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Hi everyone! It’s Cindy here. I wanted to show you a new Christmas decoration I made.

Christmas Dachshund Quilt

I started this in a class during the 2019 Genesee Valley QuiltFest. The class was taught by Cynthia England and it helps to demonstrate her “picture piecing” technique. This pattern is called “Santa Pooch” and you can buy the pattern and fabric pack from her.

Close up of Head

The finishing instructions call for you to embroider the eye on the dog and it has you outline the white parts of the Santa hat to help them stand out. Charlie and I thought the outlining fell a little flat so I purchased some fluffy fleece from JoAnn Fabrics and added it to the hat instead.

Detail of Head with Fleece

Adding the fleece was quite fiddly but I managed to get it attached and I love how it turned out. I also added the little bell to his scarf which was part of the kit. I did most of the quilting using my embroidery machine.

Close up of the quilting

I used two embroideries from Embroidery Online by OESD. The straight border is called “Snow Quilt Border” and the corner is “Snow Quilt Corner”. Since the corner embroidery was a triangle shape and I needed it to have square edges to match the straight border, I used my embroidery software to extract a bit from the straight border to square them up. I also extracted one of the snow flakes and used that randomly in the white background. You can click on the above image to see the details. I also stitched in the ditch around the dog and the gift boxes with invisible thread.

Christmas Dachshund hanging above the fireplace

The fabric pack that came with the pattern had a different border fabric that I wasn’t crazy for so I found this perfect purple fabric to use instead. I love how it turned out and it makes a lovely addition to our holiday decorations.


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Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share two events that are happening right now to help out our Blogville friend Holly. So the first question you might have if you don’t already know her is who is Holly? She writes at many blogs but her pet blog is called CreekHiker. Now you might wonder why she needs our help. I will let her tell you in her own words.

On May 8th, my beloved dog Mabel Lou, started showing symptoms of bloat. I raced her to the vet for emergency surgery. It was unsuccessful and I lost my companion and sweet baby. It’s one thing to spend over a grand and get your baby back…it’s another to still have to pay for her cremation. That same weekend, the local bakery where i sell my jewelry burned to the ground! As a struggling artist, these unforeseen events has thrown my precarious finances into turmoil.

As usual Blogville has come together to try to help Holly with those bills.

mollie and alfies auction

Mollie & Alfie are hosting an auction. There are lots of great items available. It runs from today through next Tuesday (June 17th) at 1pm UK time. I’ve donated a couple of items to the auction that I will share with you now.

Best Dressed Dogs

Best Dressed Dogs

The first item is a custom dog bandana in any size. You can see a few examples of them above but there are a couple I haven’t told you about. The first one I did for our auction host Mollie.

Pretty in Pink Mollie in her bandana

Pretty in Pink Mollie in her bandana

It is a custom design to fit Mollie’s personality.

Mollie the Ball Junkie - custom bandana design

Mollie the Ball Junkie – custom bandana design

The second special bandana design I want to show you is one I did for the now Angel Mable Lou.

Mable Lou in her custom bandana

Mable Lou in her custom bandana

Holly’s friends from the Rottrover blog had this bandana custom designed for their special friend as a Christsmas present. You need to read their blog to understand the story behind the design.

"Queen Bitch of Everything" really is a term of endearment ;-)

“Queen Bitch of Everything” really is a term of endearment 😉

You can also read what Holly had to say about how Mabel Lou got her nickname.

These are just a couple of examples of the custom designs I can make for your dog too. You can check out all of the embroideries that are available by hopping on over to my Cindy’s Thread Craft blog where you will find a wide variety of pet related designs that would go great on these bandannas. If you don’t see what you are thinking of for your pup just ask and I will probably be able to make it happen. The bandana is item #12 in the auction.

The next item I’m offering for the auction is a pair of custom designed medium sized plush squeaky dog bones.

Medium Dog Bone Samples

Medium Dog Bone Samples

This fun dog toy is about 9″ x 4″. It is made of fleece fabric with machine embroidery embellishment and includes a squeaker inside. These dog bones can be personalized with your pets name or a short message. I have fleece available in a wide variety of colors.

Hafiz loves his squeaky bone!

Hafiz loves his squeaky bone!

The dog bones are item #18 in the auction.

