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Hi everyone.  I just thought I would start by saying thanks for the great welcome messages Nina and I have received lately.  We are very glad to be part of blogville.  Also Nina is very happy to have gotten a date to the Valentines pawty.  The Pittie Packs Brinksey Winksey has asked Nina to the pawty and she is excited to be going with him.

In other news I wanted to tell you about a quilt project that I just put the final touches on.  Last spring I found these really cute embroideries at my favorite source the Embroidery Library called “Animals in Pajamas” and wanted to do something with them.

Sleep Tight Quilt #1

I decided to make a couple of lap quilts in flannel and also decided I would donate them to a cause that helps children.

Sleep Tight Quilt #2

It took a long time to stitch out all 18 embroideries and was especially challenging since I decided to set the blocks on point.  The embroideries are so cute so I will show a few up close.

Dog & Racoon

If you click on the image to see a bigger version you can see that the dogs PJs have fire hydrants on them and the raccoons PJs have trash cans.  Most of the embroideries have these subtle jokes for their pajamas.  The cat below has mice on his jammies.  I quilted them at Jackie Lynn’s on one of her longarm machines and I just love how they turned out.  I stitched stars in the sashing and did loops everywhere else.

Cat & Rabbit

I wasn’t sure which charity I would donate them to until my sister was visiting around Thanksgiving and it dawned on me that she works for a children’s charity.  So I asked her if she thought the quilts were something they could use to raise some money for their organization and she was thrilled at the prospect of using them for a raffle.

The charity my sister works for is called Soar Tutoring.  SOAR Tutoring is a program of Eagle Sports Club that offers low-cost, individualized one-on-one reading tutoring to struggling students on Detroit’s east side.  This is a great cause so I hope a couple of the kids in the program can win them.  I shipped the quilts off to her last week and she was anxious to show them to her co-workers. I love how these turned out and I’m glad that a worthy charity will be able to benefit from them.

Tomorrow I will be at the monthly meeting of the Genesee Valley Quilt Club and will be giving a demonstration on how to make a zippered clutch (like the ones I made as Christmas gifts recently).  Some people are afraid of adding zippers to their sewing projects so I hope to show them that it really is nothing to fear.  After that I will be chained to my sewing machine working on the Fearless Five memory quilt.  I won’t be able to show you any pictures of that until after Sandra has seen it, but I plan on sharing my process later.  I may not be around much to comment on other blogs so I just wanted to let you know I am here and working hard.

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