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My sewing machine has been getting quite a workout lately doing both machine embroidery and sewing and this is the reason.

Knitters Project Bags

A few weeks ago my sister called to tell me that she had just come from a visit to her local yarn shop The Wool and The Floss in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and had an interesting exchange with the shop owner.  Colleen (my sister) had one of the project bags I made for her for Christmas with her and the owner of the shop asked her where she got it.  She told Jean (the shop owner) that I had made it and a couple of others as gifts and Jean asked her if she thought I would like to sell some.  Colleen said she didn’t know for sure, but that she would call me to see what I thought.

I thought, why not!  So I called Jean to see what size bags she would like and told her I would try to get some to her by this coming weekend since I knew she had a big event to attend where she would have a booth to sell things.  Jean really liked the embroidery on Colleen’s bag so I used that and a few other cute embroideries I got from Urban Threads and Embroidery Library to embellish the bags.  I mailed out 4 medium and 5 small bags and I just checked to see that they were delivered!

After a short discussion with Jean I decided to add some features to the bags from what I made for Colleen.  I had asked Colleen if she wanted any pockets and at the time she said she didn’t need any, but I decided to add some pockets in these new bags.  For the medium bags I put a tall skinny pocket that can be used for putting knitting needles in and a large square pocket for putting a pattern or other notions you might need to keep with you.

Medium Bag Interior

The small bags just have one large square pocket and both bags have a snap loop that you can put your yarn through so it feeds out of the bag nicely.

Small Bag Interior

I also made one addition to the exterior of the bag, by adding a snap loop and sewing the drawstring into a loop.  With the drawstring fed through the snap loop it becomes a nice handle or shoulder strap to carry the bag with.

Drawstring Handle

I love the way these came out and plan on making a bunch more. If they sell well at The Wool and The Floss then I will ship out some more to her.  I also plan to see if I can sell some to yarn shops in my area and also start selling them on Etsy.

Oh yeah…I also came up with a name for this enterprise. Well actually my Chief Creative Consultant, aka my husband Charlie, came up with the name Cindy’s Thread Craft and this is the label I made to go inside the bags. Of course the label design was Charlie’s idea too.

The bags are being sold on commission so wish me luck that these sell so I can make my millions sewing knitting bags!  I know dream on, but it is a lot more fun than sitting behind a desk somewhere.  So if you are in the Detroit area stop by the shop and say hi to Jean or visit the Knit Michigan event this Saturday and find her booth.



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