The other auction happening right now is one Holly is having on Facebook. Now don’t be intimidated that you “don’t do Facebook” because you can still see what she has for auction (I had my husband, who isn’t on Facebook, see if he can access the links). Just click the link above.

Hollys Folly Bracelets

Holly’s Folly Bracelets

Holly is a gifted artist and makes beads that she then crafts into a wide variety of jewelry. Here is what Holly has to say about these items up for auction

 I’m having an inventory reduction sale of my jewelry stash (since I no longer have a venue to sell it!) to raise some funds to pay off the vet bill and cremation cost.

When you get to the main page of the Jewelry Sale just click on the “…See More” link in the first story. That will open the story up to show you links to the different categories of available items and instructions on how to bid on an item. Click on one of the links and then click on the photo to see pictures of all the available items in that category (just hover over the picture to see an arrow to scroll through the pictures).

If you are a Facebook user you can also “Join” the event which will let you receive notices of new items added to the auction. You have to hurry because the jewelry auction is only running through June 13th at 5pm PDT. Now I haven’t asked Holly but I bet if you aren’t a Facebook user and see something in her auction that you really like you could leave a comment on her blog or email her from there (there is a link on her side bar) to place a bid. Just let her know which item you are interested in.

Let’s do what Blogville does best and help a friend in need! Thanks for bidding.

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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here to tell you about one of the crafty things I’ve been up to in the past couple of months. During November and December I had quite a few crafty things I was working on. Some were gifts, some were orders from my Etsy shop, and some were just for us to enjoy at home. Today I will tell you about a wall hanging I made for us. It might not be very big, but a lot went into making it so sit back and grab a cuppa because this post is not short.

A Bird's Eye View of Winter

A Bird’s Eye View of Winter

This wall hanging is a perfect fit at about 28 x 52 inches for a skinny wall we have in our family room. It is made up of 7 large embroideries that I found at my favorite source Embroidery Library. You can see my stitch outs for each block below. You should click on each block for the full size to be able to enjoy all the amazing details in them.

Northern Cardinal (click image for full detail)

Northern Cardinal
(click image for full detail)

The bird embroideries average about 8″ x 8″ each which if you aren’t familiar with machine embroidery you might not realize that is a large size. Here are a few more statistics:

  • Average Number of Stitches for each embroidery = 105,225
  • Average Number of Unique Thread colors = 29
  • Average Number of Thread Color Changes = 40
  • Average Number of Hours to Complete each Embroidery = 6

Eastern Bluebird (click image for full detail)

Eastern Bluebird
(click image for full detail)

Now let me interpret those statistic for the non-embroiderers. Each embroidery had about 29 different colors of thread used and some of them are used more than once. The way it works is the machine tells you what color thread to load in your machine. When it is done with that color it stops and then lets you know what the next color is. So the number of thread color changes is the number of times the machine stops so you can re-thread it.

White-breasted Nuthatch (click image for full detail)

White-breasted Nuthatch
(click image for full detail)

Some of the color changes were for less than 100 stitches to make some of the smallest details. Think white dot in the birds eye or the steering wheel on the tractor below.

Dark-eyed Junco (click image for full detail)

Dark-eyed Junco
(click image for full detail)

That last number was probably the hardest one to deal with and the Junco embroidery above was the biggest endurance test of them all. That embroidery didn’t even have the most stitches, but it had the most colors and 49 color changes. It is extremely detailed and even though it felt like it was never going to be done stitching it is one of my favorites.

Downy Woodpecker (click image for full detail)

Downy Woodpecker
(click image for full detail)

Sitting and watching these stitch out for 6+ hours each was a marathon. I could take some breaks at the beginning of each embroidery when it did large areas, but if I didn’t want them to take any longer than they had to I needed to be there to change the thread as soon as it stopped.

Black-capped Chickadee (click image for full detail)

Black-capped Chickadee
(click image for full detail)

In addition to just stitching these out it took about an hour to set up each one. It did get easier the more I did since I would repeat thread colors for similar elements like the poinsettias, leaves and evergreens. All of the embroideries are done as close to what is called for in the files except for one of them.

