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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here. Mom said I have to tell you all about this mischief but I’m not really sure what she is talking about. Do you remember when my mom finally got a video of what I like to do after I eat my breakfast (and sometimes my dinner)? Well instead of messing around in the living room sometimes after dinner I like to go upstairs and have some fun on the big bed.

I had nothing to do with this momI was just helping turn down the bed for the night

I was just helping turn down the bed for the night
I had nothing to do with this

Dad was the first one upstairs after me and this is what he found.

Nice turn down job Millie

Nice turn down job Millie

Of course the first thing dad did was call mom to bring the camera.

Oh hi mom! Is something wrong?

Oh hi mom! Is something wrong?

Mom said it was a little early for a bedtime turn down. I really enjoy throwing the pillows around a bit too. After all the picture taking mom and dad put the bed back the way they wanted it (spoil sports).

You do know I'm the good one, right mom?I can't believe they put the bed back togdther

You do know I’m the good one, right mom?
I can’t believe they put the bed back together

Well I sure had fun while it lasted. Do any of you like to “play” on the big bed too?

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here.

Millie - head shot

Do you know what day it is? Let me give you a hint.

puppy birthday cake 2

That’s right…it’s my birthday! Today I turn 3 years old. My pawrents can’t believe I can be 3 already. I hope mom bakes me a cake like the one above. I might even be nice and share some with Walter too.

2015 Birthday card from VET

Check out the cute e-card I got from my VET!

Millie - hanging out under tree

The weather is a little nicer today (we had record temps of 90º F during the past few days) so I expect to be hanging out in the yard and snoopervising my dad’s yard work.

Since this is supposed to be Mischief Monday mom found this video of me from the first day I came to my forever home. It is cell phone video and until recently she couldn’t get it to play right side up. The quality isn’t as good as our regular videos and there are some glitches but I think you will enjoy it.

If you can’t see the video or want to see a larger version you can go here to see it.

As you could see I was very fierce and ready to take on anyone who was in my yard even if they didn’t move. You can’t see what I’m barking at very well so here is a picture of it from last year in the garden.

German Shepherd Dog Sculpture

German Shepherd Dog Sculpture

It’s in a new location now and I don’t even notice it any more. Doesn’t that sculpture look scary to you?

Well I hope you all have as nice a day as I’m having.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The first thing I have to do is to credit my husband, Charlie, with the picture from the Black & White Sunday post since many of you asked. He really likes doing artsy pictures and converting them to black and white.

Now on to our day today. While I was prepping the big bird Charlie took Millie out for some play time.

The weather was very mild for us this time of year reaching 60 deg. F. and very sunny all day.  Millie always likes to start her time outdoors with a good stick. This stick is from our cherry tree and has been in the yard for a while. She is an expert retriever but likes to take a rest to nibble on it for a while too.

Does this rock make my butt look big?

In addition to all the shrubs and trees in our yard we also “planted” a lot of rocks in the yard. All the rocks were dug up on our property and most of them were moved using our tractor. Millie has recently discovered the rocks and likes to climb on them.

I’m Queen of the Hill!

Millie just started jumping on the rock on her own so we have been using a command (“hup”) to tell her to get on it and stay. She loves to find the rocks in the yard and climb on.

After Millie and Charlie were done playing outside they came in and Mille helped me clean up after whipping up my twice baked sweet potatoes. I was real happy that while the mixer was whirling around she was curious, but not scared of the new noise at all.

She really enjoyed diving into the bowl too.

What are you looking at Mom?

We had a nice dinner with all the fixin’s (sorry no pictures…too busy eating). When we first filled up our plates and took them to the dining room Millie stayed in the kitchen and after a minute we heard a whimper. It seemed that she was miffed that we didn’t fix a plate for her too.  She did enjoy cleaning all the plates after we were done eating. All in all I think Millie enjoyed her first Thanksgiving even if she didn’t get a plate full for herself.

This year has been a bit tough with Nina’s passing but we have a lot to be thankful for too. We are thankful that Nina gave us over 14 wonderful years. I’m thankful for all the love and support from my friends and family near and far. We are also thankful that this adorable, loving, bundle of fur has come into our lives. Thanks for being you Millie! We love you!

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Taken in front of the Life is Good store in Pittsford, NY.

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.

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Hi Blogville, it’s Millie here! First I want to say thank you for all the welcome messages you left the other day.  Mommy has been telling me all about Blogville and I’m excited to be a part of it too. I already signed up for Jazzi’s Christmas Gift Exchange and Christmas Card Exchange. I can’t wait to get to know all of you better as I grow up.

On to the reason for my post. A couple of days ago Mommy and Daddy took me to PetSmart so I could pick out a few more toys. They did a pretty good job already, but they thought it would be good to pick up a few more and they said the trip would be fun for me.

The Royal Canin rep gives good ear scritches!

When we first walked in the door this nice lady from Royal Canin dog food couldn’t keep her hands off me. Daddy gave her some treats to give me so I gave her some kisses back.

Next up was the toy aisle were I picked out a rope toy, a tennis ball and some elk antlers.

I also met this nice golden retriever. Boy was he big, and real nice too.

When I was done picking out my toys it was time to head to the check out lane. The checkout lady even gave me a treat. Nom nom.

On the way back to the car I had to check out all the pee-mail outside the store.

And I said “hello” to this rat terrier on my way to the car.

After we got home it was time for a little tennis ball test drive in the back yard.

I’m even learning how to bring the ball back to Daddy in exchange for a treat so he can throw it again.

It was a pretty fun day overall and after some tennis ball chasing I was ready for a rest. I would have to say that I’m real happy that I landed in this forever home. Life is good here.

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