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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Last week we had a great stretch of nice weather and we made sure to get out and enjoy it. Mom was there to catch some of the fun we were having.

I don’t know why this fly wanted to go for a ride on my head.

There is more mischief going on around here too. As you all know I had a lump removed from my mouth a couple of weeks ago. I’m all healed and feeling great now. We got the report from the pathologist this weekend and it isn’t all bad news but it isn’t great news either.

Mom says my portrait might change a little in about a month.

The good news is that the lump isn’t any type of aggressive or metastasizing cancer. What I do have is an Ameloblastic fibroma. These typically are locally invasive and often regrow in the same area. Because of that I’m being referred to an Animal Dental Specialist. The closest one to us is about an hour and a half drive away near Syracuse, NY.

According to my mom I already have an appointment for November 12th where it is expected that I will see the doctor in the morning and then have surgery that same day. The good news is that I only have to make one trip to that doctor. They will probably remove the two teeth that were closest to the lump and a small part of palate next to those teeth. I will be able to go home later that day. It’s going to be a long day for my mom who will have to hang out somewhere to wait until I’m ready to go home.

The bottom line is that I still need your crossed paws and pawrayers so keep the POTP coming.

I’m blowing raspberries at the pathology report.

Millie wanted to get in on the mischief today and has an opinion on my upcoming surgery as you can see above. I’m sure she is just glad it isn’t her.

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Hi everyone, it’s Millie & Walter here. We’re not really sure what is happening around here but our pawrents are up to something. The past couple of weeks they have been taking stuff out of the kitchen and putting them in boxes in the living room.

Then they moved the furniture around in the dining room and put more stuff in there.

We also overheard them saying something about there being lots of noise in the house and how we probably won’t like it very much.

Here is what our kitchen looks like now.

There used to be a table at the far end of the room and a china cabinet against the tall wall on the left.

The microwave is in the dining room now and all the other stuff that used to be on the counters is in there too. We hope our pawrents can find our treat jars in all that mess.

All this is why we are declaring our pawrents up to lots of mischief. We will keep you posted on what we find out. All this mischief is also why our blog visits and commenting has been a little off lately. We hope we can get our secretary to do a better job in the future.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We are calling mischief on our secretary, otherwise known as our mom. She didn’t do any posts about our Christmas cards we received all during the holiday season so today we are posting some pictures of the final collection of cards we received.

Wow! This sure is a lot of cards we got.

Wow! This sure is a lot of cards we got.

Glad you could join me Millie. I wanted to make sure our friends knew how thankful we were for all their cards.

Glad you could join me Millie.
I wanted to make sure our friends knew how thankful we were for all their cards.

We want to thank everyone for all the cards we received this year. We just love seeing all your pictures and pretty cards you send. We especially liked the card that Phenny’s (Angel Easy’s) pawrents sent. You had to fully open it to see the whole scene on it so we put it on one of the shelves so you can see both sides. It’s near the top right of the cards.

This picture was taken a few days before we received even more cards. So here is our final picture of just the cards and the white board where our mom keeps count.

Final card count and display - Christmas 2016

We think the reason our mom didn’t do any posts was because of how pathetic their card count was. Here let’s take a closer look at the white board.

Final card count white board - Christmas 2016

As you can see we really kicked butt on our pawrents. Our dad tried to sneak a few more cards from businesses in but we wouldn’t let him.

Did you notice that cute little elf sitting next to our cards?


Our mom got that from her best customer along with some very delicious cookies. His little “Nice” sign can flip around to show “Naughty” too. We were glad he thought we were nice. One of the cookies even looked just like the elf.

Almost too cute to eat.

Almost too cute to eat.

Thanks again to everyone that sent us a card both by email and snail mail. We cherish each just the same.

We also want to thank our friends that have started sending us their stamps. That was another thing our mom didn’t do any posts about but we sent a reminder with the cards we sent out. This time we will make sure we tell you all about it. If you didn’t save your stamps from your Christmas cards it is never too late to start. Just save any stamps you get and send them to us whenever you would like. We accept them all year round.

Save Those Stamps Icon

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April Snow - lr

This is a picture taken through a window at our backyard late yesterday afternoon. As you can see Mother Nature is full of mischief. It snowed overnight and yesterday afternoon it started snowing again. By the end of the day on Monday we are supposed to have about 8 more inches of snow! I thought it was spring?!