American Goldfinch (click image for full detail)

American Goldfinch
(click image for full detail)

If you check out the Embroidery Library link above you will see that there isn’t a goldfinch in the set. Since we don’t have Pine Grosbeaks around here I changed the colors to yellow to make a goldfinch instead. All of the embroideries were done on white fabric that has tone on tone snowflakes on it to fit the season.

Okay, enough about the embroideries. If you hang in just a little longer I will finish this up. I just have to show you some of the quilting I did on the wall hanging. Lucky for me I had all the fabric I needed in my stash left over from the Christmas Tree Quilt I made a couple of years ago.  I wanted to frame the blocks with the black and the olive green fabric worked well with all the embroideries. The nice thing with using that fabric is that the quilts coordinate with each other especially since  they are both part of our winter decor now.

Poinsettia Quilting Around Chickadee Block (click image for full detail)

Poinsettia Quilting Around Chickadee Block
(click image for full detail)

I did stitch in the ditch quilting around each of the black frames first. To fill in around the Chickadee block I added some quilting embroideries from Anita Goodesign’s Winter Quilt for All Seasons.

Pointsettia Cluster (click image for full detail)

Poinsettia Cluster
(click image for full detail)

I had to combine some files and modify others to create what I wanted for all the quilting on the wall hanging.

Poinsettia Detail on Bottom (click image for full detail)

Poinsettia Detail on Bottom
(click image for full detail)

Since I wanted to fill in the area around the chickadee block I did the quilting with one of the dark red threads I used on the poinsettias in the blocks to make it visible.

Holly Quilting Between Blocks Poinsettia Detail on Bottom (click image for full detail)

Holly Quilting Between Blocks
(click image for full detail)

At first I wasn’t planning on doing any quilting between the blocks but after it was all together and I did the stitching around the black borders I thought it needed a little more. The Winter Quilt for All Seasons set also had some blocks with holly leaves and berries. With some minor modifications I was able to create this nice border embroidery. These are done vertically next to each of the blocks and at the top of the wall hanging also. I used a matching thread since I didn’t need these to stand out as much as the poinsettia quilting.

Doing the quilting with the embroidery machine gave me exactly the same stitch out every time, but also meant I had to put all three layers of the quilt into the embroidery hoop which isn’t easy. I also had to line up the border embroideries very carefully as there was only about a quarter inch of space on either side. Thankfully my machine has a great function for doing this fairly precisely and I didn’t mess any up.

Obligatory picture with Walter the Super Model

Obligatory picture with Walter the Super Model

I hope you enjoyed reading (or at least skimming the pictures) about this wall hanging. It was like running a marathon to get it done but I really love how it came out.

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Hey Otto! This one’s for you! It’s Cindy here to tell you about a new addition to my Etsy shop. This is what some of you have been waiting for. I’ve added custom made dog  bandannas to my Etsy store.

Rescue Bandana - green with paisley back

Do you want to be the best dressed dog in your neighborhood? Then send your mom or dad to my shop and have them order you your own bandanna.

Best Dressed Dogs

Best Dressed Dogs

First you can pick from over 20 different colors of fabrics and then choose an embroidery that suits your personality.

Backyard Security Bandanna for Sarge

Backyard Security Bandanna for Sarge

You can check out all of the embroideries that are available by hopping on over to my Cindy’s Thread Craft blog where you will find a wide variety of pet related designs that would go great on these bandannas.

Of course you have all seen the “Rescue Paw” embroidery and the most recent addition of the “Backyard Security” embroidery I created for Sarge (shown above). I’ve created another version of that embroidery for all the squirrel hunters out there.

Squirrel Patrol Embroidery

Squirrel Patrol Embroidery

How about a couple of designs for the upcoming holiday season?

Nice Until Proven Naughty

Nice Until Proven Naughty

All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Get the look that is just right for you by choosing the fabric color that compliments you furs and then choosing the colors in the embroidery that goes well with that color.

Rescue Paw on Red and Pink

Rescue Paw on Red and Pink

Each bandana is double sided with embroidery on one side and printed fabric on the back to make it reversible. I will choose an appropriate backing fabric to coordinate with the bandana. I use high quality quilter’s cottons for these bandanas.


  • Small – fits neck size 10″ – 16″
  • Medium – fits neck size 15″ – 20″
  • Large – fits neck size 18″ – 27″

Large and Small Bandannas

Large and Small Bandannas

Well what are you waiting for? Grab your humans’ plastic card and head to Cindy’s Thread Craft to order your bandanna now!

