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Hi everyone it’s Millie & Walter here. Today we are honoring our second Mayor Emeritus of Blogville, Miss Madi, by sharing our boxes with her. If you know any cat you know how they love boxes. We looked around our house and came up with the perfect box for Madi.

Millie Walter - with box for Madi

We think this box says it all about Miss Madi. Even though we have never met her in the furs we bet she is soft and we know from her blog she sure is a crafty cat.

Millie - sniffing boxMiss Madi will love this box. It is very roomy and she can easily hide in there for hours of enjoyment.

Walter checking inside boxIf you want Miss Madi we can even add some holes for you to look out.

Soft and Crafty Box detailsWe wanted to give you a close up of the box so you all can see what it says. We think many of those check boxes fit our Madi well. We know she has “superior resiliency”, we have seen that her furs have a “smooth consistency” and we know you are “unconditionally guaranteed” to haveĀ a good time when you visit her blog.

Sarge is hosting Madi’s Box Bash at his blog so be sure to hop on over there to see all the other boxes people have given to Madi. Thanks again Miss Madi for your great work as our Mayor for the past two years.

P.S. We apologize to all our readers that receive our post in an email for the empty post you received earlier. That’s what happens when your secretary starts to work on a post, schedules it to post, and then never comes back to work on it. Sorry Sarge but our mom deleted that first post and unfortunately your comment with it.


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