was able to custom fit them to make sure all the utensils or silverware fit perfectly. My mom really loves the utensil drawer. For one thing it’s a 36″ wide drawer and it is what they call “full access”. That means it pulls all the way out so you don’t have to reach under anything to get at the items in the back. She no longer has to stack as many items on top of each other and it is well organized.

Spice drawer

Here is a different type of insert for storing all my mom’s spices.

Spice drawer – side view

The insert for the spices takes up about two thirds of the drawer so there is also room for some pot holders and other things. This one is made using a 1/4″ maple plywood for the base and the angled pieces are made from 3/8″ baltic birch plywood.

knife drawer

The knife drawer is the last one for now. With our new kitchen we finally have room to be able to store things so they aren’t all piled on top of each other.

The knife drawer has room in the back for additional items too. As you can see there is also space in the middle for our bread knife that has an adjustable guide. 

For this drawer my dad used 1/2″ and 3/4″ thick solid maple for the dividers and 3/4″ maple for the handle rests.

Well that is all the new stuff that has been added to our kitchen. We sure are lucky to have such a handy dad. Next up he is going to make an insert for all his coffee pods but I will have to show you that later.

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Hi everyone. It’s Cindy here. As many of you guessed on Monday we started a renovation project on our kitchen. The first day was noisy and messy but exactly as we expected it to be.

Day 1 complete with lots of debris

Unfortunately the dumpster didn’t make it on site until day 2 so most of the debris from the rip out was left in the kitchen to be hauled out the next day. We are donating our cabinets to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore so they are being stored on our front porch until they can be picked up next week.

In addition to the debris making its way to the dumpster on Tuesday things started shaping up.

The ceiling extension is roughed in

Some of the electrical changes have begun

One of the biggest changes we are making in the new kitchen to allow us to expand the working area is to remove the door (seen in the middle in the picture above) and change the window (on the far left above) to a sliding door.

View of east wall from outside

The other change is that the window over the sink is moving and getting bigger. Today was out with the old window and door and in with the new ones.

View of east wall from inside at the end of day 3

You can see the new window (far right in above picture) and the new slider at the far end of the same wall. In the middle you can see the new studs where the old door came out.

East wall from the outside

After this project is complete we will get our landscaper in to move the step to where the new door is.

Some of the fun things that we have to put up with is having our refrigerator in the family room.

It is a little noisy when the fridge runs while watching TV but it sure is convenient to get a drink. Walter is sure the plastic on the door into the kitchen (see all that blue tape?) is evil because it wiggles and makes a funny noise. He refuses to walk past it and will go through the living room to get from the foyer to the family room.

We are doing well with our temp kitchen that we set up in the dining room.

The left side of the China cabinet (seen above) holds some cooking supplies.

The China cabinet that was in the kitchen was moved into the dining room and comes in handy to hold some food and cooking dishes. The appliances that are being reused are also waiting in the dining room for installation in the new kitchen.

The dining room table holds the coffee maker, microwave and toaster as well as giving us space to work

The light fixture has been raised so at least I don’t bump into it and Charlie has gotten better at avoiding a collision too.

This is an exciting adventure and we can’t wait for it to be done. Unfortunately it will take 4-5 weeks for the work to be completed. Before we started I made lots of dinners that I put in the freezer so we can easily microwave them and we don’t have to get take out every night.

The dogs are doing as well as can be expected. Millie is taking it all in stride and enjoys our daily visits with the work crew. Walter on the other hand was near a basket case on the first day and still doesn’t like some of the loud noises coming from the kitchen. Of course there is the above mentioned plastic on the door that freaks him out too. They both are doing better but certainly aren’t getting their usual amount of nap time during the day which causes them to crash after the crew leaves every day.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what is happening in our home so far. I will be posting updates periodically so stay tuned.

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