Sharp Dressed Dogs!

Sharp Dressed Dogs!

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Cindys Thread Craft 175  x 175 banner

Continuing on the crafty and alliterative theme (for the blog titles) I thought I would tell you about a few of my recent orders from my Etsy shop. In case you didn’t know I had an Etsy shop I will let you know that I sell custom and ready made pet toys and various bags from tote bags to clutch style. All of my creations are embellished with machine embroidery to personalize it for the buyer. So without further ado here are a few of the recent purchases made from my shop.

First up is an order I received a couple of months ago from my blogging friend Samantha at The Quilting Doberman. As we get older so do our parents and when it comes to birthday and holiday presents we struggle with what to get them because it seems like they already have everything they need. Well Sam had the great idea to get her mom’s pets some special toys and ordered them from me.

pet toys for sam

Her mom has two mini Australian Shepherds and two cats so the dogs received personalized small squeaky bones and the cats got the mouse and clown fish catnip toys.

pet toys for sam - wrapped packages

Sam had me ship them directly to her mom and since it was a birthday gift I wrapped them up and added a little card.

Gypsy with dog bones

Gypsy quickly claimed both dog toys for herself and even enjoyed using one of the bones for a pillow. What a cutie she is.

Gypsy uses dog bone as pillow

The next order I want to tell you about is a clutch style bag. After a few conversations via email with the buyer she settled on a pink micro suede clutch with an “I Love My Dachshund” embroidered on it.

I Love My Dachshund - clutch

The buyer is a knitter and told me that her dachshund GingerSue liked to steal her balls of yarn like a cat and play with them so I picked a special fabric for the lining.

I Love My Dachshund - clutch - interior

The embroidery on the bag turned out perfect. If you are interested there are a variety of puppy and kitty breeds of similar embroideries that can be embroidered on any type of bag. You can check them out at the Embroidery Library where I get most of my embroidery files. The buyer also let me know that she was buying this bag as a birthday gift to herself so when I packaged it up I added a few special things.

I Love My Dachshund - clutch - gift wrapped

I had some left over yarn from a skein so I used it for a bow and added a birthday card. I also included a skein of Lion Brand Bonbon yarn as an extra treat. After the order was delivered I received a lovely message from her that read in part:

My beautiful doxie bag and surprise contents arrived. I picked it up at my apartment clubhouse yesterday afternoon and immediately took it with me to my knitting group. Another knitter who have a precious doxie too immediately had tears pop into her eyes. I am sharing your Etsy link with my galfriends.

It’s notes like this that make the work so fun.

The last order is the one I received a week before I had to finish the crochet baby blanket and it was a big order. The buyer ordered 7 different custom dog bones in all three sizes that I make.

Large - Medium - Small dog bones - order of 7

The buyer did a great job communicating her choices for the order and let me know what color, size and embroidery she wanted on each toy. There are three large and two each of the medium and small bones. I really wonder what “Itchy Richie” thought of his bone. Do you think he used it to scratch his back? 😀

As you can see in addition to the baby blanket and bandannas I have been keeping busy with other crafty things. A couple people wanted to know if I sold the bandannas in my shop. So far I haven’t added them, but would be curious to know if there is a genuine interest among my readers.  I have a few cute embroideries that I think would look great on a bandanna like the ones you can view here (check out the “Kisses” and “Queen/King of the Dog Park” embroideries). You might remember that I also embroidered a bandanna for Millie with a cool “Rescue” tattoo style embroidery. I could make the bandannas in almost any color you would like.

Millie with rescue bandana Millie - pink rescue bandana

The price would vary by size, but they would probably start at around $17. Let me know what you think. If there is enough interest I will add a custom item in my shop. Thanks for visiting and checking out my craftiness.

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I thought I would continue on a crafting theme this week and show you another project I completed recently.  First I want to thank everyone for the compliments on my baby blanket. The baby is due in mid-October and hopefully I can get a picture of the baby with the blanket after then.

