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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. I know I’m a little late but today I’m joining the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop to show you one of my latest crochet creations. Recently I showed you Kenny from South Park. Well it’s time to introduce you to a new resident to my Mini collection.

Hi! It's nice to finally meet all of you.

Hi! It’s nice to finally meet all of you.

That’s right, it’s Kyle Broflovski from South Park Colorado. Once again I used a pattern I purchased from Etsy (Aradiya Toys – the same place I got the other South Park patterns from) and I used same Lizbeth size 3 cotton thread that I used to make the previous boys.

This time I finally remembered to take a picture before I put all the pieces together.
All the pieces ready to assemble

All the pieces ready to assemble

I had already sewn the dark green piece to the hat (on the right in the above picture) when I took this picture but it gives you an idea of the pieces involved. I still had to sew on the ear flaps to complete the hat. The head and body are crocheted as one piece. Then you sew the arms on. Lastly to complete it you use embroidery floss to add the details. I carefully spray a little 505 spray adhesive on the backs of the felt eye pieces to stick them to the head before embroidering the eyes with a little bit of black floss.

What took you so long to get her Kyle? I don't know. Ask Cindy.

What took you so long to get her Kyle?
I don’t know Cartman. Ask Cindy.

The most difficult part on Kyle was embroidering the pocket details on him. I actually had it completely done once and ripped it out because the pockets looked more like parallelograms than rectangles. The thread I use to crochet these figures is fairly stiff which makes embroidering on them more difficult than it would be if I was using yarn.

All the Mini's together

All the Mini’s together

I’m very happy with how Kyle turned out. Next up on my amigurumi hook is Butters Stotch my favorite of all the South Park characters so stay tuned.

If you are interested in seeing more crochet creations please visit the Hookin on Hump Day blog hop.


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