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Do you remember a few weeks ago when I showed you what happened when I tried to record what Millie does after she eats a meal? Well I tried a different location that was out of reach on top of one of Charlie’s audio speakers but that still didn’t produce the desired results (I will have to make a blooper real from those and show you at a later date). Charlie finally got the brilliant idea of putting a longer lens on the camera, using the zoom to get closer and putting it on a chair in the family room that has a clear view of her usual antics.

View of chair from the living room

View of chair from the living room

You can see that I had to locate the camera quite a distance away. Here’s what happened.

Be sure to turn up your volume to hear how loud her flop is.

If you can’t see the video or want a larger view you can go here to watch the video.

The Mini mes watch Millie

The Mini Me’s watch Millie

So there you have it! About 99% of the time after every meal Millie will run off to the living room to do this. She sure is a Silly Millie!

Oh yeah! That feels good!

Oh yeah! That feels good!

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