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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We’re sure most of you have heard about the storm moving across the country. According to our weather peeps we will probably see almost 2 feet of snow and wind chills below zero degrees Fahrenheit by then end of this weekend.

I can’t wait to romp in deeper snow.

This snow isn’t very deep. My nose can easily reach the grass.

We’ve had a few inches of snow on the ground for a while now and the temps haven’t been too cold either.

Wrestling is fun in any amount of snow.

It’s always fun to wrestle no matter how much snow there is but it’s always better with some deep powder to cushion your fall.

If I were laying here on Sunday I would be up to my ears in snow!

Our pawrents aren’t too happy about all the snow that is coming. We have someone to plow the snow off our driveway but our pawrents still have to keep the front walk and back patio shoveled.

Don’t worry mom. I’ll plow a path for you in the back yard.

Luckily we don’t have anything planned that we have to drive to so we think there will be lots of binge watching all together in the big bed.

We hope all our friends in the path of this storm stay safe.

So far this winter has been pretty mild and our snow fall has been a little below average. We guess Mother Nature wants to make up for lost time this weekend.

I think I see the storm clouds coming.

This will be a different view in a few days.

We’ve noticed increased activity with the birds and other wildlife around our house. Maybe they can tell the weather is going to get bad and are filling up before everything gets covered in snow.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We wanted to join the LLB Gang on their Nature Friday blog hop this week. These pictures were taken a week ago and show off some of the beautiful fall colors we had in our yard this year.

Backyard trees

The big yellow tree is our Katsura tree with our Linden tree to the right. The linden tree doesn’t really change color much before dropping all its leaves.

Japanese Maple trees with a Fringe tree in the middle

Let’s take a close look at some of those colorful leaves.

Japanese Maple with Barberry in front

Japanese Maple

Here is a closer look at the leaves on this tree.

Multicolored leaves on same tree

We love how this tree has leaves that range in color from yellow to orange to red. This particular tree has never looked so good.

More Japanese Maple Leaves

At the back of the yard is another Japanese Maple with the beautiful leaves you see above. Let’s take a look at some non Japanese Maple trees in our yard.

Stewartia (on left) and Hickory tree

Last but not least here is a look at one of our varieties of spirea we have.

Spirea leaves

We can’t remember this spirea looking this colorful before.

That is it for a look at some of our fall foliage. We hope you enjoyed our beautiful fall colors. Since these pictures were taken most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and we even had some snow today.

Be sure to pop over to theĀ LLB Gang blog and check out the otherĀ Nature Friday blog hop posts.

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