To answer Madi’s mom Cecilia’s question I might guess that it took me about 100 hours to complete the blanket, but that is only a wild guess. It took a long time, but some of that was figuring out the pattern and some of it was wrestling with the yarn. Do any of you other hookers (or knitters) have a problem with your yarn turning into a snotty mess when you pull from the center? Sometimes it goes smoothly, but it seemed that when I was in a hurry that purple yarn would just become a big tangle. Oh well, hopefully things will go better next time.

Now on to today’s subject. A couple of weeks before the baby shower there was a surprise birthday party for the father to be. They said that gifts weren’t necessary but I thought I would make something special for him and his four legged family members. The birthday boy is a graduate of the University of Texas and a big sports fan so I decided to make a couple of bandannas for their two dogs so he could show his school pride while walking them. Currently they are living in Ithaca, NY where Cornell University is which just happens to be the birthday boys wife’s alma mater.

Texas Logo detail


I started by digitizing the Texas logo and stitched it out on black fabric.  Joann’s sells logo fabric for many colleges, but I couldn’t buy any for Texas locally. Lucky for me just before I wanted to start working these they were having a sale on the fabric and also had free shipping so I picked up some of both the styles of Texas fabric (I also got some West Virginia University fabric – my alma mater – no sense in wasting a good sale).

Texas bandana - with border - back side


Above you can see the back of the bandanna. Since the bandannas have embroidery on them I like to line the back so it can’t catch on anything.  I was really glad I got the Texas fabric because the orange color is not what I thought it was. With the fabric as my guide I was able to match the thread for my embroidery with the fabric.

Texas bandana - with border - front detail


My original plan was to make two of the same style, but while I was cutting the stabilizer from the back of one of the embroideries I nicked the black fabric. I put my thinking cap on and decided to trim the black to remove the cut part and then add the border shown above. The fabric had the perfect pattern to make a border and I really love the way it turned out.

These colors look great against my furs.

These colors look great against my furs.

I haven’t received any pictures of the birthday boy’s dogs with the bandannas, but before I wrapped them I had Millie and Walter model them.


Does this bandanna make my head look small?

Does this bandanna make my head look small?

Both of the recipient dogs are a little bigger than my two so the bandannas might look slightly big for them, but I think the colors look great on my two.

Now my plan was to just make these two bandannas, but Charlie, being an alumni of Cornell too, insisted that I make at least one Cornell bandanna. “After all,” he said, “they live in the town where the school is and the birthday boy’s wife is an alumni so it is only right.” So it was back to the computer to work on digitizing a Cornell logo. I didn’t want to just use the big C as I thought that would be too boring so I picked one with the Big Red Bear on it.

Cornell Big Red C logo


It took a few tries and there was still a little problem with the stitch out, but for a dog bandanna I think it turned out very well. Here is Walter modeling that one.

Hey mom, dad says you need to make one of these for us too.

Hey mom, dad says you need to make one of these for us too.

Unfortunately being a hoity-toity Ivy League school logo fabric is not available for Cornell so I settled on red for the backing. Someday I will make Cornell and WVU bandannas for our pups to wear too. Needless to say the birthday boy was surprised and pleased with the unique gift. I hope to get pictures of his dogs wearing them someday and when I do I will share them with all of you.

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Take Two

Okay so some of you may have noticed a post went up that didn’t have much to say and then was deleted. Yes, I did that. I started the post and had set it to be posted, but didn’t finish writing it and then changed the date for it to publish (or so I thought). Imagine my surprise when I saw that it posted! I quickly deleted it since there really wasn’t anything there to see. So now I will tell you all about the Christmas crafting I did for family this year.

You know when your parents get to a certain age that there isn’t much that they need and it is difficult to figure out what to give them as gifts? Well mine are at that stage so I often struggle with gifts for holidays and birthdays for them. For my dad this year I got him car wash coupons (believe me he was thrilled). My mom was a tougher nut to crack so I put my crafty hat on and decided to embellish a couple of t-shirts with machine embroidery for her.

I Heart Quilting Embroidery

You may remember in September when I embellished a couple of t-shirts for the “Tale of Two Cindy’s“, well I didn’t want my mom to feel left out of having her own I ♥ Quilting t-shirt.

I Heart Quilting T-shirt

I decided to not make it identical to the “Cindy” t-shirts by just changing the color of the shirt. I used the same colors for the embroidery but changed the lettering to one of the lighter colors. She was thrilled to get her own I ♥ Quilting t-shirt.