We have some daffodils that were just forming buds and now I’m afraid the cold is going to do them in. It’s in the 20’s (about -7 C) tonight and might dip into the teens tomorrow night. We may have to hold out another week before we can participate in Dory’s Flower Friday’s.

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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Wow did I have some fun recently. When my mom was cleaning out the old TV cabinet she found some toys we had forgotten about. Now you might not remember but Millie doesn’t play with toys so I had lots of fun.

Mom’s friend, Sam, from The Quilting Doberman sent us this toy. She calls it a “slobber ball”.

Walter - working on slobber ball 2

I didn’t worry about slobbering on the ball. I just grabbed that fleece and starting pulling it out the holes.

I’m not sure if you can tell but it is a stuffed ball that is stuffed in a plastic ball that has some holes in it.

Here you can see that I have ripped the blue cover off the ball in the ball.

Here you can see that I have ripped some of the blue cover off the ball in the ball.

I took turns between chewing the blue fabric off and pulling the stuffing out of the ball.

Walter - working on slobber ball 1

It sure made a huge mess in the living room.

Walter - slobber ball action - debris field

Walter - working on slobber ball - debris field

Mom’s going to have fun picking up all this mess. BOL!

Thanks for sending me this toy Sam. I sure had a lot of fun with it and mom got her exercise picking up everything off the floor.

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Hi everyone. I’ve had to turn over a new leaf in my sewing room. It seems that someone likes to rummage through the trash can when he is bored.

Hi mom. I was making sure the zipper package was empty.

Hi mom. I was making sure the zipper package was empty.

That was one day…a few days later I found this…

I think you left some zipper in the garbage.

I think you left a zipper in the garbage.

Hey mom why did you put the trash can on the desk?

Hey mom why did you put the trash can on the desk?

I don’t think you really have to ask do you Walter? Of course sometimes I forget to put the trash can back up when I’m done working in there and enter to another mess almost every time. In reality I can never get mad at him…could you?

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie here. Mom said I have to tell you all about this mischief but I’m not really sure what she is talking about. Do you remember when my mom finally got a video of what I like to do after I eat my breakfast (and sometimes my dinner)? Well instead of messing around in the living room sometimes after dinner I like to go upstairs and have some fun on the big bed.

I had nothing to do with this momI was just helping turn down the bed for the night

I was just helping turn down the bed for the night
I had nothing to do with this

Dad was the first one upstairs after me and this is what he found.

Nice turn down job Millie

Nice turn down job Millie

Of course the first thing dad did was call mom to bring the camera.

Oh hi mom! Is something wrong?

Oh hi mom! Is something wrong?

Mom said it was a little early for a bedtime turn down. I really enjoy throwing the pillows around a bit too. After all the picture taking mom and dad put the bed back the way they wanted it (spoil sports).

You do know I'm the good one, right mom?I can't believe they put the bed back togdther

You do know I’m the good one, right mom?
I can’t believe they put the bed back together

Well I sure had fun while it lasted. Do any of you like to “play” on the big bed too?

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Disclaimer: We, Millie & Walter, do not condone the use of the following pictures or video on our blog. Proceed at your own risk…you’ve been warned!

Hi everyone, it’s Cindy here! Don’t listen to Millie and Walter. They don’t know what really is cute and what is not. Be prepared for some ultra cute pictures and video.

We have a very large willow tree in our front yard. Over the years many woodpeckers have hammered holes in this tree. Until recently we have never actually seen anything using these holes for homes. On a very rainy morning Charlie saw a mother squirrel bring her babies to a large hole in this willow tree.

Willow with squirrel nest - with words

She made a total of four trips to bring the whole family to the new nest. Since she was moving them during a rain storm we figured the reason was because they were getting soaked where they were.

The following day the sun came out and so did the babies.

Do you think it's safe to go out?

Do you think it’s safe to go out?
I thought mom said to stay in here.

It's okay if we stay close to the nest.

It’s okay if we stay close to the nest.

These adorable babies spent much of the day running up and down the willow tree. Here is a short video of some of the action.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Yesterday this group of hooligans was scurrying around the backyard while Millie and Walter were inside. The pups sure had fun were frustrated watching all this action through the windows.

We actually aren’t sure if these are grey squirrels or red squirrels. We thought the mom that was carrying the babies was a grey squirrel (we were viewing during a rain storm from a long distance) but when looking at the babies they seem to have more reddish fur than expected. We do have both species living on our property so it could be either one. No matter what they are they sure are cute and fun to watch.

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