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Take Two

Okay so some of you may have noticed a post went up that didn’t have much to say and then was deleted. Yes, I did that. I started the post and had set it to be posted, but didn’t finish writing it and then changed the date for it to publish (or so I thought). Imagine my surprise when I saw that it posted! I quickly deleted it since there really wasn’t anything there to see. So now I will tell you all about the Christmas crafting I did for family this year.

You know when your parents get to a certain age that there isn’t much that they need and it is difficult to figure out what to give them as gifts? Well mine are at that stage so I often struggle with gifts for holidays and birthdays for them. For my dad this year I got him car wash coupons (believe me he was thrilled). My mom was a tougher nut to crack so I put my crafty hat on and decided to embellish a couple of t-shirts with machine embroidery for her.

I Heart Quilting Embroidery

You may remember in September when I embellished a couple of t-shirts for the “Tale of Two Cindy’s“, well I didn’t want my mom to feel left out of having her own I ♥ Quilting t-shirt.

I Heart Quilting T-shirt

I decided to not make it identical to the “Cindy” t-shirts by just changing the color of the shirt. I used the same colors for the embroidery but changed the lettering to one of the lighter colors. She was thrilled to get her own I ♥ Quilting t-shirt.

Pointsettia Embroidery on green

My mom loves to wear seasonal clothes so I decided to make her a Christmas/Holiday style t-shirt too. Last year I used the Jacobean Christmas Designs from Embroidery Library to make a holiday t-shirt for me and another one for a friend. I love the designs in this set and chose one with a poinsettia and holly for my mom. Again it was a big hit!

T-shirt with Pointsettia Embroidery

For my next family crafting project I created yet another accessory for my sister’s knitting passion. A couple of years ago for her birthday I made my sister a set of bags and a needle roll to use for her knitting. The following Christmas (last year) I added some large project bags to her kit. Now I had to think of something unique to add to her accessories and I had just the thing in mind.

Knitting needle caddy - Exterior

From the minute I saw this adorable Knitting Tweet embroidery I knew I wanted to put it on something for my sister and I finally had just the right thing.

Knitting needle caddy - Front pages

I know I already made her a roll up case to keep her needles in, but I wanted to give her a fancier one. I’ve already made a couple of similar cases for crochet hooks. One was for Madi’s mom and the other one is mine, but I haven’t written about them.

Knitting needle caddy - Middle pages

I modified the crochet hook caddy by making it taller and the slots I created for the knitting needles vary in size. The first “page” has skinnier slots and two zippered pockets. The next two pages have only three slots on the left and two slots on the right.

Knitting needle caddy - back pages

The final pages have full-page pockets on the left and two slots on the right. Since the case is so tall I created two sets of pockets for each page. That way there is room to put tall needles and shorter or circular needles.

Knitting needle caddy - zipper side

I also put a double-sided zipper that opens on three sides. Well I am happy to say that she was very pleased and has been rounding up her needles to fill it up.

Millie also wanted to send some gifts to her canine and feline cousins. My sister brought home a new puppy when she and the family were visiting down south for Christmas and Millie wanted to give Rolo a proper welcome.

Rolo with bone

She really liked the fleece bone we sent and by the looks of it she also likes to play with someones gloves.

Rolo with cat toys

Rolo also thought it would be fun to check out the kitty toys we sent. Fortunately the kitties have also been playing with their new toys too.

I love putting my heart into gifts for family and friends and overall I think the Christmas crafting was a big success.

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