Pointsettia Embroidery on green

My mom loves to wear seasonal clothes so I decided to make her a Christmas/Holiday style t-shirt too. Last year I used the Jacobean Christmas Designs from Embroidery Library to make a holiday t-shirt for me and another one for a friend. I love the designs in this set and chose one with a poinsettia and holly for my mom. Again it was a big hit!

T-shirt with Pointsettia Embroidery

For my next family crafting project I created yet another accessory for my sister’s knitting passion. A couple of years ago for her birthday I made my sister a set of bags and a needle roll to use for her knitting. The following Christmas (last year) I added some large project bags to her kit. Now I had to think of something unique to add to her accessories and I had just the thing in mind.

Knitting needle caddy - Exterior

From the minute I saw this adorable Knitting Tweet embroidery I knew I wanted to put it on something for my sister and I finally had just the right thing.

Knitting needle caddy - Front pages

I know I already made her a roll up case to keep her needles in, but I wanted to give her a fancier one. I’ve already made a couple of similar cases for crochet hooks. One was for Madi’s mom and the other one is mine, but I haven’t written about them.

Knitting needle caddy - Middle pages

I modified the crochet hook caddy by making it taller and the slots I created for the knitting needles vary in size. The first “page” has skinnier slots and two zippered pockets. The next two pages have only three slots on the left and two slots on the right.

Knitting needle caddy - back pages

The final pages have full-page pockets on the left and two slots on the right. Since the case is so tall I created two sets of pockets for each page. That way there is room to put tall needles and shorter or circular needles.

Knitting needle caddy - zipper side

I also put a double-sided zipper that opens on three sides. Well I am happy to say that she was very pleased and has been rounding up her needles to fill it up.

Millie also wanted to send some gifts to her canine and feline cousins. My sister brought home a new puppy when she and the family were visiting down south for Christmas and Millie wanted to give Rolo a proper welcome.

Rolo with bone

She really liked the fleece bone we sent and by the looks of it she also likes to play with someones gloves.

Rolo with cat toys

Rolo also thought it would be fun to check out the kitty toys we sent. Fortunately the kitties have also been playing with their new toys too.

I love putting my heart into gifts for family and friends and overall I think the Christmas crafting was a big success.

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Anybody that knows me knows that I am not good at waiting for Christmas to open my gifts. This year I only wanted one thing and I knew it was more expensive than any of my usual gift givers were comfortable with spending so I told them to just contribute to my fund. I hope they do since I have already purchased it!

Kindle Fire HD 4G - booting up

That’s right…I got myself a Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE!  Woo hoo! So far I have been very happy with it, but our relationship has just begun. Of course my first order of business was to craft a proper cover for my new toy.

Kindle Cover - front embroidery

I found a nice pattern for an e-reader cover and added my special twists to it as usual. First up was the choice of fabric being the micro-suede I like to use on my tote bags. The micro-suede is nice and soft so it won’t scratch the screen and it is also very durable. I also wanted an embroidery on the front (naturally) and liked this one from Embroidery Library with the butterflies coming out of a book.

Kindle Cover - open flat

I added a pocket on the inside cover and some elastic holders for my stylus. You don’t have to use a stylus, but it helps to keep your greasy finger prints off the screen.

Kindle Cover - open - folded back

The cover is sturdy yet also flexible so you can fold the front cover back while you read.  Another nice thing about this e-reader cover design is that it is so versitle in how you can use it.

Kindle Cover - propped up - front view

It actually has three main pieces that allows you to stand the reader up for viewing. This is handy if you are following a pattern or wanting to multi-task while using the e-reader.

Kindle Cover - propped up - side view

So far there are no complaints with my new toy. The one recommendation I would make if you are new to the Kindle is to download one of many Kindle Fire handbooks to get to know your new toy better. I was a little surprised that the only thing in the box was the Kindle and a USB cable and not one piece of information on how to use it. I think if I hadn’t had an android phone for so many years I might have been very lost in using it. The only thing you were shown was where to find the power button and volume buttons. Even with those minor issues I love my new toy so if you would like to contribute to my fund just let me know and I will give you my snail mail address or you can send me a donation via PayPal 😉

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