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Hi everyone! Do you remember how excited I was that spring had finally arrived at our house just over a week ago? Well Mother Nature took a few steps backward today. We woke up to a heavy snow squall this morning. Charlie snapped these pictures while he was out with the dogs for their morning “business” runs.

Millie is quickly covered in snow

Millie on patio during morning snow storm

Even Walter and Millie couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Of course as most dogs do they both took high speed laps around the yard. There is just something about fresh snow that brings out the zoomies in dogs (sorry no pictures of that).

Perennial Garden Coverd in Snoe

Perennial Garden Covered in Snow

As you can see some of our perennials have started poking out of the ground. I’m sure they aren’t too happy about these colder temps but the early arrivals are used to a few snow showers in the early spring time.

Daffodils Covered in Snow

Daffodils Covered in Snow

I don’t think these daffodils will be opening very soon.

Glory in Snow - covered in snow

Glory of the Snow – covered in snow

If you look real close (or click on the image to make it bigger) you can see the small purple Glory of the Snow flowers. I guess their name is very appropriate.


In a short time the grass was almost covered in snow

The snow was still coming down hard when Charlie snapped this picture from the back of the yard. You can barely make out Millie sitting on the patio.

I will be honest, as I sit here writing this post most of the snow has melted off the grass but it still covers the planting areas. The weather peeps say the snow is supposed to keep falling off and on most of the day. I’m really not complaining but it sure was shocking to open the shades this morning and look out at a white out. At least it isn’t the 2-3 feet of snow KB recently recieved in the Rockies.

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Hi everyone! As you may know we have had one of the most brutal winters in local history. It is the last week of March and we still have most of our backyard covered in snow.

Last week of March 2015 and we still have snow!

Last week of March 2015 and we still have snow!

Here is a little video I took panning around our yard.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/123585657]

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

The weather forecast for later this week is hinting at temperatures near 70° F (around 21° C). Maybe we will actually see our lawn (or what’s left of it) later this week.

We haven’t been able to let Millie & Walter play much in the yard as the mushy snow has put a strain on Millie’s shoulder. We will show you later this week what we’ve been doing instead.

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